Beauty cultivation is a difficult and continuous project, and you can’t rush it yourself, otherwise it will have the opposite effect. Wu Chi considered it and said, "No problem, I can help you, but didn’t you discuss a place to collect materials just now?"


"Hero A, they want to kill the monster alone and get the materials, saying that they can get it by more than a dozen people, so don’t bother everyone." Do you want to split up by being emotional? Wu Chi was furious. "What do they mean by this? It’s anarchism to want to get rid of the masses and do their own work!"
Several female players "poof" laughed and chattered at the nocturne and said, "What kind of government obscenity song do you really regard Wudang as an alliance government? But it’s just a game. Don’t be ridiculous. Besides, Hero A also said that he would come back to help everyone when he was done. There was no excessive words. "
"Hum, you know what? Don’t laugh. Buy good medicine and it’s precious when I leave. How many people are there? I’ll lead you to dig the tiger-headed vulture’s lair. I won’t believe it if I win ten of them in one person. I can’t do it without their trial. "
Wu Chi changed the subject. It’s really funny to speak for yourself just now. "Just a few of them also need coccygeal materials." Nocturnal pointed to a few MM next to them and replied.
These seem to be the night songs, the great teacher and sister, and the beauty Sineitai is also the key target of training. Let me see how many levels they are. I checked the list of martial brothers called out by Wu Chi and found that the pro-guard players are not low in level, all of them are at level 22, and one is lower than the blue-faced beast.
"Well, your experience with me must be piling up. Go and buy Dan medicine. I’ll wait for you here." The school sisters have long been resistant to Wu Chi’s big talk, but they ran to hide the sword Pool without reflecting the flying.
"Leading the way ahead" Wu Chijian’s light floated in front of Xuandu Guanmen and urged the girls to leave-
Be late: more, don’t want to drink too late, make up early.
The seventh time, the grandson was also exterminated.
In the middle of Wudang, Wu Chi remembered that all the equipment was still in Xiangyang, so he had to let the MM wait for them to go to Xiangyang to retrieve the equipment first. The MM immediately criticized Wu Chi with arrogance and anger until Wu Chi reluctantly took out six bamboo leaves as a gift to spare him.
Wu Chi hurried back to Xiangyang all the way, joined MM and continued to go to Chaqiu Mountain. After 2 minutes, he finally reached the foot of Chaqiu Mountain.
The terrain of Chaqiu Mountain is steep, and the sunny side is high and steep, so it is impossible to climb vertically and steeply. If you don’t know the details, players will not dare to go deep if you walk in the dark and quiet forest with a line of sight of three meters.
"Copy vulture lair or kill ring dog first? You said that I ordered Wu Chi to raise my hand to cover the dazzling sunshine. I saw many vultures flying through the shadows in the misty clouds where there were several nests on the hanging walls of the ground.
"Kill these dead vultures!" School sisters agree with each other. They must have suffered a lot from eating them before. Wu Chi’s sword and fern soared rapidly, and in a blink of an eye, it reached half of the hanging wall. The purple giant turtle suddenly hung over the head, and the rainbow fern surrounded the body. The fifth-order defensive magic weapon offered an invincible position.
This super turtle shell Wu Chi can now be equipped with magic weapons at level 2 with these 20-and 30-level vultures. There are four magic weapons he is equipped with, namely Ziyunlei Fu Qingling’s blood, evil spirit, stabbing Xuanguang Linggui, and a magic weapon column, which is a magic weapon to equip.
Wu Chi’s strongest magic weapon is the flaming red feather flag. Unfortunately, it takes a level 3 self-observation, but it can’t make Ziyunlei Fu Qingling’s blood stab. Now it’s nothing big, but the vultures can still win.
Explode their nests first, and then kill them. Violet thunder and fire frequently hit the nests, and all of them fell into pieces. The number of bird feathers fell in pieces. Wu Chi blew the vulture babies in the nests to pieces.
The vultures of the tiger’s head screamed and wailed as if they were crazy and rushed towards Wu Chi. Now they are going to cut off their grandchildren. Can they not fight for their lives? Wu Chi is smiling and calm, and his fingers are stabbed with green spirits. One is killing one, the other is killing two, and they are not soft. They are half bloody and foggy, and the residual feathers are floating.
The tortoise shell is too thick. With the tiger-headed vultures throwing their lives away, they will not lose their magic weapon. Jinxia will block tens of millions of vultures outside, and the birds will be layered on top of each other. When Wuchi is surrounded by a packed ground, MM roots will not see the figure of Fangda Standing Committee.
It’s time to turn over. Wu Chi looked at Jin Xia and pecked at the vultures in vain. They laughed and said, "Tired, let’s send you to reincarnate." Then a black-and-white ball of light crashed in all directions, and the blue light burst. Thunder roared and the vultures turned to blood and rain spilled all over the ground.
Let’s go on and do it again. It’s a unilateral killing. The thunder has enough attack power to kill the tiger’s head vultures. It’s just killing the chicken and making a mountain out of a molehill to deal with them.
It’s so bad that the vultures in Qiushan Tiger’s head have escaped the thunder, and there’s no luck that the Standing Committee of Fangda has chased the green sword mans in the past, and they have followed suit and died.
The experience of thousands of tiger-headed vultures is very impressive. Even if Wu Chi, a team of seven people, has risen to a higher level. The flag of fierce inflammation and red feather seems to be calling with pleasure.
"How is the experience going up in piles?" Wu Chi said proudly to the MM, "You are so strong in obscene songs, and I have risen two levels." The MM cheered and rejoiced. Why don’t you feel happy when you are more experienced than usual for ten minutes?
"Well, it’s a light limit to stand firm and follow me and mix the future with Nocturnal. Although I’m very busy, it’s still possible to help you brush some experience when I take some time."
Wu Chi took this opportunity to immediately carry out brainwashing education. This pile of experience is stronger than any temptation. MM people all nodded like chickens pecking at rice, and they all expressed their support for the night song, and the senior teacher elder sister was led by the Standing Committee of Fangda University.
Fang Da’s Standing Committee, having had enough leadership addiction, was in high spirits and shouted "Go and kill dogs". A group of people turned the foot of the mountain and entered the dense forest to find the ring dog to prepare for the dog killing campaign.
The forest is too dense, and it is not easy for Wu Chijian Mang to March. Come and walk with MM. The dead leaves in the forest are thick and thick, and stepping on the softness is like walking on a carpet. The light can’t penetrate them, so that you can hold the flying sword in your hand and return to the novice era again. The luminous kitchen knife replaces the temporary light source.
It’s not easy to find the dogs around, but they haven’t been found for a few times. Everyone is tired and upset, and the quiet environment makes people unable to talk. Therefore, the dog killing team is silent and rustles in the forest.
Wu Chi became more and more bored, thinking that this ring of dogs was too unkind. I led the MM to get some materials, so I couldn’t pinch my heart. We were just about to tell a joke to adjust the atmosphere when we heard the corner of the path ahead.
"Brother Master, did you make a mistake? There is no ring dog in the poor Qiushan root. We have been looking for a long time, but we haven’t even seen where the dog came from." This man’s voice is thick and dumb, and he talks like a cow growling and a pig whining is a hundred times worse than a nocturnal song.
"Don’t talk, be patient. Ring dogs like to stay in cool and humid places, and they are very sensitive in hearing, alert and timid. Once they notice any trouble, they will quickly run away."
Wu Chichao’s daughters made a sign to let them all hide, raised their swords, and the light rose to Shimada Hanzo. After a while, two figures appeared around the corner in the thick branches and leaves, both wearing brown golden pheasant robes with a gourd in their waist.
The game equipment in the whole world can be displayed or not. These two birds probably prefer to show off all the equipment. The more Wu Chi looks at the gourd, the more familiar he becomes. Suddenly he remembers, isn’t this the gourd that was originally hung in that fat body and is now in his own law?
The two men took a few steps, and one of them added, "Depend on me, his grandmother is suffocated, and everything is told us to go. Why doesn’t he come to kill dogs and get blood, but he stays in the sect headquarters and enjoys the happiness? We are too tired to kill monsters, get materials, practice Yin Lei, and most of them have to give him some bullshit. A garbage sect in Yinshan will quit!"
When Wu Chi heard the word "Huiyin Mountain", he made a move. The eldest brother of Wudang Mountain was bullied by perineum mountain people, and even the mountain gate was afraid to enter the pine forest. At that time, the situation was not strong enough to endure, but this tone was also suppressed. Now it is a good opportunity for the two of them to carry out the assassination immediately.
Another person in Huishan just said a sentence, "He is the only one in the whole sect …" The language did not fall, but a hundred black and white thunder balls were smashed and shot, and two people hurriedly came to offer the sword light. The thunder balls had been blasted into green light, and two guys were seriously injured, lying on the ground covered in blood and moaning endlessly, and two flying swords were dropped next to them.
The success of Wu Chi’s sneak attack can be seen that the two men have not been blown to metempsychosis, and their hearts are also greatly shocked. This innate spirit is so powerful that even the tiger shark suffered a thousand years ago. Today, they can be severely injured. The people at the perineum gate are so strong?
But no matter if you kill him first, you can say that his sword light refers to the green sword mans, and then you will fly away to kill two people completely, but you don’t want to jump out of six or seven sword lights next to them. Look at the two guys and immediately identify themselves with a cover, and the enemy will go back to reincarnation.
Wu Chifei fell to the ground and looked at those guys who were in high spirits and seized the explosive equipment. MM thought that she would be decisive and ruthless, but she could train the general pro-health players well. Well, they are very promising …
The first love sword is a recent love affair.
When the game has protective measures, you can’t take the equipment unless it is exposed by others. Wudang Gate is a robbery. Others’ equipment should also be used to step on the owner to discuss the transfer price, so that a few MM in the night group can be in the pit. Naturally, it is as good as a male brother.
But now it’s the night group, and the MM combination is good for each other, so no one is sad. Everyone has checked a few pieces of equipment and divided up the gas. When Wu Chi passes, nothing remains.
"Er, your hands and feet are really … so quick …" Nocturne saw Wu Chi with a depressed face and thought that this was my ally and the main force of my great god of wealth’s assassination just now, or he couldn’t let him suffer too much, so he smiled and threw something. "Don’t sulk this for you, be a little conscious, okay? We’re MM."
What makes sense? Equality between men and women and distribution according to work is the highest principle in this era. Why should I suffer?
Wu Chi wanted to protest, but after watching the nocturne, her face was radiant and she had to give up her thoughts. She sighed in her heart. Where could this thing be spit out when it reached the hands of the gold digger? It was not bad to give me a piece of equipment today, and I can’t hang up myself. She was still the first to win, so it was not up to her at that time.
He took the object and looked at it. He couldn’t help but suddenly realized why the two brothers in Yinshan Mountain could be struck by lightning and not die. The golden turtle belt has been transformed into a thousand-year-old stone turtle spirit to protect the body, and the sword and gun can’t hurt the property and add defense. 5 I rely on an ornament to add 5 defense. No wonder the lightning can’t be killed. Immediately, the equipment of the Standing Committee of Fangda immediately strengthened the life security.
In the night group, there are two MM who are very happy, smiling and smiling. Because the guy in Yinshan broke the flying sword, they got it. Wu Chi was just about to ask about the texture and attributes of the two flying swords when the night song suddenly called "Look, there are some monsters in that hole that seem to be dead."
It turns out that Wu Chi, the first god of heaven, thundered and killed the undead, but several big holes broke out in the ground. Dead leaves fluttered into the pit and covered several monster bodies. Wu Chi waved his sword and chopped the blood and splashed it. He has killed the unified show to kill the ring dog and gained 5 experience points.
Shanhaijing Yunhuan Dog, the head of a man and beast is like a hedgehog, and the shape of a yellow ring dog is described in two ways. In the game, the latter one is seen that the monster is more than a foot long and covered with spikes, just like a super hedgehog’s khaki fur.
These ring dogs used to hide in the mud hole and search on the ground by themselves, but if they can find them now, they will collapse with a bang. It’s "it’s hard to get through the iron shoes and find a place." Wu Chi thought to himself that the hand sword mans killed them in an instant.
MM’s started to dismember the body together and cast seven coccygeal materials. There is a ring in the hand hole. Every time a dog takes a material, it is enough to distribute six MM’s. After collecting the materials, he can go back and watch the sacrifice and fly the sword.
According to Wu Chi’s meaning, since I’m here, I’d better find some ring dogs to kill and take their materials and sell them to the younger brothers who need them in the future. The night song MM is determined not to fly the sword from her mind and turn it into a formal brother, Yu Jianling, who travels in the Qing Dynasty. That’s when I dream about it every day, if I still want to wave for half an hour.
Wu Chi asked them to forge swords by themselves, but they refused to say that it was a dangerous road. The MM agreed to ask Wu Chi to escort them back to Xuanduguan. No one cares what he wants to do after he arrives, but now it’s not easy to gather materials. If you meet a monster halfway, it will be wasted.
Forget it, that girl’s face is so angry that she’s really angry. That’s not good. Once the relationship breaks down, how can this United front maintain the advantages and disadvantages of Wu Chiheng? After that, she changed her smiling face and promised to be the escort of MM to watch the nocturne. After listening to this, she turned her anger and urged her to leave.
I haven’t met any senior monsters all the way. They are all twenty-level meat feet. Wu Chijian’s awn swept away and smashed. Even the first god ray didn’t instantly solve the battle. He swallowed all the experience and didn’t give the school sisters any chance to return to the Xuandu view.
After more than half a month’s hard work, I finally collected the materials, and I was about to bid farewell to the night song of the novice era. The excitement in MM’s heart rushed to the sword casting room in three steps and two steps, followed by several MM.
Wu Chi is going to have a look, but before that, there’s one more thing to do: flash Jin Hongjian’s sword and fly away. Wu Chi Jin has an appointment with the wind, and the men will go with him for 33 days in the afternoon.
Wudang has a sword casting pool and an alchemist’s room, both of which are for players to learn sword casting skills after alchemy. The minimum requirement for these two skills to learn is level 5 martial arts, but the three generations of brothers are still far away from this realm. The trial of the three generations of brothers is the main system, so players can temporarily put them in the sword casting pool with sword refining materials.
The casting sword pool is located next to the altar of offering sacrifices to heaven. It is a Fiona Fang Baizhang concave sword pool. There are eleven purple jade columns standing around it, and the story of the casting of eleven magic swords of Gu Hua is best known. The most famous story is that Gu Jian Xian Ou Zhi Yue Wang cast five magic soldiers, Zhan Lu, Chun Jun, Juque, Hao Cao and Yu Chang. Behind each sword, there is an earth-shattering story. The blood of the generous man has been soaked with tears of divorce.
Around the casting sword pool, thousands of swords and awns are shrouded in the roots of outsiders, so you can’t see what’s going on inside. When I don’t know what’s going on inside, the sword and awn points out a child’s eyebrow with a distance of nearly a foot, thick eyes and wide forehead. He made a kotow and said, "The casting sword furnace has let all the Taoist friends come in."
When Wu Chi and others entered, they saw that there was a huge dissolved pool, in which the base jet was built into thousands of dissolved water, and four white jade channels went straight to the center of the pool. At the center of the pool, there was a bluestone platform three feet higher than the surface of the pool, and a furnace wall was carved with stories about Lao Jun riding an ox, and there were several red light patterns scattered around the furnace ears, the furnace body and the furnace foot. The furnace body had three mouths full of green flames, but it was firm and impenetrable.
"Hero A, why are you here?" Nocturnal asked in surprise that there were more than a dozen people beside the purple furnace, and it was the hero A of the hero family who replied, "We have killed the masked bird and got the red tail. I have all the materials."
"Then don’t you practice swords?" Wu Chi put in a sentence, Hero A turned away after listening to the words. It seems that the spirit hasn’t disappeared yet. Hero B next to him laughed. "Dao Tong said that this sword refining can choose another way besides the first-order flying sword made of materials. Adding a third-order flying sword to various materials is very likely to refine a fifth-order flying sword with two spells. We are discussing it."
Two kinds of spells! Wu Chi heard a shock. Nowadays, the fifth-order flying sword in the game is rarely accompanied by two kinds of spells, and I have never heard of it. My two fifth-order flying swords are only accompanied by a spell. Although the third-order flying sword is precious, if it is refined into a super cow B, it is natural to consider it. No wonder heroes are indecisive.
At this time, the Taoist boy came over and said, "It’s time for the fire and the sword to be refined quickly. Otherwise, please come back in three days." It’s strange to see that the purple furnace green flame has turned into black and white flames.
Wu Chi turned his head and looked at Nocturnal. At this moment, Hero A’s people haven’t moved. It seems that they want to think it over carefully and come back to refine the sword in three days. You can still refine the sword here, leaving Nocturnal Elder Martial Sister.
Nocturnal just hesitated and resolutely said, "It’s not as good as hitting the sun. Although my third-order flying sword is hard-won, if you can make an Excalibur, you will bet on it." Then you quickly took out the materials and added your own flying sword and sent it into the fire.