Qin Guohui immediately smiled and said, "Nothing, nothing, just remembering something. By the way, do you have a sister named Zhong Yi?"


After hearing the word Zhong Yi, I immediately looked up and looked at him with a little surprise.
Zhong thought for a moment and said, "But she is my cousin."
Qin Guohui suddenly realized that his face was smiling even more and said, "Oh … I understand that you are a Jones enterprise … OK, everyone, sit down quickly. I also have players to introduce you."
I’m confused. I don’t understand why this Qin Guohui suddenly came to Zhong Yi.
After seated, Qin Guohui introduced five members of KANG team to us.
Before their team entered LPL, KANG team could be regarded as a second-line team and could participate in LSPL. However, in the recent competition, they successfully advanced from the second-line team to the first-line team and then successfully qualified for LPL competition.
The man sitting next to me is the ADC heart of KANG team.
The Yu KANG team is a Huaban team, and their team’s style of play is extreme, except that the single team is relatively stable and resistant to pressure or develops. Others, such as playing the wild road in the middle road, are very fierce. The middle road is called the foot god CARRY, and the middle road has a strong suppression ability. In the competition, it is often used to kill opponents alone, including killing the single U knife in EDG and often leading the opponent with experience.
Then, fighting wild is spicy pot, and the clear thinking is that the core figures of the team know how to do the right thing at the right time and lead their teammates to fight the situation through encounter.
AD is just sitting next to me. He is partial to attack. ADC is very harassing in the alignment period, and likes to fight, but it is worse than the knife-mending ability. Finding weak development ability is a weakening UZI.
Their assistant called steamed bread is as strong as ADC’s heart, and their offensive desire is also very strong. The non-directional skills are very accurate. The offensive assistant like Nami and Hammer Stone is his favorite.
In less than a moment, I immediately chatted with the brother named Xin next to me.
ADC is more aggressive in playing, and usually has a straightforward personality. Like me, I usually make friends with such people easily.
After the meal, except Zhong Xin, our other players and their members bragged, boasted and pretended to be noisy. Li Yuxing had been talking to Qin Guohui, but he didn’t join our discussion.
This kind of dinner is naturally much better than ordinary party dinners, because the topic is very easy to find. Everyone is a professional LOL player. With the common topic of LOL, we will never worry about the silence.
"Brother Tong, I told you that I didn’t miss anyone when I played ADC." I talked with Wang Laoji and me in Kan Kan.
I suddenly came to the interest and said, "Oh? UZIIMP, what about those? Are you afraid? "
Heart laughed "afraid of? Brother Tong, don’t say this word in front of me. UZI and I are almost fifty-fifty. We both play more fiercely. He plays a little better than me, and then their team takes care of him, and I am often at a disadvantage. "
I nodded with a smile and said, "Well, what about IMP?"
The heart said, "IMP? He can’t do it. He has played a few games with LGD, either changing the line or choosing some obscene development team battles. AD roots dare not fight with me. Korean AD is not as bad as our Chinese. "
I said, "Oh? So. "
Heart proudly nodded and said, "Of course, Brother Tong, don’t you believe it?"
I said, "Brother Confidence, if I don’t believe what I said, let’s drink Wang Laoji, forget it. Order beer?"
Heart glanced at his table and smiled heartily and said, "OK!"
It is said that there is a saying in the KANG team that we should start with their boss and director, namely Qin Guohui.
Qin Guohui is a famous family, his grandfather is an old-timer who followed the revolutionary pioneers, and then his father is a senior government official. He is an authentic official of the third generation. The second generation has money at home, and a few days ago, he also had a nickname. That is, a most expensive traffic accident crashed a Ferrari worth 230,000 yuan. Fortunately, people are fine. This is to burn money as paper. It is not the same world as us.
Then Qin Guohui is mostly influenced by family conditions. Grandpa is a revolutionary veteran and naturally hates those days when the KANG team in South Korea insists on not looking for foreign aid. But he is not short of money at all and wants to find whatever he can afford. That’s why.
Chapter 397 Drunk conversation
Xin and I drank.
In fact, I can drink a little, but generally I don’t drink much. Like the dinner table, drinking a little wine for ordinary friends can often greatly narrow the distance between boys, but don’t drink too much and get drunk, otherwise it will be easy to brag and pretend to have an accident. There is a limit.
Don’t look at the members of the KANG team. When we came in, they were all silent. In fact, they talked quite a lot. There were two people at this dinner, and I was better than them. One was their ADC heart, and the other was the spicy pot. Both of them were more interested in my spleen and stomach.
"Zhong Xin, can I invite you to dinner alone?" Qin Guohui said
I sat on my left hand side with my heart bordered by their team members, and then at the end of the other side was the bell center. She and KANG team assisted by sitting together. I don’t know when Qin Guohui, their assistant, changed a position. Qin Guohui sat next to the bell center.
Is this a public appointment with the rhythm?
But as far as I know about Zhong Xin, she will definitely refuse.
"No thanks" Zhong Xin flatly refused.
My heart is dark. I knew it
Qin Guohui smiled as if he didn’t care at all and then said, "Why not? I just want to be friends with Zhong Xin. There is no other meaning. "
Is there really no other meaning? I think it’s a little weird for a man to see Zhong Xin.
Zhong Xin shook his head and said, "I just don’t want to go."
Zhong Xin’s speech really doesn’t give face to face, can’t it be euphemistic …
Qin Guohui smiled a little and said, "Miss Zhong Xin, can you give me a reason? Is there something annoying about me? "
Zhong Xin took a elegant sip of the table drink without looking at Qin Guohui and said, "Our coach arranged training for us, which is heavier. We can’t think about having fun every day. I’m sorry."
Qin Guohui said, "Didn’t I talk to Yuxing? Didn’t you have a meal?" And as far as I know, your last game is in four days, and these days should be sometimes? Is Miss Zhong Xin so ungrateful? "
Li Yuxing also walked to come over at this time and laughed. "Zhong Xinqin always means well, so you just …"
"No" Zhong Xin refused again.
Qin Guohui’s face changed. There are countless girls who are rich and handsome. I didn’t expect to be beaten here in Zhong Xin’s face and said, "Well, I won’t force it."
"Well" Zhong Xin should be one.
Qin Guohui walked out of the box with an unhappy face and didn’t know what to do.
I looked at him and continued to turn my head and say, "What’s your boss like?"
Heart a face of pride said, "our boss has nothing to say to the players. It must be that he has never treated us badly. Everyone is very good. We all follow a good boss."
My heart seems to be overwhelmed. After drinking two bottles of beer, my face turned red.