He quietly watched the ofuda slowly rotate and observed for a while to make sure that the ofuda would not attack him. Only then did he release his perception around, only to find that the obstacles on the walls were composed of several flying swords.


Leitian thought for a moment. Even if you make progress again, your final achievement will not exceed that of the Seven-Star Voldemort Gun. He faced the enemy many times, and the enemy was very afraid of the Seven-Star Voldemort Gun and went to the Zhongtian Arctic Chinese Emperor many times.
The seven-star magic gun is obviously a high weapon. I have continued to sacrifice and refine it, but I can prove it.
However, if this kind of Fuofuda doesn’t take words and forcibly breaks through this, it will cause those flying swords to attack. Every flying sword here is a fairy soldier, although the quality may not be comparable to that of the Dragon City Heaven Sword, which can be attacked in large numbers. Think about the Qinglong Sword Wheel and you will know what knot you will be.
Qin Huang Jin people are really strong, but hundreds of thousands of xianjian have repeatedly attacked them.
In those days, Qin Huang’s enemies did not rely on this gold man to carry the enemy’s attack hard, but Qin Huang’s more powerful attack force. It was a shame for Qin Huang to have the gold man in his own hands.
Leitian thinks it is impossible to directly refine this kind of ofuda. This is at least a kind of ofuda that may be stronger in Jin Xian, but it should be a combination of hundreds of thousands of small ofuda. Maybe millions of Leitian want to take less and get rid of the current period of repair.
Yang Shen can’t afford this kind of refining. Even violet can’t refine millions of runes at the same time.
I’m in trouble because I don’t have the scales, the guns, the demons and the gourds with me.
Leitian took the seven-star magic gun and danced around. In the seven-star magic gun, the gate of the Star Market hit Leitian and sprayed ten demon fires at the same time on the Fuofu species and swallowed the then medicine gas at the same time.
His realm was forcibly raised to the level of false fairy, and the ten demon fires suddenly became violent, and the ofuda species suddenly burst into 3.6 million small ofuda.
Leitian caught off guard and took something from the Star Market Gate and threw it in.
Then Leitian completely fainted. Then he flew into the sky, and a villain with the same face controlled the Leitian Golden Man.
This villain is the incarnation of the Purple Mansion Yuan Miracle, and the only one is the combination of ten elixirs, but the efficacy is all in and advanced. This Purple Mansion Yuan Miracle is equivalent to knowing what Leitian is going to do as a god, and it controls the demon fire to refine the 3.6 million ofuda.
In fact, this fairy array is no longer dangerous, Leitian. If it weren’t for rushing into the outside and studying it carefully, it wouldn’t be dangerous to take those fairy swords one by one even if it took a long time.
But he can’t deal with those fairy swords when he breaks into a large array that has been moved and launched. This large array is an attack array department, and he can deal with Fuofuda species.
Zi Fu Yuan Ling Dan wisdom controls ten demon fires to refine things that fly from the gate of the Star Market.
It’s a square box. The box is engraved with ancient fairy patterns. The 3.6 million symbols flew into the box and were melted by demon fire to form a square sword box.
Composed of this large array xianjian also turned into this affairs.
There is no better person in the world than Leitian’s luck. If he has come to refine this thing, he will die. The purple mansion magic pill is not a creature, but an elixir.
Then the demon fire was manipulated and everything was carried out according to the usual trajectory of the demon fire, and there was no other thought. The 3.6 million runes flew into the wooden sword box step by step, and the purple mansion Yuan Lingdan Sorrow replaced Leitian to complete the last work.
When Leitian Yang Shen woke up, the sword box had already flown into his abdomen. This large array of Wan Jian has been broken. Leitian embraced reincarnation and washed his heart. Dan’s strength just found out what was going on after thinking.
I’m still reckless. The Di Chin Palace didn’t mark the danger because I had to walk in slowly outside, so I wouldn’t break into it at random. Just now, I had to take a little fairy sword outside when I met a large array.
However, every cloud has a silver lining has refined a sword box fencing, so he has made rapid progress.
3.6 million ofuda is 3.6 million kinds of swordsmanship. The power of a sword box is quite powerful when it is hit, as long as the Yang God can control it.
Leitian also knows that Yang Shen can’t succeed for sure, but after the advanced fairy position, he can launch a sword box attack. This time, the attack power is no less than that of the bodhi old zu Biyan in Biyou Palace.
In this Kunming market, however, crises are everywhere, and adventures are everywhere. I know that if I hadn’t been reckless, I wouldn’t have seen this kind of ofuda, and I could get some fairy swords.
I won’t spend so many fairy swords here, and I will turn around and look for something else after taking more than a hundred fairy swords.
These fairy swords are taken one by one, and you have to be careful. How can you wait patiently here for three years?
Leitian at this time did not dare to let the demon gourd go. He returned to the gourd just now. If the demon gourd was in himself, he could summon Gu Yue to let Gu Yue help him refine this kind of ofuda.
He left the lamella gun to suck the violet in the immortal foot of the Kun market, and in a flash, he broke into another one. This is still a huge kind of ofuda. This time, he took the experience and didn’t try refining again. Instead, he directly took this kind of ofuda from the demon gourd.
The ofuda species was sucked into Qing Di’s thunder pool and disintegrated rapidly. The thunder water in Qing Di’s thunder pool unconsciously became a little thick. So the ofuda species are all immortals. Although they have lost their original strength, the rule of ofuda is still to improve the water quality of this thunder with high energy.
Leitian even broke through more than 100 large arrays. When the Di Chin Palace was still intact, the large array should be a whole, even if Jin Xian entered, it would be shattered.
Leitian Qinglei’s true solution is not rare. These magic skills can’t be finished. In the end, it is necessary to rely on Qinglei’s true solution to prove that the sword box is also risky because of being trapped in Nai. The demon spirit gourd Qing Di Leichi’s motionless attack array will no longer be troubled by dialogue.
Leitian even picked up more than 100 kinds of ofuda. The thunder water in Qing Di’s thunder pool became heavy, and the power contained in the Lei Guang flicker in the blue-gold breath was hundreds of times stronger than when it entered the Kunming market.
This kind of ofuda is qualitatively more beneficial to the thunder pool than the will of the Emperor that day. It took Leitian three days to destroy the large array. He found that he was not enough to break into these large arrays.
Di Chin Palace collapsed when Leitian took the last rune.
Is three days will Qing Di leitian evolution satisfied, his feet lotus blossom continue to walk forward, this Kunming market seems to be exhausted leitian speed, now I’m afraid I have gone hundreds of thousands of miles, but still can’t see the signs of coming to an end.
Moreover, there are still many Kunlun brothers in this area who say that this place has been explored. Then Di Chin Palace is an accident. I’m afraid there is nothing of value except those ofuda.
Brother Kunlun did not dare to move his skills like Leitian when he explored the Qing Emperor Palace, nor could he enter the core of those large arrays to get the kind of symbols.
Leitian simply didn’t look for opportunities in the range explored by Kunlun Brother. He chose a straight line to move forward. After 300 Yu Wanli, Leitian saw the desolate land and left no breath for Kunlun Brother.
How vast the celestial world was.