At the moment, he will no longer leave his hand, and the 365 acupoints of the meridians are running rapidly. The air sea is constantly full of true qi, and the fists are full of gas. The shadows are getting denser and denser, and everyone gasped.


In an instant, he actually hit more than 300 punches to destroy and destroy the slag!
"How is it possible!" Opposite to an exclamation.
Wang Gan’s deadpan was so tight that he reached out and grabbed the monk like a chicken, slamming his head into the ground like a spider’s web, causing cracks and stirring up a lot of dust.
"poof!" The monk spit out one mouthful blood, and his face was ferocious and incredible. He didn’t expect to lose so soon, and this was just a trick!
People in the square also changed their faces when they saw this scene. They could all see that the two men were in the same state, but the latter was severely suppressed with a spirit sword. This is incredible.
"This person’s achievement method must be extremely multiplied. I can feel that his true spirit is vast and pure, which is higher than the quality. This kind of strength must rank very high among the junior brothers. I can’t think of such a character in the scattered repair." A black-faced man wrapped in a black robe commented quietly when he saw this scene.
This person’s peers and the other two are also dressed in general. When I heard this, I didn’t feel afraid, but I looked at Wang Gan’s eyes and suddenly showed greed
"Answer my question. Why did you arrest her?" Wang Gan seems calm on the surface, but in fact he has been angered, so he has no mercy.
"How dare you do this to me! Do you know where this is? This is the Luo Tian Gate! How dare you do it here? This is an insult to the whole Luo Tian sect! I advise that you’d better break the meridians with your hands down, or Luotianmen will definitely make you dead! " Although the monk was suppressed and could not move, he was not afraid, but his eyes were full of resentment.
"You won’t say?" Wang Gan frowned and looked more and more calm.
He slightly prompted a life of true fire, and suddenly the monk felt that his life of true fire suddenly gushed out of the sea of gas and madly self-confessed as if he had become an accomplice of others.
The highest day, the sun, the fire and the flame must be ministers.
"Haha, will I tell you if you do this?" The monk was ablaze with fire, but he didn’t panic but sneered, "You dare not kill me in front of Luo Tian! You dare not! "
"The law of the jungle even if I kill you? This means that my profit value is greater than yours. Since you don’t say it, you will die. "
A pale flame emerged from the finger and condensed into a sword. Wang Gan stabbed the monk’s throat slowly, making him feel that death was approaching step by step.
"Oh my god, he really dare to kill me! Is it not a woman? I should die for such a ridiculous reason? How can I remember to provoke this killing! " The monk finally regretted looking at Wang Gan at this moment, and his eyes were full of fear and despair.
"Stop it!" Listening to the majestic binge drinking from a distance, the monk suddenly recovered from despair and revealed a surprise color. His heart suddenly circled with several vicious thoughts, thinking of such evil spirits!
However, Wang Gan didn’t seem to hear the fire blade, and he saw that the fire suddenly lit up. The monk’s eyes suddenly got so wide that he didn’t scream in old Dalian that he blinked and turned into a mass of ashes.
"Kill really kill! This man is crazy and dares to kill Patty in front of the Tianshan Mountains! "
"Losing face, Luo Tianmen will definitely kill him. This is a death wish!"
"No, I think this person must be a strange person in the future! I am afraid to dare to do things that ordinary people dare not do. This is the strong style! "
"That’s right, this Luo Tiandi is just a dead man. It’s not worth making a mountain out of a molehill, but the person’s background is very deep and has great potential. I’m afraid but a little punishment won’t be too pursued."
There was an uproar, and there was irony, regret, praise, applause and awe. Most people secretly remembered Wang Gan’s appearance and told themselves never to offend this person.
Of course, there are also a few people who are self-sustaining and talented and don’t look down on Wang Gan. They are all the most outstanding brothers in the big family. Wang Gan has brought such a head, and they are also trying to find a suitable object to shock the prestige.
"My eyes you still dare to kill people? You’re a human being, and you dare me to run wild in the Tianshan Mountains. My left and right brothers get him for me! " A handsome monk in his 40 s and 50 s followed his life with a dozen younger brothers in a full face of anger and stared at Wang Gan in a circle.
"You can kill me with one finger, but you can practice gas for six layers." Wang Gan’s noodles don’t change color, and the true qi encourages him to take a drink-
"Anyone who dares to come near me will be killed!"
When this statement came out, these younger brothers suddenly felt afraid, and their legs trembled. In that scene just now, they saw with their own eyes that strange way of dying had already made them feel afraid.
"Well done, this foreign brother really deserves to die." Suddenly, a sudden escape of light turned into a plain Leng Yan woman. She came over and picked up the unconscious girl and said to the middle-aged monk, "The introductory ceremony will be that you will inform the elders of Guangde about it and leave it alone."
When the middle-aged monk saw the woman, his face was swept away with anger, and he hurriedly lowered his head and repeatedly called it as if he were afraid.
"My name is Mu Yue ‘e, and I am the younger brother of Luo Tianmen’s star-gazing peak. This woman’s fate has been broken. She has her own destiny. You don’t want to do any more work." This woman named Mu Yue ‘e seemed to see through Wang Gan’s mind at a glance and said softly.