When the heart of fire was brought to the old wooden table, some of them had been clutching the long blades and the agents were already a little collapsed.


"This glass of wine represents the courage and determination to die." Master Yi raised his glass. Before the wine was drunk, the general smell of fire was already surging in the air. "This time, I will never die."
"Endless" Sun Wuju’s cup collision and murder oath made the whole pub hear that all the agents were discolored.
When the wine enters the intestines, both of them laugh. At this moment, killing the heart is like a fire. Two people want to fight against the sky.
The wine can’t help but explore. It has rushed over with a knife like crazy. Sun Wu glanced at the man. The monkey’s eyes were full of coldness, which means that the hand shook and the cup was thrown out instantly, and people were knocked to the ground in the future.
The rest of the agents stopped moving forward and looked at each other as if waiting for someone to wait until Sun Wu picked up another glass, and everyone fled.
Sun Wu sneered, put his glass on and chanted a Buddhist name "Amitabha".
Long Dao will be drawn.
Because of the scarlet flame, Chen Senran was badly hurt. After two days, he could hardly see the traces that had been cut by several swords, leaving some faint crimson marks.
The three-phase force in the chest has also stabilized, and it is no longer as heartbreaking as it was when it was just attached. It seems that the whole body and Chen Senran have merged into one. Generally speaking, although it has formed a complete route similar to blood circulation with his own scarlet flame, Chen Senran is still confused about manipulating the three-phase force to obtain the scarlet flame power. Now he feels that he seems to condense the flame dagger faster and more firmly, but he can condense the flame sword.
Chen Senran walked into the door of Obsidian Library while thinking about this problem.
Push the creaking black wood door. As usual, Chen Senran nodded hello to the middle-aged woman behind the counter. This time, the middle-aged woman was not watching but watching Chen Senran.
"Good morning, dear madam." Chen Senran greeted him more appropriately when he saw each other looking at himself.
"Welcome back, young man." The middle-aged woman smiled at Chen Senran for half a day and nodded with some relief.
"It’s not my pleasure." Chen Senran also smiled. He was surprised by the kindness of this unknown middle-aged woman.
The middle-aged woman stopped talking and continued to look down at her hair, which seemed to be endless.
Chen Senran walked to the library department. When he took a copy of "In Energy and Mass Transfer" and went to see his seat at ordinary times, he was surprised to find that Ritz had been sitting there watching.
It’s still the same thing that somehow appeared in this world. "Faust" Ritz still reads it with relish, but Chen Senran knows that he is actually waiting for himself.
"Sit down" Ritz turned the page without looking up. Today, the bald guy wearing a pair of old-fashioned eyes looks even weirder.
Chen Senran pulled up a chair and sat there without first talking. He wanted to know how much Ritz knew.
"I know what happened, but you can call me an asshole. I accept it," Ruiz said as if he were still a prophet. "Because I didn’t do anything about it, I watched you almost die."
Chen Senran still didn’t speak, just turned it over and continued to look at Ritz.
"But you came back alive, which is very good to make up for the past. I assure you again that you will never die here. Of course, the parliament may not want to kill you." Ruiz showed his sincerity and revealed a lot of news. "And I know that you got the three-phase force, but you won’t. I can teach you the truth. As I said before, the solution is that it was always under research. I didn’t expect it to be stolen by you, a deadly guy. I have to say that you are just as good as it is."
"Institute?" Although Chen Senran is eager to know how to make the three-phase force, he is also very interested in the institute, which almost killed him.
"That’s the real lair of parliament. It seems that you don’t know it’s a good place to avoid parliament killing you countless times. I won’t tell you. You know, a large part of the reason why you can still talk to me here now is that you know, it doesn’t belittle you, which means you envy your luck." Ritz went on nagging.
What is the truth of the world … A weak person like himself will die if he knows it … and a strong person like Kostya will be strengthened. For example, Ritz and Suo Laka should not have it, and Master Yi seems to have reached some kind of agreement with the parliament and kept silent. The two sides are in a hostile but have to show a strange and friendly balance, which explains the attitude of former Ritz towards the parliament.
"But how do they know if I know the truth about the world?" After analyzing for half a day, Chen Senran suddenly found this ridiculous. Can the other party know what’s going on in his mind anytime and anywhere?
"They will know soon," Ritz said inexplicably and then got up. "You should be glad you know."
It’s really batting practice. Chen Senran looked at Ritz and slowly rubbed his fingers from the back … The truth of the world …
Is it a biological weapon?
Chen Senran touch nose wry smile.
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I also changed some previous things to make the logic more smooth.
This is probably settled, but it will still be finished.
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Page sixty-three Crazy Piero
It’s time to turn on the lantern again. Chen Senran stretched himself and walked to the door. After the counter, the lamp was still on. The middle-aged woman looked down at her old warm yellow light and rendered the whole picture serene and quiet.
Chen Senran has seen this picture several times. In his impression, the lady always seems to sit behind the counter and watch it, which gives him the illusion that she will never move a step even if the world collapses.
Of course, Chen Senran won’t be rude enough to ask the other party why. He nodded to her as usual and pushed the door out, but he didn’t expect the other party to take the initiative to stop him. The middle-aged woman helped her old-fashioned eyes and smiled at Chen Senran very gently. "You must be curious why I have been sitting here day and night?"
"A little bit …" Chen Senran was a little unsure of the other party’s intention. "Are you exploring yourself and seeking truth?" So he can try to say something nice.
"Many years ago, I thought it could really find the truth, but later I found that the sword was closer to the truth than exploring myself." The middle-aged woman did not deny Chen Senran’s beautiful words, but said something that sounded very vicissitudes. "Now I am atoning."
What a woman with a story, sword … truth … atonement …
"But why did you tell me this?" Chen Senran looked at the woman with kind eyes and suddenly felt that it was a good idea to call a spade a spade.
"I don’t know, maybe I feel lonely because I haven’t talked to anyone for a long time." The middle-aged woman laughed and was equally outspoken. "Well, I won’t delay you. Someone is waiting for you to eat."
Someone is waiting for you to eat … Chen Senran felt inexplicably warm when he heard this sentence and nodded, "Yes, a little girl."
Little Annie should wait …
"So goodbye, madam," Chen Senran bowed slightly.