If you still can’t beat Qi Hongxuan at the peak of the later period of chaos and mystery, do you want to impact the seventh turn of the nine-turn chaos tactic?


Xiao Lingyu didn’t stay for much time in the sixth turn. Even at the peak of the later period of chaos, he needed to prepare a lot of materials and means to try to impact the seventh turn, and this preparation process will definitely take a long time.
"How’s Brother Xiao recently?" As the moon sat down, she asked with concern.
"Ha ha, very good, and you?" Xiao Lingyu pretended to laugh easily.
"I’m fine, too, husband … Hongxuan is very kind to me. I’m already an intermediate refined pharmacist." The moon looks like a happy tunnel.
When JiHongXuan and YueRu came in, Xiao Lingyu saw them holding hands and looking like a loving couple.
"I told you, if you are in Qijiayue, you won’t be wronged at all. Brother Xiao can rest assured."
JiHongXuan chimed in, oblivious to forget what Xiao Lingyu was threatened with Yueru before.
"I am very relieved about Yueru, but Brother Qi is a little uneasy."
At this point, Xiao Lingyu half-squinted and smiled, and then said, "Brother Qi has a strange smell on him, and Yin Tang has a purple color, so I’m afraid there will be disaster."
Qi Hongxuan’s face sank first, and then his expression returned to nature. He was able to shrug off the tunnel: "Jiren has its own nature. Since I have been able to go today, I believe I can go further in the future, but I still thank Brother Xiao for reminding me that if there is a disaster, I also have a way to avoid it."
Xiao Lingyu nodded indifferently, without any more words, simply drinking the wine provided by terms.
Yueru naturally doesn’t understand Xiao Lingyu and Jihongxuan, so she is very clever and silent. She knows that Xiao Lingyu and Jihongxuan have something to do with each other, but she doesn’t know who to help. After all, one is a man who once tempted her, and the other is a man who married her.
The wedding of Jing Girl and Guan Yiwei is similar to the wedding of Yue Ru and Qi Hongxuan. It is also a ceremony of worshipping the heavens and the earth, the elders and the newlyweds, and then the ceremony is announced.
However, just as the two new couples were smiling and the guests were blessing in unison, something unexpected happened to everyone.
Just as the housekeeper who presided over the wedding had just let the two new people begin to worship heaven and earth, three monks of unknown origin suddenly came from the sky.
Today is a big day for the housekeeper, and the housekeeper’s alert is more strict than usual, but these three people still fall in the air from the housekeeper’s compound.
One of the three people is a woman who seems to be fifteen or sixteen years old. She is dressed in a white gauze skirt, with colorful clouds on her feet, and her skin is fresh and tender as the morning glow reflects snow.
Although the woman looks young, but at this time with a face of cold and dignified.
And behind the woman, there are two monks with simple broadsword and armor.
Xiao Lingyu saw these three people. At first glance, she was already stunned. Then she looked at the woman carefully and immediately felt like she was struck by lightning.
The woman’s appearance turned out to be the same as that of Jiang Lanyue hidden in Xiao Lingyu’s memory, but it seems that her temperament has changed a lot.
"Dongfang Jing, how dare you!"
The woman walked slowly to the wedding table and said in a cold voice.
"Who are you, dare to trespass on my housekeeper …"
A housekeeper, Godsworn, stepped forward to stop him.
"Fuck off!"
The woman drank lightly, and then with a wave of her sleeves, the housekeeper, the Godsworn, flew out with blood in her mouth and knocked over many wine tables.
Newcomers actually started work in the housekeeper’s compound, and it is conceivable that other housekeepers were so angry that they all rushed to this side.
"Stop it!"
The housekeeper’s woman, the God King, shouted on the platform, and all the housekeepers stopped bitterly.
"This Taoist friend is old with my daughter-in-law?" Asked the housekeeper, the God King.
What embarrassed the housekeeper, the God King, was that the woman ignored her words and said to Jing girl, "Dongfang Jing, others don’t know your identity, don’t you know it yourself?" You’re the only child left in your family, and now you’re protected by my Jiang family, and you’re going out without permission, and you’re going to get married. Do you think about your family and my Jiang family? "
Static girl appeared a little scared on the platform, and a complex color of guilt, remorse and hesitation appeared vaguely on her face.
"Fortunately, I arrived in time, and your mistakes and willfulness will stop here."
At this point, the woman waved a colorful light over the quiet girl.
Strangely, the housekeeper’s woman, the King of God, was nearby, but she didn’t stop her.
Guan Yiwei stopped him, but unfortunately he was bounced off by the colorful brilliance.
Multicolored brilliance enveloped Jing girl’s whole body, and then her body slowly floated.
The quiet girl, wrapped in colorful brilliance, shook her head apologetically at Guan Yiwei, and there were words in her mouth, but unfortunately everyone could not hear her.
Guan Yiwei was very excited, but he was held by his mother.
Guan Yiwei can guess that the newcomer is definitely not simple, otherwise his mother would not sit idly by.
On the wedding day, the bride was snatched away, even if any family would feel humiliated and would not easily agree.
The woman didn’t linger in the housekeeper’s yard, and the colorful clouds at her feet reappeared, dragging her up with the bodies of the two guards.
Multicolored clouds were slow at first, but they suddenly accelerated after two breaths.
Xiao Lingyu just recovered at this time. He couldn’t help shouting loudly at the sky: "Jiang Lanyue!" "
Unfortunately, at this time, the colorful clouds have hidden into the night sky.
At this time, the woman who was already in the sky suddenly wrinkled her crescent eyebrow and asked the guard behind her, "Did someone call my name just now?"
A bodyguard smiled ingratiatingly and said, "Miss Yue, how can anyone know you in such a remote place?"
The woman also nodded and said, "I seldom walk around in the divine world. Few people can recognize me except my family. I may have misheard you just now."
Another bodyguard also flattered: "As Miss Yue, even if someone here knows you, how can you call her by her first name?"
The woman still nodded silently and didn’t talk much.
Looking up at the night sky, Xiao Lingyu was somewhat puzzled: "Is she really Jiang Lanyue? She should have been able to hear my voice just now? "
A good wedding went up in smoke, and all the guests were disappointed, and the housekeeper was depressed.
"Please go back, everyone. I’m sorry for the poor hospitality today."
The housekeeper said something apologetically to everyone, and then said to the woman, "Aunt, was that woman from the Jiang family?"
The woman God King watched the guests leave, and said with a heavy voice, "Although I can’t be completely sure, I can’t be wrong. The dresses of the two guards are generally the same as those of the Jiang family, and the woman’s temperament and colorful brilliance can also prove her extraordinary origin."
The housekeeper frowned and said, "If we belong to the Jiang family, wouldn’t we be in big trouble?"
The woman God King shook her head and smiled: "Our housekeeper is not worth the trouble of the Jiang family."
Guan Yiwei was unconvinced and said, "Even the Jiang family would be too overbearing and rude to steal the bride at someone else’s wedding."
The woman, the King of God, glanced at her son and said, "This is the nature of the divine world. If our housekeeper is also a top family, the Jiang family may be afraid of some face. Unfortunately, we are too insignificant for the Jiang family, and it is unnecessary for others to take care of our face."
Guan Yiwei never gave up and said, "One day, I will definitely go to Jiang’s house and get Jinger back!"
The woman God King smiled and said, "It’s a good thing to have ambition, but you have to do what you can in everything. Even if you cultivate to be God Emperor, it’s not easy to rob people from the Jiang family. Jinger should have expected that someone would come to ask her to go back, so she promised to marry you so early, and the expression on her face when she left just now is enough to prove that she really has some feelings for you, but it’s a pity that there is a ginger family in the middle, but it’s an insurmountable gap between us! "
"Senior Xiao, we should go."
Xiao Lingyu still looking at the night sky, stupefied, Xiong Meng is a reminder in a low voice.
"Ha-ha, Xiao Xiong must be attracted by the elegant demeanour of the Jiang family woman, but Xiao Xiong must weigh it, not to mention that the woman’s position in the Jiang family must be extraordinary, even if she has her own cultivation as a king of gods, it is also difficult for ordinary monks to climb." JiHongXuan beside said with a smile, for Xiao Lingyu seems to have contempt.
Although it is already the wife of Ji Hongxuan, when I heard this, Yueru felt a little different.
The woman just claimed that she was a Jiang family member, and she looked the same as Jiang Lanyue, so it is certain that she is Jiang Lanyue. Although she was not able to say a word with her, seeing Jiang Lanyue again made his heart irrepressibly excited and happy.