Yu Mu and I suddenly said, "So the Myh team and YG team will also participate?"


Sister Lin shook her head. Just when I was wondering, Sister Lin replied, "I will definitely attend if I won’t!"
My sister Khan Lin will also sell it …
I looked serious and said, "All right, let’s start from this competition!"
Sister Lin laughingly said, "That’s ok. I’ll let Yuxing guide you well. Our team must win the ranking! Come on, everyone! "
"Well, come on!" Lin Yun relaxed his arms and said.
At Lin Yunshu, who was inexplicably excited, Ai Shinai didn’t know what to say.
My heart is secretly fighting to YGMyh and meet you then.
"Wang Tong, what’s wrong with you? Gnashing her teeth, "Ai Shi said doubtfully beside me.
I quickly made a haha and said, "Nothing, nothing, constipation last night, and I’m a little annoyed today."
Aishi said, "Do more exercise."
"Yes, yes," I said with shame.
After more than an hour of negotiation, the meeting is finally over
"So let’s relax in these three days. I’ll give you a holiday. After three days, I hope everyone will come back for training on time." Li Yuxing finally finished his work.
"If it’s okay, everyone can go now." Sister Lin smiled.
Everyone got up and Aishi and I also walked towards the door.
"Oh, Sister Lin, I also want to ask you about the live broadcast …" Yida stayed for something.
Just as Aishi and I walked outside the door, we saw a familiar figure.
"Hey Zhou Rujie!" I am pleasantly surprised.
When we were still in the non-professional league, Zhou Ru came to see us several times. The first time we met was two weeks ago, so I missed it very much this time.
"Hey Wang Tongdi!" Zhou Ruchao greeted me and said
Zhou Ru must have made some changes before. The short hair of Qi Liu Hai has now turned into a ponytail over the shoulder. The bangs on the forehead are full of queen fans, but the eyes are still clamped with a pair of thick black-rimmed glasses. The long eyelashes go straight to the lens, Joan nose, cherry mouth, jade flour cheeks, and the chest … is still as big as ever … as if the youngest child in Yumu is more moist.
"Long time no see. Are you here to see Yumu again?" I laughed
Zhou Ruchao looked at the door and said, "Yes! By the way, see how your new training place is! It looks pretty good. "
I patted my chest and said, "That’s for sure! I’ve been looking for Yu Mu for a long time and it’s not good to be expensive. "
Zhou Ru nodded with a smile, then looked at me a few times and said, "Yo, you look fat. Your face is round. It seems that you have eaten well in the past few weeks."
Huh? I’m still fat?
After two months of hell in Internet cafes, everyone said that I lost weight, but I didn’t expect to gain weight again in recent weeks.
I laughed. "I can’t have a good tooth and appetite. Aishi’s food is too delicious."
Zhou Ru gave me an ambiguous look and said, "Is Aishi delicious?"
"Good … ah Zhou Rujie what are you talking about haven’t eaten! Eating! " I SAO SAO laughs
Ai Shi stamped her foot with a red face and said, "Zhou Rujie, what are you talking nonsense! Ignore you! "
Zhou Ru laughed. "I’m just kidding. Aishi seems to have grown up a lot. Come and give her a hug."
Say Zhou Ru went to Ai Shi.
I was watching with horror, and it felt like basketball and table tennis were squeezed together. Sin, sin, out of sight, out of mind.