Long laughter came from far away, and before the voice could fall, lines of figures had already appeared in front of them, and it was the nine secluded places and thirteen little ones who stood aloof in the JingYun meeting.


Then, Kou Xun and Feng Yan came, and Kou Xun smirked with him. Hehe smiled and said, "Xiaohan, how about discussing something with you?"
"Pick any one and I’ll teach you the method of control." Chen cold didn’t good the spirit said.
"oh! It’s really good brothers. I guessed it before I told you, but … how about two ends? " Kouxun smiled treacherously.
"Two ends?"
"Two ends!"
"You’re still going to ride and lead, aren’t you?"
"My wife also wants a head!"
"Wife? You … "
"Brother Chen, you don’t know that Brother Kou is now on intimate terms with the granddaughter of the Second Elder of the Temple of Demons, and they have already talked about marriage." The wind Yan ha ha interrupted with a smile.
"Day demon temple two elders … if I remember correctly as Xuan Yue predecessors? Her granddaughter … "Chen cold almost couldn’t help laughing.
"That’s right! It’s the little fox, and Kouxun is fascinated by her, but it can be seen that the little fox is also sincere to him. " Yi Hao has an old-fashioned tone, but at his age, it can really be said that he is equal to the group of antiques in the Temple of Demons.
"Fox … Fine!" Feng Yan played with Kouxun in a rare way.
Kou Xun is not a serious person, and his face is thicker than the triple wall. He said lightly, "You still have the nerve to talk about me. Let’s deal with the old men in Taiyi Xianmen first. It seems that the five elders and fourteen guardians are all proposing marriage with their predecessors. You are not going to marry them all, are you?"
Hearing this, Feng Yan’s face became sad. He is not the kind of person who has no self-knowledge. Now he has become a hot figure in Taiyi Xianmen, not just because of the cold.
With his qualifications, even if Grandpa Zu is a great elder of Taiyi Xianmen, people will not have a crush on him, and Feng’s clique is much better qualified than him. However, as the best brother of Jing Yun Hui, his identity is different only by this. Who dares to offend him in Taiyi Xianmen?
It’s a pity that the daughters, granddaughters, nieces and nieces of the elders’ guardians are all pretty, but none of them are his favorite type.
Grandfather forced him to go on a blind date all day. This time, he was almost bored to death. Only then did he run to JingYun to hide. Those old guys who proposed marriage never dared to run to JingYun to cause trouble.
"Nothing happened recently, right?" Chen Han changed the subject and looked at Yi Hao.
"If anything can happen, it’s all in the alchemist, leaving me as an idle person with nothing to do." Yi Haoshen belongs to a vein of ghost cultivation, and the refined magic weapon Dan medicine is more suitable for ghost cultivation. Although Jing Yun Club recruits ghost cultivation and demon clan in an eclectic way, the number is not much after all. As a big elder, he has the strength and nowhere to make it.
"Call all the Six Robbers of our sect. After refining this batch of pills and magic weapons, all of them will go to Fengyun Temple for a rally."
"No problem."
After Yi Hao answered, he gave him a strange look: "What did you do in the core area? Mysterious, how many things are hidden from us? "
After giving the animal control rings in two of the witches and beasts to Kou Xun and the other one to Feng Yan, Chen Han said with a smile, "Well … it’s a secret! By the way, call Ji Zhangjiao of Kunlun Daomeng, who is also a descendant of the Yellow Emperor. If you can help, you must always help. "
Needless to say, there is no friendship between them. Although today’s relationship is constantly improving, it is only after all that interests have become allies. Although Taiyi Xianmen has a friendship, it is due to the ice pupil and the wind, just like the relationship between the Demon Temple of Heaven comes from the Red Pearl, and they are not really one of their own, as long as Kunlun Daomeng is the same vein.
From the same universe, the same planet, or even the same ancestor in the same reincarnation, this is a blood family member.
If Ji Yuanqing asked him to merge the Jingyun Club into the Kunlun Daomeng now, he would never say no, but if the other three parties want to say this, Chen Han will definitely think that the other party wants to annex himself.
Fengyun temple
The biggest building of the Jingyun Club is also the place where people hold large-scale meetings and issue various government decrees.
The Presbyterian Church was attended by hundreds of people from Yi Hao to the next. In addition, Kouxun, a guy who didn’t have any position in Jingyun Club, was also present, and there was Feng Yan with a more strange identity. Kouxun has no position, but he is Chen Han’s best brother. Almost everyone knows this, and he is aloof in the JingYun meeting, but what about Feng Yan?
Up to now, no one has mentioned his identity. Is this guy a master of Taiyi Xianmen or a brother of Jingyunhui?
Of course, in the JingYun meeting, Chen Han kept his word, and no one dared to say anything when he didn’t speak.
In addition, there is another person who is as embarrassed as him, that is, Bing Pupil, one of the former disciples of Taiyi Xianmen.
But that one is not anyone dare to talk about. Pigs all know that she has a close relationship with Chen Han, and she may be the future Mrs. Zhang Jiao.
Where’s Chizhu?
Once the first master in the field of fix true, I was taught by the heavenly demon temple, which seems to have a little ambiguous relationship with Chen Han, right?
The blue figure entered the hall with a faint chill. Bing Yan took a deep look at Chen Han and nodded: "I heard that you are back, so come and have a look. If it is inconvenient, I will wait for you outside."
"Sit down, there is nothing to hide from you." Without deep affection, it conveys the most sincere tenderness, but both of them know that there is a natural barrier between them, which needs incredible strength to break, maybe one day after thousands of years, and maybe it will never be crossed.
Ice pupil should gently, found a humble corner and sat down quietly, but his heart was full of tenderness. That simple sentence has proved his position in his mind.
Three minutes later, the heat wave, which is the opposite of the cold on the ice pupil, poured in from outside the hall, and the red bead stood pretty on the hall.
Her eyes swept over hundreds of people and easily found the ice pupil. There was a trace of loneliness in the depths of her eyes, but it was not obvious.
Looking at Chen Han with a smile on her face, her lips parted: "Why didn’t you tell me when you came back?"
Nowadays, many things have come to an end. The situation of being chased and killed in the past is gone forever, and the shocking cloud will develop to an incredible degree. The five major forces are not afraid of anyone, and some things have resurfaced, and they will even have to face it soon.
Chen Han felt a weak wry smile in her heart. She did have a lot of bad feelings about Chizhu before. However, after all these years, she has done too many things for herself. Which one can’t prove her good intentions?
He is a man!
A man with flesh and blood, affection and righteousness, a man who will be moved when he sees a beautiful woman, a man who will be moved when he is helped, and a man who has both advantages and disadvantages.
He does have a wife, but he is not so heartless emotionally, and he can’t help but be soft-hearted when others treat him well. Maybe, this is a shortcoming, which can be regarded as amorous and not single-minded, and unfair to these women who like him, but it is the combination of advantages and disadvantages that makes a real flesh and blood person!
Chapter 448 Two factions merge
He likes the unruly and willful Huangfuzi cigarettes, he likes the noble and aloof Jing Ao Xue, he likes to sacrifice his own Jing Ning Xue with deep affection, and he likes the beautiful and charming Avril Lavigne in absolute beauty. These women have become his wives.
However, he still fell in love with the overbearing ice pupil who beat him for nine years and was almost inhuman.
Even after all kinds of experiences, he found himself deeply interested in the red pearl, who did not hesitate to be enemies with the world, and paid all his feelings, and had a little love between men and women.
Of course, HuangFuZi smoke and JingAo snow two women fight for her husband, let him exhausted, and now how to deal with this kind of thing?
Not only that, but also those four beautiful and charming wives, how should they speak?