"Never lose anything?" General burnham muttered to himself that his voice was ethereal in the darkness, like a god in the sky. "Sure enough, mortal feelings are really hard to understand."


"Or are you tired?"
He asked himself this way and fell silent.
Long silence
Silence is like a bigger net.
Greater tightening net
As the silence grew longer, the darkness wrapped in Chen Senran shrank towards him.
Inch by inch into his skin, flesh and blood, soul
Chen Senran felt extreme pain from every corner of his body, and he felt that he was about to be torn to pieces.
Can’t breathe, can’t move, can’t …
See that girl smiling face.
Girl …
How …
I …
Me! ! !
"ah! ! !” Chen Senran tried his last strength to let out a roar from his throat.
That roar broke the darkness and the unbreakable imprisonment.
The magic lines rush again.
The violent black flames in his body are more turbulent, eroding every inch of land and every inch of nerves.
Chen Senran fell into a hole of greater consciousness.
His independent consciousness is getting weaker and weaker, while those turbulent consciousness are constantly bombarding Chen Senran’s final bottom line.
They kept roaring in his heart-
"Kara-"sent out a crisp and broken in the rich darkness, followed by Chen Senran’s darkness, which produced a little crack than the substantive state.
"What a smell …" burnham sighed in surprise as if he had fallen asleep. He seemed to really smell it and whispered, "What do you want, Lissandra?"
At this time, the layers of darkness wrapped in Chen Senran were finally broken and clean, and Chen Senran slowly floated up from the darkness.
Has been rich to the extreme, the magic lines have almost covered his whole body, arms, neck and face, and they swam around like living snakes and gathered around his eyes.
Chen Senran opened his eyes.
The moment he opened his eyes, the whole world seemed to be burning at any moment.
Page two hundred and sixty-nine is getting thicker
The footsteps in the spacious corridor are constantly echoing.
Del repaired the knife and ran ahead, followed by Lao Du. More Demassia stormtroopers fell behind them like silent blades, ready to die.
They avoided most skirmishes all the way from the middle of the battlefield and finally entered the fort at a side door.
They have been running in the fort for five minutes, and it is strange that no one has come out to stop them.
The whole huge fortress seems to be dead, and there are still their footsteps.