If the passive clock center is folded up on the skateboard shoes and gives him weakness, then the tearing damage effect of this E skill will be directly halved, which is a very good time.


When the barrel came, we immediately retreated.
What can you beat and retreat?
He didn’t even think about this place because the barrel circled the river. We have 100% eyes.
When he walked around, because we were in the other tower, we couldn’t escape even if he came directly in the field of vision. We were too deep.
If we don’t pretend to see it, the barrel opposite Tower A may be nearby, and Nunu is indeed nearby, and then let him feel that there is a risk of not coming to GANK, then we will lose the advantage that none of these three people can kill.
We probably ran to the grass near the nearest line to our defense tower, when the opposite barrel rushed over, and then the opposite Morgana flashed Q me directly
I’ve been holding a W in my hand, Morgana. Even if a Q flashes suddenly, it’s still a straight line Q. I have to press W and run to the right, but I don’t want to hide.
I eat a Q barrel and an EQW in Morgana, which can probably beat me to half blood.
I have treatment. I didn’t flash
Opposite Morgana, there are weak skateboard shoes and flash treatment. I ate both of them, and the injury can be beaten.
Skateboarding shoes have two-thirds of blood volume, which is about four axe injuries and a big move, and he will ascend to heaven. If treatment means one more axe attack and one general attack, it is easy to hit.
After I ate Morgana Q and cask EWQ, Morgana gave me weakness, and then at this time, my skateboard shoes were also being exported. If the clock heart didn’t flash or be weak, then she might not be able to put all her control skills on her skateboard shoes.
At this time, the clock heart flashed directly in the past, and seconds e controlled the skateboard shoes, and then set them weak. By the way, A skated shoes, and the blood volume of skateboard shoes was only half blood.
When the hammer stone Q skill passes by the weak skateboard shoe, the opposite skateboard shoe flashes directly in my face!
I’m half-bloody skateboarding shoes now. One more A and one more E will probably explode me into black blood. One more A and two will probably kill me directly.
But at this time, when I was weak, it was over. My two axes were like Tiger Mountain, and I flew directly to the three of them with a big move.
Draven’s big moves and E skills can be coordinated.
If it’s not an emergency or the blood volume is particularly low, it’s best not to make the hero Levin fail to make a joint move at the same time, but it’s not over and there are no details.
E skill is a hand-raising skill, which means that the middle and front shaking skills can perfectly cancel the general attack and the back shaking. The most powerful trick in Draven is this.
In order to ensure that the axe doesn’t fall, first put a big move, a period of injury will hit these three people in front of us, and then W quickly fired the skateboard shoes, and the skateboard shoes ate me for a big move, leaving one third of the blood, and then he went out for treatment and returned to half blood, and I went out for treatment with two axes, and his blood was disabled, and I went out for treatment, and his e skills exploded the injury, and I was bleeding again.
After Draven made a big move, he must not pile out and pick up the axe. He should take A to adjust the position. This position is to scrape them when the second axe comes back.
I have more than 200 points of blood left, and so do my skateboard shoes.
He’s been sliding, and even if I’m adjusting my position, the second injury is a little difficult to hit him
At this time, I shot an axe and then immediately canceled the general attack by pressing E skill. After shaking the skateboard shoe, it just flew a short distance and was scraped by the second injury of my big move to complete the death and ascension.
At this time, Morgana ate a wave of big moves from me, and when the front and the barrel controlled me, he hit a few points of blood, that is, one third of blood.
I pointed out the death advantage. The blood volume is small, but they don’t output enough. My blood-sucking ability is high. They can kill to death, but they can’t kill the residual blood volume. Two axes also killed Morgana to complete the double kill.
At this time, Nunu came, gave an e to the barrel and gave me a w.
The cask didn’t run away and wanted to change me.
While I was walking, I walked in a spiral position, and his e skill was blocked by someone, while his q skill blew me up to just over 100 blood barrels, but I didn’t flash. I know.
When there are dozens of blood left in the barrel, both teammates have no A. Give me a head start
I don’t have an A either.
I only have two axes in my hand, and I still have a hundred blood.
The barrel trembled and came to A. How much blood do I have left?
I’m still trying to make him a.
The barrel is a again. I still have some blood.
When he raised his hand the third time, I took him away with an axe and finished the three kills!
I just want the opposite barrel to know that this wave of anti-killing is not accidental, but in the old expectation. What if I let you have an extra A?
You still can’t kill me.
And Yu Mu and Zhong Xin know my habit very well.
After I play an advantage, I often like to get a little blood on the opposite side, and then I don’t. Let him play next to him
At this time, the self-esteem of the opposite side is frustrated, and I often feel desperate, so I don’t resist. Look at me and look at me. When I have had enough fun, I will take him away with a knife.
But some guys are stubborn and like to hand over flashes or treat them in an attempt to escape my harm.
This is the essence of Draven.
There is an introduction to the official background story of Draven.
"Soon all the executions in Draven became a test. A Noxas prisoner ran for the last chance. He took this test as his personal stage and turned the execution into a mainstream entertainment. He encouraged the audience to go into a frenzy, and at the same time, the prisoners went crazy and tried to escape from him, but they never succeeded."
They have never succeeded.
In chapter 394, the two men
I’m pretending to be good on the road. Other roads …
M blew up again
Barrels are stable in Nunu and other roads, and no one goes to GANK to bring rhythm.
However …
Lulu was killed by Syndra alone.