McGrady stepped into the Heat’s restricted area and in front of him was the Heat’s basket. At that time, the second center in NBA was still stronger than defensive expert alonzo Mourning!


If you are facing the peak period, McGrady may choose to avoid the direct conflict of Mourning, but now McGrady will not be afraid of Mourning, and neither the self-esteem of the scoring champion nor the self-confidence of the superstar will allow him to choose to avoid it!
McGrady clenched his teeth and showed a firm and unyielding look. His right hand took the ball in front of Mourning with one hand and stretched himself out in the middle of the game, holding up his right hand with the ball!
Seeing that McGrady was not afraid of himself in mourning, he immediately jumped up with McGrady and raised his arms in the middle of the game to block McGrady
McGrady clenched his teeth and stared at the basket behind Mourning’s strong and huge hands. With unstoppable determination, he flew to the basket with his super explosive power and hysteresis.
McGrady Mourning collided in the middle of the game, and McGrady lost his center of gravity and bounced back because of the impact, but McGrady didn’t give up his attack this time, but hit Mourning and slammed the basketball to the basket with his long right arm!
"bang!" There was a groan of pain in the basket and the ball crashed into the basket with this loud noise
333-McGrady and the Rockets have a 5-point advantage!
"Handsome!" The fans exclaimed with excitement and madness again. It’s so handsome. McGrady’s heavy dunk this time is really an enemy-it’s very exciting to dunk someone, and McGrady’s opponent this time is still stronger than defense. Mourning! This kind of impact is absolutely self-evident!
It’s been a long time … really a long time …
Fans who are familiar with McGrady have forgotten how long it has been. They have forgotten how long it has been since McGrady completed this level of re-dunking …
This perfect domineering excitement makes people excited. The perfect button is really cool! Only such a wonderful performance can make everyone crazy!
After landing, McGrady fell back unsteadily. Of course, he didn’t fall to the ground because he came from behind and held him by flying.
Zeng Feiyang gave McGrady a thumbs-up
McGrady smiled and patted Zeng Feiyang’s right shoulder and ran back to the backcourt with him.
McGrady’s dunk just now also shocked Zeng Feiyang, but he didn’t envy him!
Because he was flying white, his physique broke out and it was impossible to dunk through mourning! Not to mention that his body is not strong enough, but his arm length does not allow him to complete the dunk after Mourning collided! Of course, if Zeng Feiyang had been a little weak in the face of the enemy, he might have been able to complete such a dunk like McGrady-Zeng Feiyang is a technical player who belongs to his conscious skill and physical flexibility!
In the later games, McGrady fell into the dilemma of being double-teamed again, but this does not mean that the Rockets will be defeated. Because McGrady was double-teamed, it means that other players have a chance to shoot-Alston Swift and Mutombo both scored through McGrady, but Wade used to fly in the’ Flash’ to play his defense, but he also invested in a three-pointer. The Rockets’ shooting percentage has remained at around 4%, so they have always been ahead of the Heat.
On the contrary, the Rockets’ overall hit rate of the Heat is about 35%. If they hadn’t shot a little more than the Rockets, the score difference between the two sides might have widened long ago!
Two minutes before the end of the second quarter, Yao and shaquille O ‘Neill, the main centers of the two teams, were sent out again, and McGrady, who performed well in the second quarter, was also given a rest. At this time, the score of the two teams was 5261 …
Chapter one hundred and seventy Injured
Minute by minute, it was less than 2 minutes before the end of the second quarter, and at this time, the Rockets held the ball …
Zeng Feiyang controls the ball and swims outside the three-point line; Wade defended Zeng Feiyang and followed him slowly.
Two talented young players confronted each other-Zeng Feiyang neither attacked Wade nor took the initiative to steal Zeng Feiyang.
Because of this, the camera of the stadium has been aimed at the two of them, and every little move of them has been captured.
There are China fans in the venue who are straining their every nerve with thousands of pairs of anxieties, expecting to keep their eyes fixed on the two men on the court and hold the ball in their hearts and shout and cheer …
Zeng Feiyang and Wade walked to the 45-degree angle of the outer right wing of the three-point line, and both stopped moving and stared coldly at each other’s eyes full of fiery fighting spirit.
When walking slowly, Zeng Feiyang’s regular racket rhythm is also gradually accelerating. With the change of racket rhythm, Wade’s vigilance is also gradually strengthened until …
Come on! China once!
Zeng Feiyang’s eyes flashed with a sharp cold mountain, and his body moved with it-he suddenly started to accelerate the purest, simplest, most direct and perfect’ speed’, took his first step to the right and quickly took his follow-up steps to’ fast’ himself to break through the Wade line!
Zeng Feiyang’s speed is really fast to the’ speed king’. Allen Iverson will also give him sincere praise, but even if Zeng Feiyang is really fast? Can he really dump the same’ fast’ Wade so easily?
Hum, want to get rid of me quickly Over my dead body!
Wade started at the same time as Zeng Feiyang started-he almost accelerated at the same time, followed closely around Zeng Feiyang and kept entangled with Zeng Feiyang, not letting the latter increase his speed to the fastest and not letting the latter have the opportunity to shoot.
After stepping into the line, Zeng Feiyang saw that he still couldn’t get rid of Wade, so he stopped and turned his back on Wade.
In this case, the average player will choose the ball. Of course, it refers to the’ average player’ and Zeng Feiyang is just not an’ average player’!
After Zeng Feiyang delivered two goals with his back to Wade, Wade suddenly relaxed a little and relaxed his defense, but it was his relaxation that made him have to face a very serious punishment!
Zeng Feiyang once again started his quick right turn to benefit his body and imperceptible small movements to block Wade behind him and raise his speed to the highest speed in the shortest time!
Seeing that Zeng Feiyang had the closest basketball team, Heat power forward Anthony Walker was able to let Swift go and rushed back to make up for it, trying to stop Zeng Feiyang.
There are enemy troops in front and pursuers behind!
The situation that Zeng Feiyang met in the first game of NBA appeared again-when Zeng Feiyang faced this situation, he chose the ball and it was absolutely wonderful, but due to the lack of tacit understanding, his teammate Swift failed to turn this wonderful into an assist.
Now that Zeng Feiyang has encountered this situation again, what will he do?
The answer is that he chose to play the ball in the same way-Zeng Feiyang rushed to Anthony Walker and pushed the racket to Walker across the floor without hesitation, so that the ball hit the ground from Walker to Swift who got the chance to shoot!
"Well done!" After catching the ball, Swift threw out this sentence in ecstasy and took off in situ while calling out this sentence. He roared like a beast and filled the basket with his hands!
"bang!" The roar of the basket, combined with the roar of Swift’s beast, echoed throughout the stadium, which made the fans’ heart rate accelerate again and made an avalanche of cheers
"Once flying you too beautiful! I love you ~ ~ ~ "
"Zeng Feiyang is so handsome that you are my idol forever!"
"Swift’s deduction is so handsome that it deserves to be a’ violent deduction’!"
At that time, all kinds of shouts came out from different fans, old and young, men and women-all of them were excited by the wonderful cooperation of Swift.
"Zeng!" After landing, Swift ran to Zeng Feiyang’s side with a great smile to express his mood at the moment-high-five with Zeng Feiyang to celebrate.
Wade kept staring at Zeng Feiyang’s fading back face with an angry look.
O’ Neill patted Wade on the shoulder and laughed. Is he good? "
Wade nodded and said, "It’s amazing whether it’s speed, technology, physical fitness or judgment."
O’ Neill smiled and asked, "So you mean you are no match for him?"
Wade’s eyes flashed with fighting spirit and said, "Not an opponent? Well, how can I be no match for him? Watch! I will take my actual actions to defeat him and destroy him! " Then Wade strode to the frontcourt.
O ‘Neal chuckled and followed Wade to the Rockets halftime …
Wade caught the ball from teammate Williams at the 9-degree angle outside the three-point line. After receiving the ball, he immediately lowered his center of gravity and prepared for the attack, while other teammates ran away. He pulled a road and gave him a foot to play spacious.
Are you coming again …
Zeng Feiyang once again hit his arms and quietly watched Wade’s expression like a lurking lion …
Wade’s eyes narrowed, and then he suddenly opened his eyes wide and shot out two cold and biting eyes. At the same time, his body made a move that surprised Zeng Feiyang-Wade’s right hand beat his feet and moved his body and ball and broke through Zeng Feiyang’s defense at the same time, but Zeng Feiyang was able to stare big eyes full of surprises! Because Wade directly hit the ball to Zeng Feiyang and crossed the floor, the basketball easily flew past him!
Wade crossed the latter’s defensive range from Zeng Feiyang’s left side, and at the same time, he received a basketball ball and killed it in the virtual restricted area of the Rockets. Wade’s breakthrough this time can be said to be the same as the one that Zeng Feiyang gave Swift just a second ago. The difference is that Zeng Feiyang was the ball and he dribbled it himself!