HarmonyOS sword body!


The special physique is divided into three levels in the celestial world, the worst of which is the Five Elements Spirit Body and the Congenital Tao Body, and then up is the mysterious body of the ice pupil, the sacred body of Qi Ruoxu’s heavenly thunder, and the immortal body of Kouxun’s gods and demons. The third and top physique, even in the celestial world, is a genius, which is similar to the demon beast, the nine mysterious bodies after the promotion of Cai Ying, and the body of absolute yin and pure yang that Chengtian later possessed.
Of course, such as Meng Tianhe’s magic body of fire source and Xin Ying’s universal Huan Tian body, which was accepted as a disciple by Chen Han in another inferior universe, although they belong to the second-class special physique, their actual value and rarity are even higher than the third-class physique.
HarmonyOS Jian Yuan Shen is one of the third-class special constitutions, and it is the one with relatively strong attack power.
The realm of cultivation in the early days of Luo Jinxian!
HarmonyOS Jian Yuan’s body with a big increase!
The magic weapon of the best fairy level!
The top sky and sky!
When she is desperate to launch a peerless sword, the power can only be described as appalling!
Qian Shan’s sunset snow is a large-scale killing sword in the sky and the sky. The best fairy sword is divided into two and two into four, and eight flying swords linger around Qi Xianer’s body and fly outward. Every time you push some outward, eight white swords turn into sixteen, and then push into thirty-two.
The celestial sky and the world tactic that brings kendo to the extreme has the effect similar to that of the sword array. While the sword light continues to spread outward, it actually extracts the fairy gas from the outside world crazily.
Sword light advance!
The stronger the sword!
In a blink of an eye, the sky was covered with snow-white sword light, and thousands of people were extremely polar, as if a heavy snow had covered the world, and the world was overturned wherever they passed.
Poof … poof … poof …
Came to dozens of ghost fairy, in addition to several pick Jin Xian KuangPen blood fly back in the middle and late period, look between full of heartfelt fear, those fairy and Taiyi Jin Xian and even the early pick Jin Xian, fragmented in the snow-white sword light, so be volley * * into fly ash.
Chen Han is very suspicious that if Younger goes all out to make moves on himself when he just met with your senior brother, the result will be that he is torn to pieces by this unparalleled sword.
Too strong!
To be sure, under the condition of equal magic weapons, Qi Xianer’s combat power is definitely above her brother, and it is more than one line higher.
It’s a pity that she has never fought with people for life and death, and she doesn’t dare to kill people at all. Her combat experience is even worse, ten times worse than her brother who seems to be very bad in Chen Han.
At least you dare to draw your sword and kill people. Now she has been forced to this extent before she stormed out of the sword.
The ghost fairy, who was just about to run over and get a piece of the action, watched dozens of people being killed by one move, one by one running faster than rabbits.
But how can Qi Xianer, who is crazy, let them go?
"You forced me … meowed, I don’t want to kill people, you forced me …"
Half of her mental disorder cried, while pouring out the sword rain all over the sky, and her life was as worthless as straw.
Chen Han finally breathed a sigh of relief, and another wave of mysterious arrows wiped out 100 people present. Fairy knowledge found more ghosts coming, and he shouted, "Let’s go!"
JiXianEr completely lost in the murder of self-preservation, as if didn’t hear the cry of Chen cold, while crying muttered can’t hear clearly, while the sword light soared to kill the quartet.
"My dear … this baby is crazy, what should I do?"
A head of two big cold sad face, he doesn’t think he has the ability to confront the whole crack soul valley ghost fairy army.
Just as another wave of sword light poured out, Chen Han took the opportunity to break the void and came to Qi Xianer’s front. His voice sounded like thunder, and he shouted, "Qi Xianer, if you don’t leave, you stupid woman!"
The temporarily mobilized immortal power was not as good as 30% in its heyday. Qi Xianer rushed to Chen Han with a sword, and was blocked by the dragon blade to shake her off.
Until then, she was a little sober, and looked blankly at the ghost fairy whose haunting body gradually disappeared after being beheaded by herself. Suddenly she cried even more: "I killed people … I killed many people … whoops …"
"Your mother gave birth to you just to cry? Why don’t you stay here and chant Buddhist scripture for the unlucky ghost here? I don’t have time to talk to you! "
"Don’t leave me … blare …"
She didn’t know why she was afraid of Chen Han leaving, but continued to wipe her tears while catching up with Chen Han, who ran like lightning to Linyuecheng.
Not for a moment, those ghost immortals who are underground are left behind.
Although the two people’s realm is only in the early and middle stages of picking Jin Xian, the cultivation method and the flying sword are far superior to the ghost fairy, and the speed is ten times faster than that of the same order ghost fairy. Even the ghost fairy with the level of picking Jin Xian in the later stage is hard to catch up with them …
Chapter 519 Kill Huan fire
"Gee … how about a watery little girl and a double major with this seat?"
Seeing that the distance from Linyuecheng is getting closer and closer, those ghosts and immortals are far behind. Just when they thought they were out of danger, the voice of yin and evil floated up from nowhere.
It seems that the same voice is echoing between heaven and earth, and a palm shadow of Fiona Fang Li falls from the sky, directly grasping at the panicked JiXianEr.
After the previous World War I, she was like a hedgehog with spikes all over her body, and any trouble would be attacked with all her strength.
Wan Jian’s Return to the Ancestor!
The best fairy sword instantly turns into ten million lightsabers, and then merges into a bunch of white streamers in an instant, pulling around the fairy spirit to make this streamer even more powerful.
The voice suddenly came in disbelief, and exclaimed, "What’s the magic formula for the sky and the sky? Who are you? This is the legendary school of Qingtian Sword School! "
"Kill … kill …" JiXianEr still a little delirious.
"Are you …"