After laughing, Long Xiangtian asked again, "Don’t you know your little brother’s name?" Although Lin Feng recognized Long Linger as his sister, he was a generation worse than Long Xiangtian. But Long Xiangtian won’t be silly and really regard windson as his junior.


"The next name is leafy. It is the first time that I have come to Kunlun Wonderland! " Windson politely replied that he certainly wouldn’t regard Long Xiangtian as his elder as soon as they met.
"It turns out that Brother Ye can be so cultivated between the earthly world that it is a shame for me to wait. I just don’t know what the relationship between Brother Ye and Shushan is, so I started my hands as soon as we met?" Dragon days step in the previous step faint will windson behind words although it is asked windson eyes but look at the shushan three people have clearly stood the position.
Before Lin Feng could speak, Lingyuan, the head of Shushan, took the lead in fuels and said, "It turns out that Ye Daoyou specially escorted the daughter of Dragon Head to Kunlun Wonderland, but I don’t know why Ye Daoyou forced himself into Wonderland to take my disciples from Shushan and hurt my elders from Shushan." I still hope that Ye Daoyou will give me an account of Lushan! "
Long Xiangtian heard that his heart was relaxed and happy. It turned out that such a small matter seemed unnecessary to fight with Shushan. It was best for him not to go to war for the stability of Kunlun Wonderland.
Long Xiangtian just wanted to open his mouth to be a peacemaker. Lin Feng snorted and said with disdain, "Why do I have to ask your disciples at the gate of Shushan if I want to go into wonderland? I have arrived at the island of doom with Shine, and he actually wants me to’ be a good boy’ and register for application at the world of mortals and wait for approval. Is this how your disciples of Shushan treat their predecessors?" In the case that the fix-true world is not clear about each other’s seniority, it is generally determined by the level of cultivation, so it is reasonable for Lin Feng to call himself a senior master in front of shushan disciples.
Lingyuan’s face was sluggish and he argued: "Outsiders who want to enter Kunlun Wonderland need to register and apply at the Red Dust Island. This is a rule set by all sects in Kunlun Wonderland. Our disciple may have offended Ye Daoyou in Shushan because of his bad attitude, but this is not the reason why Ye Daoyou forced his way into Wonderland, let alone the reason why Ye Daoyou robbed the flying sword and injured my elder in Shushan!"
"So you shushan disciples usually act in accordance with the rules in Kunlun wonderland?" Windson somber smile asked.
"Of course!" Although I feel that Lin Fengxiao is up to no good, I still firmly replied as a leader of Lingyuan.
"So that’s it ….." Lin Feng looked like an epiphany, but pointed to Huang Yuantian sharply: "Is it also the rule of Kunlun Wonderland for you to shoot three dry Yanglei at innocent children in order to get away? Or your rules of shushan? "
"A dirty lie is nonsense!" Huang Yuantian immediately jumped out and blushed and looked wronged.
"Ye Daoyou, what is the basis for your accusation?" Lingyuan glanced at Huang Yuan Tian faintly and said with a sullen face: "If you don’t have credentials, you have to doubt your intentions. I am a famous school with thousands of years of history in Shushan, but I can’t be bullied at will!"
"Yes, Brother Ye, do you have any credentials? If you do, please feel free to say so. My Kunlun Sect will definitely make decisions for you." Long Xiangtian also got a fright. Although he is very happy to watch the jokes of Shu Shan, he also knows that this kind of private fighting is generally impossible for people to catch evidence. If Lin Feng can’t produce evidence, things will be in trouble. In the face of this problem of right and wrong, Shu Shan will never let it go.
"Linger saw with his own eyes that Elder Huang of Shushan lost three dry Yanglei to Linger in order to escape. If his brother hadn’t stopped Linger, he wouldn’t have seen his father and mother." A crisp children’s voice suddenly rang, and it was the dragon shine with tears hanging from Youzi’s small face in Shuiling’s arms.
When this statement comes out, someone’s face has changed in the place. All the people in Kunlun School look at Huang Yuantian’s eyes, which are full of cold and exquisite water. There is a green light on the palm, which is obviously very angry and ready to start work!

Chapter two hundred and fifteen Compromise
Far heaven knows it’s not good, so he opens his mouth first and argues, "What Huang Kou’s children say is true!"
Long Xiangtian sneered faintly: "Things were so sudden that I always forgot to introduce the child in my wife’s arms to the head of Lingyuan and the elders Huang and Bai. It must be known to the three of you that when our little girl Long Linger broke Dan into a baby 18 years ago, evil influence did not return to chaos."
"What does this mean?" Huang Yuan asked a confused day that he had not heard the key word "reincarnation" in the trance when he was hammered by Lin Feng’s soul. Although he later saw Shui Linglong crying and huddled together, he didn’t think of it.
"Shut up!" Lingyuan roared with anger and guessed the cause and effect in his heart. He began to secretly consider how to deal with the aftermath. He said with his fist, "On behalf of Shushan, I would like to congratulate Master Linger on his reincarnation and the family reunion of Dragon Head."
Another elder of Shushan, Bai Zhenren, also congratulated himself with a bitter face and fuels, but in his heart he scolded Huang Yuantian and beat him half to death. Don’t ask for it if you have to hit the daughter of the head of Kunlun Sect with dry Yang Lei?
"You’re welcome …" Long Xiangtian bowed his hand at random and said coldly, "I wonder if the head of Lingyuan thinks what she said as a little girl with her mental level at the moment can be used as evidence?"
"This ….." Lingyuan was really speechless at the moment. No one would believe what Long Linger said if she was just a child with more than 2 children. But now Long Linger has obviously awakened and has restored her mental level and memory in the previous life. You can’t look at her with children’s eyes anymore, and Long Linger is the daughter of Kunlun Sect. It is absolutely impossible to talk nonsense about the face and relationship between the two sects of shushan and kunlun.
"There may be some misunderstanding about Dragon Head. I don’t think Brother Huang was intentional." See owners speechless white reality had to come forward to explain.
"Yes, yes. At that time, I was dizzy by Ye Daoyou’s mental attack, and I just missed. Uncle Linger is here to apologize to you! " Huang Yuantian a wily old fox immediately bent down along the donkey downhill and gave Long Linger a heavy gift. Water was exquisite and cold, with a snort, holding Long Linger and tilting his body away from his gift. Huang Yuantian but mirth silk don’t mind.
"Master Lingyuan, what do you think of this?" Long Xiangtian also has some helplessness. Huang Yuan Tian asserted that he didn’t mean it. No one can help him, and he made a gift to Long Linger as an elder. This matter is not good to pursue any longer.
Lingyuan sighed noncommittally and said, "Anyway. Teacher Linger is really frightened. I am sure that Shushan will give Kunlun an explanation. It will be the once-in-a-decade Yibao Conference in more than a month. I hope this matter will not affect the relationship between Shushan and Kunlun. "
Ling Yuan’s remarks were strange, but Long Xiangtian understood what he meant, although there was no substantial evidence to prove that Huang Yuan was deliberately so. However, if the Kunlun Sect spreads the news widely, it will still bring extremely serious negative effects to Shushan, especially when the Yibao conference is about to be held, it will be difficult to recover the news once it spreads. The meaning of Lingyuan’s words is that Shushan will give Kunlun some compensation, but I hope Kunlun will suppress this matter or it will not be good for everyone to tear his face.
Long Xiangtian hesitated for a moment and replied, "I, Kunlun Sect and Shushan, have a friendship for thousands of years. Of course, such a trivial matter will not affect our relationship."
"So good!" Lingyuan breathed a sigh of relief and was ready to leave and go back to shushan. In addition to this scandal, he has no face to dispute with windson again.
"Ye Daoyou. I think it’s just a misunderstanding. How about you return the flying sword and the bundle of fairy ropes to me? " Huang Yuantian also knows that this moment is not suitable for finding trouble with windson again, but he can’t bear to be snatched away by windson, so he has to speak out and beg for it.
"Flying sword?" After watching the drama for a long time, Lin Feng pretended to be surprised and said, "What’s the use of flying swords when I want you to be a disciple of Shushan in infancy?" I threw away the flying sword just to teach him a lesson. I haven’t seen any bundles of fairy ropes. They are my Gankun rings. I hope Elder Huang can give them back to me. "
"Nonsense. When did I take your Gankun ring?" Huang Yuan wrath way.
"Yes, you and I are equal. When did I take your bundle of fairy ropes again?" Windson asks.
"You-"The weather in Huang Yuan is speechless. I’ve seen shameless people. I’ve never seen such a shameless person who refuses to return the fairy rope. Even if I forget it, I have specially made up a false dry Kun ring … but he can’t refute Lin Feng’s words. There is also no evidence. Second, others will not believe in robbing others in the fight.
Will be born in the case of two people’s strength disparity, in fact, even Huang Yuanyou figured out how the bundle of fairy rope was robbed by Lin Feng at that time.
"Well, brother, don’t say any more!" Lingyuan saw that Huang Yuantian was still making a fool of himself, but it was not easy to vent his anger at this moment. He once again handed over to the Long Xiangtian couple and said, "There must be a lot to say about the reunion of the Dragon Head Family, so I won’t bother you."
Then both sides polite a few words of Lingyuan took Huang Yuan Tianhe and Bai Zhenren to fly to the sky, and the resentful voice of Huang Yuan Day came again. "Ye Daoyou, I’ll see you soon!"
"I am also looking forward to meeting Elder Huang again!" Windson not to be outdone replied. Joke Lin Feng really didn’t intend to let him go like this!
"Brother Ye, I won’t say much if you thank me. Welcome to Kunlun School!" After the people in Shushan left, Long Xiangtian immediately said to Lin Feng that Shui Linglong also came up to Lin Feng with Long Linger and gave a deep ceremony: "Thank you, Brother Ye, for sending my daughter back to Kunlun and saving my life!" I heard that Huang Yuantian once shot three dry Yang Lei Shui Linglong at Long Linger and really wanted to turn against her on the spot. Fortunately, the only remaining reason stopped her.
Lin Feng leaned over and smiled: "Linger is my sister who said don’t be so polite!"
Water and exquisite nodded and didn’t speak again, but there was a heartfelt gratitude in his expression.
Long Xiangtian laughed and said, "Brother Ye must be tired when he came back to Kunlun Sect with Shine for thousands of miles and fought with the elders of Shushan. Why don’t we let Hanti take Brother Ye to the mountain for a rest first and then we can talk about it? "
Lin Feng knew that the Long Xiangtian couple and Long Linger must have a lot to talk about for many years, so he nodded and said, "It would be a bother for Brother Han."
"Dare ye … this Ye Daoyou, please come with me." Xu Hanti suddenly didn’t know how to define Lin Feng’s seniority, and finally he just vaguely called a friend.
"Han Ti, you must take Brother Ye to the VIP room to rest. Do you understand?" Long Xiangtian serious way.
"Yes!" Xu Hanti promised very seriously that he was also extremely grateful for Lin Feng’s sending back the little princess Long Linger of Kunlun School.
Windson followed Xu Hanti to the VIP room of Kunlun Sect to rest all the way. Xu Hanti assiduously introduced the landscape along the road to Windson, and when he got to the place, it was a good tea and a good snack. He didn’t dare to neglect it. Windson also some guilty excuse to want to have a quiet rest before he drove away.
After a long rest, Xu Hanti invited Lin Feng to the main hall for dinner at sunset.
In the main hall, Longxiang Tianyi’s family of three has been waiting for a long time.
"Brother brother …" I jumped down from her mother’s arms as soon as I saw Lin Fenglong shine, and jumped into windson’s arms as usual. Windson gratified to hold her up and sighed in my heart that this little girl forgot his brother without her parents.
"Brother Ye has said before that we don’t have to be too polite, but after listening to Linger’s complaint, my husband and wife still want to thank Brother Ye again. Without you, Linger would never have succeeded in reincarnation. Without you, my husband and wife would never see Linger again." Said Long Xiangtian and Shui Linglong stood up and once again gave windson a deep gift.
Indeed, if there is no Lin Fenglong Shine, it may be the daylights out in the underworld. If there is no Lin Fenglong Shine, it may also die in Telanxing because of malnutrition. As for Lin Feng, it is a trivial matter to offend Shushan and help her block three dry Yanglei in order to bring Long Shine back to Kunlun Wonderland.
Windson didn’t dodge this time. He could see that Long Xiangtian and his wife wouldn’t give up if they didn’t accept this gift. However, Lin Feng still called him "Brother Ye" after listening to Long Xiangtian. It seems that Long Linger didn’t tell his parents the truth without his own command. In this case, windson doesn’t intend to break the fix true boundary, and there is no need to be associated with himself in the world of mortals.
"After that sentence, what happened to Brother Ye is what happened to my Kunlun Sect. If Brother Ye wants to avenge your spirit beast, my Kunlun Sect will also give full support!" Long Xiangtian was sincere this time, even at the expense of shushan.
Lin Feng smiled and took it out of his pocket and patted his little head, saying, "I have received the little guy’s kindness, so let me handle this matter myself."

Chapter two hundred and sixteen Small accident Dan
Xiang Tian ha ha smiled and didn’t continue this topic. He added, "Brother Ye’s reborn parents, Linger, are lucky enough to recognize Brother Ye as a brother. We are also considered a family. If you respect Brother Ye, please call me Brother Long in the future. Linger and I are the dragon heads of your own. This title is really unfamiliar."
Lin Feng thought it was not bad, so he said to Long Xiangtian and his wife, "Then respect is better than obedience!" By the way, you will call me Xiaoye in the future. "