The silver shield hit the Qingcheng shield first. Just let Jiang Li’s left arm shake. Then the ghost axe came, and there was a huge crash. Jiang Li was not only his left arm, but also his whole body sank down.


However, at this moment, on the right side of the life’s core monuments ghost spirit has been chasing up, broadsword to cut again!
Chiang Kai-shek walked with the Qingcheng Mountain Shield in his left arm and simply took the initiative to kneel on the ground. In order to be more secure, hold it right. Black se’s wucheng shield is mounted on that broadsword!
"When! ! !”
Once again, but the Wucheng shield was also smashed back, almost sticking to Jiang Li’s shoulder.
However, this is not over!
Because that life’s core monuments ghost spirit is not an ordinary human form at all, but has two ends and four arms. The broadsword in the front arms was split first, and after being framed, the arm behind it was still holding a huge mace, which was smashed by the life’s core monuments ghost spirit with one hand toward Jiang from behind!
Thus, Jiang Li’s arms were all used to resist other attacks, and his back was finally completely exposed.
At this moment, I saw the blue light flying like electricity, but it was the blue shield that was first sacrificed by him, and it became great, and it was extremely protected behind him.
"light! ! !”
Mace thumped on the blue shield, smashing the blue shield to Chiang Kai-shek. However, at this time, the twin city shields in Chiang Kai-shek’s left and right hands were blocked in front of him in a cone shape, and the back edge of the shield completely exceeded his body, which turned out to be the first to jam the blue shield.
When the mace once again resisted the blue shield, it could not hit Jiang Li after all.
This scene almost made everyone look silly. At this time, Jiang Li simply protected himself in a steel shell. On the left front, there was a green Se huge shield and a silver shield, on the right front, a black Se huge shield, and behind it was the blue shield …
Where did you get so many shields? !
Xie Yichang is not dead. After the attack is framed, he immediately attacks from different angles!
Then everyone saw a scene that made them even more incredible. The three-corner steel castles that Jiang left were constantly adjusted with Xie Yichang’s attack, and basically maintained a triangle. Under the crazy attack of Xie Yichang and life’s core monuments Ghost Spirit, I heard "Mao" and "Dang" loud noises ringing off the hook one after another, and Chiang Kai-shek inside was really quite embarrassed, but he was not directly hit by those attacks!
"I cāo!"
"This defense!"
"Your mother is invincible!"
"Too shameless?"
"I have to say that Jiang Li still has two brushes."
"It’s just that his posture is ugly. He has always been half kneeling, and most of the time he is facing Xie Yichang."
"As long as it can be blocked, what is half kneeling?"
"Hey, it’s no use kneeling."
"Xie Yichang’s holy tattoo has never moved."
"It’s not …"
"Xie Yichang used the holy tattoo, and his strength almost doubled. Jiang Li could not stop it any more."
"Xie Yi can be forced to use the holy tattoo for a long time. He is really good."
On the other hand, with the existing strength, Jiang can’t break away from the defensive array established only by the flesh, but Xie Yichang was in no hurry. Just because he really enjoys the present state: he stands and attacks Jiang Li crazily, but Jiang Li can only be huddled in a shell like a turtle, and even has to keep defending on his knees.
"I didn’t expect you to grow stronger, and even the Twin City Shield was refined." Xie Yi long attack, while cynicism tunnel.
Jiang Li has used all J and NG gods in defense. Where to answer, just continue to defend with a frown.
"Why, you can’t speak?"
Chop it off with an axe!
"Don’t have time to speak? !”
A mace hit it!
"Isn’t it very uncomfortable!"
The right foot is ill. Kick on the shield from top to bottom.
"If you are unhappy, you have to endure it!"
Black se broadsword hit the head!
"I just want to embarrass you in front of so many people! !”
Xie Yichang doesn’t even have to use the ghost axe, and directly kicks it towards the shield crazily.
Jiang Li, on the other hand, just silently defended with all his strength, maintaining the most effective defense with the least physical strength and moral strength.
As for insults, he has no time to savor them.
"Jiang, you’re finished! You are finished today! Accept your fate! "
At this moment, Xie Yichang finally raised his huge axe in his hand again.
He is already a hundred feet tall. After the ghost axe was held high above the top, its top almost reached the height of 170-80 feet, so it simply lit up in the air, just like a gift from the ghost god. So as to easily split the mountains.
On Thursday, Xie Yi’s long body was suddenly interrupted in the holy tattoo of the ghost road. The next moment, the black gas in the ghost axe suddenly exploded outward, and the axe body changed its shape in an instant. Ten times brighter and weirder than before! Contrast the two. The original ghost axe is like an unopened one …
The appearance of the new ghost axe alone has a terrifying momentum, not to mention the momentum that has just been promoted inside. Everyone knows that Jiang Li’s shield will never stop this axe’s offensive again!