Yuan Xiong Kengkayakuan’s face is dignified. I tell you that this guy named Bear was a real commander before this, and he was very powerful. It was a long time since the commander reached the peak of Daozun’s three turns, and he was impartial. Just when you were fighting in Xiang Ye Gobi, an ordinary soldier challenged him and it directly conceded defeat. Therefore, Ye Chen, an ordinary soldier, has been watching the killing of the Three Elders. What’s going on? Don’t tell me.


That old guy doesn’t look at his own son, but it’s a problem to look at others. Yuan Ye suddenly frowned. Obviously, he was very confident in his son’s victory first, so he didn’t go to see it. Actually, it wasn’t his own strength that increased his roots, but he couldn’t beat Ye Xiangge’s strength. Secondly, he had to wait for Ye Xiangge to defeat himself before an ordinary soldier defeated him. In this way, Yuan Ye didn’t say that Xiang Ye Ge Zhengtong wouldn’t even be the captain, and maybe he would be seriously insulted by the extreme.
This move is really vicious. Unfortunately, Ye Chen didn’t expect Ye Xiangge to be defeated, but he was humiliated by himself.
It’s not good to come. This old guy is a root that won’t make me feel at all stable. Yuan Ye is lying in a chair with a headache.
Yuan Xiong, what should I do? You’re closing the door. This challenge can drag on for a while, but you haven’t closed your roots. You have to fight or avoid it. This bear is better in the general. It’s not a one-point-two chance that Xiang Ye Gekeqiang won’t win. You have to avoid the general, but you have to let it go directly and dare not fight. This humiliation is not light.
He’s better than Xiang Ye Geqiang. I’m Ye Xiangge. It’s also very easy in wartime. Can a bear defeat me? Yuan Ye sneer at this. Look at Brother Keng Ya Kuan Keng. You said that experts accompany you to fight every day. What a good experience. Others can’t ask for treatment. Elder Ye Da takes care of me so much. How can I be ungrateful?
Yuan Xiong, you have to face the pit and the wide face suddenly LingRan up.
Of course, to fight like this, the strength is strong but not strong. Many people are the best choice for experience. How can I miss such an opportunity? When I get stronger step by step, he Ye Chen will regret it.
Xiaoyao Army has never been short of fighting roles that attract people’s attention, but Yuan Ye, a new soldier in this field, is extremely dazzling. Regardless of his lack of strength background, he dares to confront the three elders, just directing that striptease to make his name loud.
If you don’t challenge, it’s a challenge. The general will beat the captain in Xiaoyao Army and become a new captain. But it’s too difficult to beat the general. Yuan Ye succeeded alone. When people were still immersed in the aftertaste of that different striptease, the new general Yuan Ye became the focus of attention again. Because the bear challenged him, he directly fought.
Every other day, it’s really better than fighting a madman. One side of the bear has been at large for hundreds of years. Some people think that the strength of the bear is not as good as that of a commander. The bear was defeated by an ordinary soldier and then directly challenged the identity of the soldier. Yuan Ye, who is so stupid, can be seen. Many people sigh in Yuan Ye, but Yuan Ye, on the other side, is not easy to provoke. Although it was originally the captain’s strength, it will definitely take a lot of commanders to defeat Ye Xiangge’s strength, and no one will believe that Yuan Ye dared to confront the three elders without any tricks.
The Xiaoyao Army is once again more lively than the fighting field, and all the procedures are the same as before. This time, the spectators can be said to be more than a battle note of Ye Xiangge Yuan Ye. Once Ye Xiangge’s earth-shattering striptease, many people have not seen it. It is a great pity that this time, when I heard that this Yuan Ye had to challenge many people, especially those who disdain to look down on the weak than the fighting leader, they all came to the theatre. More than that, there were girls and women who were curious about what it would be like for men to strip.
At the moment, Yuan Yexiong of the Taiwan War Station shakes and confronts.
Bear is tall, burly, long and messy, with a face full of gills and beards. I don’t know how long it’s been before I washed my bare chest. The black long hair on my chest is exposed to a fierce spirit, which also makes many people feel scared, and his strongest is that his melee attack is not powerful, and his defense is even more terrible. The nickname Wild Bear is quite famous in the general.
And Yuan Ye is still a blue armrests sword, shaking in the breeze. The figure looks too thin compared with the bear, but Yuan Ye is almost Xiong Wan. On the contrary, Yuan Ye’s strength is stronger than strength, Xiong is stronger than strength, Xiong is weaker than strength, and the only similarity between them is probably a strong defense against the bear, and Yuan Ye’s defense is not weak.
Both of you know the rules of fighting, and you are not allowed to take people’s lives or get help from outsiders. Losing combat effectiveness is a loss, and taking the initiative to admit defeat is also a loss. Still, the referee Huang Bangting watched the two men have a sudden pause.
With a low drinking sound echoing in a pit, Huang Bangting directly retired from the pit, and thousands of onlookers and elegant people around him stared at the pit 299 bear.
You are Yuan Ye, who can let me have my hand, so you can lose. Please pray that my hand will be lighter, but don’t worry that I will not kill you or abolish you under orders. The bear looks at Yuan Ye and doesn’t seem to care about him at all.
Let’s talk about it after winning me first. Yuan Ye laughed coldly and didn’t talk nonsense.
If you want to die, I’ll make you want to taste it. It’s better to have a big drink than to have a big fight. The bear’s eyes become more and more cold and make people tremble. The momentum is filled with the will of the bear, which directly oppresses Yuan Ye in the distance. It makes people feel trance. The bear is like a cold and murderous beast, which is screaming at the opponent.
Ha ha ha ha just want to crush me? Yuan Ye has a good laugh. It’s not too war to lock the bear with a pair of cold eyes.
A battle is more direct than a strong chill. Yuan Ye’s strong battle implication contains a sharp breath. His will is more firm and can be shaken.
The momentum of the two masters collided with each other, and the will touched each other, and both felt the opponent’s toughness.
in a grand fashion
A series of dazzling and sharp swords, golden gas and thick mountains, khaki gas are instantaneous, and Yuan Yexiong’s two rivals are scattered.
Point strength this just means that Yuan Ye is not as weak as he thinks. The bear seems to have been excited to the extreme, growling and his eyes are faintly red.
In the opponent’s influence, Yuan Ye’s eyes are getting colder and colder, and it seems that the volcano may explode at any time.
Come on, haha, bear growled, Bigfoot, every step is heavy. If the diameter is more than a kilometer, it will tremble. Take two steps, and the burly bear will have arrived in front of Yuan Ye. The combat knife contains khaki gas and directly splits at Yuan Ye.
With the help of the rebound force, Yuan Ye jerked back in an arc and squeezed a word with his eyes and cold teeth.
make a din
Jin Jianyuan instantly forms a ray of golden light, which flies directly from Yuan Ye’s hand and shoots directly at Xiong’s small golden sword face. The complicated and secret patterns are much more powerful than before.
Give the old broken bear a ferocious growl, and it’s so bad that he will chop directly at the golden sword that shoots at him. The khaki gas around the bear is under pressure. With the flash of cold light in Yuan Ye’s eyes, the golden sword is still transient to avoid this knife.
Clamp like a horse to hide, but the combating Dao seems to be directly and severely chopped by moving several inches. After the golden sword was directly chopped, throwing a golden sword shook the direction and was directly missed. At the same time, the bear could not help but take a step back and hold the combating Dao, and his big hand was loose.
I’m so competitive that I can split Jin Jianyuan. Although I don’t have the strength to split it, I changed the direction of Jin Jianyuan and also avoided this robbery. I just cast Jin Jianyuan and Yuan Ye’s face changed slightly. He came to plan to hurt the bear first, and then he fought with each other. This chance of winning should be much higher. The bear’s strength is higher than he estimated. If it weren’t for his serious injury or exhausted strength, Jin Jianyuan would not be able to resist him.
This guy is much better than Xiang Ye GeJiang Yuan is amazed in his heart.
Haha, this move is really powerful. Fortunately, I just broke through some more. Otherwise, this blow may not be able to stop this battle this day. I want the bear to stick out its tongue and lick its thick lips, and then suddenly look up and roar. It seems extremely excited.
Lord Xiong beat him up.
Beat him
Dozens of thousands of onlookers in Bidouchang were all screaming at the top of their lungs because of the mixed atmosphere. These people suspected that they belonged to the bear genus and had followed the bear for many years, unlike Yuan Ye, who had not been here for half a month.
Then Yuan Ye was cold and cold, cold and cold, and the dark iron sword rushed directly to the bear.
Come on, growling bear, with a machete in his hand, striding over.
The pace changes, the figure is strange, and it is simply unpredictable and fast approaching Yuan Ye.
It is said that this guy’s posture is a weakness, so it seems that the weakness is terrible enough. No matter how close he is, he can’t feel that this opponent is too strong. Yuan Ye relies on faster distance.
The black iron sword waited again and again for the opportunity to attack the bear with firm but gentle force, and then stretched its distance.
Knock, knock, knock.
Time and time again, it seems that the earth shakes, but the bear can change its direction with the help of collision force, and it is still approaching Yuan Ye.
It should be noted that to their degree, the flicker is hundreds of meters away, and the scope of the fighting field is thousands of meters. Yuan Ye can’t be too far away from the field, which makes the bear have a chance to attack closely for a long time. The opponent’s strength is far better than his own real melee. Yuan Ye is afraid to suffer a lot.