"Xiao Yuaner, come out."


Carefully stroking this treasure flag, my mind moved and said.
"Eldest brother, what can I do for you?"
I saw a deep and remote blue divine light flashing, and from the core of Xuanyuan Water Control Flag, a powder carved jade carving came out. A little girl of about five years old, every move, between a breath and a breath, fluttered the source of infinite water. Looking at her, it was like looking at the source avenue of supreme water.
This is the top innate treasure-the power of the Northern Xuanyuan Water Control Flag. Even if it is far from the realm of innate treasure, it is just a core that is forbidden by the gods first.
Looking at this little girl, Yuan Heng felt her hair. He watched this little guy grow up from giving birth to a spiritual knowledge, and finally grow into this appearance. After all, he has been with her for endless years. "Yuan Er, Han Er is about to hit the top fiend. You and her attributes are very compatible. Can you give her a hand?"
In fact, the degree of fit between the Northern Xuanyuan Water Control Flag and the Neon Cold is almost not inferior to that of the Neon Cold’s associated Lingbao Jiupin Congenital Snow Lotus. However, the innate Lingbao is different from others after all, which does not mean that it can be made. Those fates and the like are not mentioned for the time being, but the will of the innate Lingbao itself cannot be lightly humiliated. Can you throw it away like something?
Where does this place the dignity of the innate treasure?
Above the wild, there are things that great magical powers give the younger generation innate magic weapons, but they never give innate spiritual treasures. It’s not that there is no, but it can’t!
It’s the choice of your source of happiness and your innate treasure, but it doesn’t mean that you can ignore the will of your innate treasure!
Therefore, Yuan Heng has never moved this idea. However, this time is different, neon cold is coming to Du Jie, and the two support each other. Not only is it of great benefit to Neon Han, but if Neon Han can be promoted to the position of supreme ancestor in the future, it will also be a great opportunity for the Northern Xuanyuan Water Control Banner!
"father. No! "
Before Xuanyuan could speak, the neon cold face changed, and everything was born with a treasure. No one can ignore it, let alone the top innate treasure?
"Yuan Er, are you willing to support Han Er together, Du Jie together and attack the supreme position together?"
Ignoring the anxious voice of the neon cold next to him, Yuan Heng looked at the little girl in front of him seriously, with a soft and doting look in his eyes. "Yuan Er, you and Han Er are my treasures. I will respect your will and think about it, okay?"
"Eldest brother …"
Xuanyuan absently looked at the eldest brother in front of him, looking at him as usual, with a doting look in his eyes, stroking his hair gently, looking at his eldest brother, then at the neon cold, not knowing what to say.
Thinking in my heart is half ringing, and the scenes in my mind pass by quickly. Since she gave birth to psionic knowledge, she has been accompanied by her eldest brother. After endless years, this kind of emotion, almost every innate ghost and ghost is like their associated Lingbao, and her heart is definitely not to say that she will give up …
In the end, she could only give up her heart. She knew that this was probably the best choice. In addition to increasing the success rate of Ni Han, she could get a crazy feedback with the help of this great avatar who suited her, adding a foundation for her promotion to the treasure in the future. "Ok, big brother, in that case, then Yuan Er will be with Sister Han!"
"wronged you, yuan son …"
Yuan Heng heaved a sigh. Every one who has a great innate magical power regards it as his lifeblood for the innate spiritual treasure that has accompanied him for endless years and will pursue the supreme road together with himself in the future.
Even, if it weren’t for his precious daughter this time, even if he was a member of all the temples, he would never make up his mind!
"Cold son, you work with Yuaner, have a good run-in, and practice quietly beside your father and do your best."
Yuanheng recovered the brand of Yuanling at the core of Xuanyuan Water Control Flag, and said to the neon cold beside him with an unshakable will in his words.
Neon cold silently nodded, watching Xuanyuan return to Xuanyuan water control flag, flying to himself, and also separating a brand of Yuanling, blending it into it, and then getting pregnant and raising it in the body.
Recruit your own lotus flower, then sit next to it, and begin to quietly accumulate strength to cope with the final doom.
Yuan Heng looked at the figure of neon cold, the endless snow and ice in God’s eyes, the avenue of yin cold is still accumulating strength, and even he, the mighty power, can’t help but change color.
"Very well, it is worthy of being a top-level spiritual treasure dedicated to suppressing the five elements of heaven and earth. For these avenues that are biased towards water, the effect is really extraordinary!"
Slightly relieved, the power of the top innate Lingbao is definitely not comparable to that of the accompanying lotus flower with neon cold. Although the direct awe-inspiring trend of heaven and earth still converges, it can still be found out in Yuan Heng’s eyes that filar silk is different.
In the eyebrows of neon cold, a deep and remote blue immortal divine light firmly holds its own acre of land, and endless power even abruptly resists the force of self-absorption and assimilation of the crazy ice and snow road. At the very least, it can stop two layers of pressure for neon cold!
Not the kui is a peerless thing between heaven and earth, the closest to the supreme treasure!
"Let me try again at last!"
Yuan heng silently looked at the figure of neon cold, and his heart could not help but feel a sense of powerlessness that had not appeared for a long time.
If it is his own words, he is confident that no matter any doom, it is absolutely impossible to treat him. Unfortunately …
Neon cold wants to prove that it is impossible for him as a father to stop him. Moreover, after a whole amount of savings, coupled with the opportunity of offering sacrifices to heaven, Neon cold has almost reached its peak. If he doesn’t prove it, he will hardly have this opportunity again in the future!
Therefore, what he can do is to provide him with his greatest help.
But …
The success rate is really too low!
He Yuan Heng can’t take this risk, to bet on the illusory luck, to bet that the success rate is only less than 30%!
Once he fails, that kind of consequence is unacceptable to him! (To be continued. . )

Chapter one hundred and seventy-six Remodeling system! !
Aurora directly withdrew from Zhenluoshan and turned to Zhenqi Mountain, another auxiliary peak of Henglang Sanzhen Peak.
The altar can be big or small. If it is unusual, even if it is directly lifted from the ground, it can be condensed at will. This mainly depends on personal needs.
However, this time is different.
It is not so simple to record the supreme secrets of the origin of the three-phase heart and the three realms of mixed elements.
These secret methods, as hundreds of innate great magical powers of Yuan Heng’s joining hands with the temples, took countless years to develop the mystery by measuring robbery, and took advantage of it to overcome the majestic trend between heaven and earth.
This secret method has assembled Yuan Heng’s endless painstaking efforts and exhausted the endless truth of Tao and reason, which is no longer a simple secret method that can be written.
Can Heaven and Earth Avenue be written directly?
This is the same reason. If you can’t even visualize the secret method, how can you talk about worshipping heaven and how can you talk about the secret method being branded as a road inheritance?