"roar! Everything … for Mirella! "


Three priests and elders, who were badly hurt, looked at the many insects and beasts that were madly coming to kill them. In their eyes, they flashed a crazy look, stopped without hesitation, and turned and charged backwards …
"Your Highness Mire, your Highness Milla, take care of yourself!"
After those garrison masters turned around in succession, the pressure of Milla and others to break through soared, and the patrol guard firmly guarded the elders in Mire’s personal week, looking at each other, showing their faces decisively and nodding slightly to each other.
"Everything, for Mirella!"
As if under oath, the elders such as Patrol made a most solemn and sacred priesthood ceremony to Mire Milla at this last minute, and they also turned away without hesitation!
"Everything, for Mirella!"
Mire and Milla’s eyes were bloodshot, and a little red blood flowed from their corners of the mouth. "Go!"
A day later, a strange shell, like an ancient meteorite, with great ferocity, crashed wildly with the power of crushing the earth’s crust and destroying everything. It seemed that everything in the sky, the earth, the clouds, the atmosphere, etc. seemed to be pulled by an inexplicable force, and with a devastating blow, it penetrated the whole earth with horror and erased everything in place! (To be continued. . )

Chapter two hundred and sixty-one Boiled frog in warm water, stillborn.
The horizon of the sky, which was originally faintly shaped and almost ran through the whole sky, is now covered by the darkness of the sky. Among them, a statue is like a demon and walks among it like a god, and the inexplicable power is determined to suppress everything.
Dark …
Faint will be sitting in the starry sky engulfed!
"Ha ha, interesting …"
In the darkness, there was a faint gentle laugh. "It’s really a set."
Here, there is no imaginary rush to the sky, but there is endless nothingness and desolation …
The sky, disappeared.
Stars, disappeared.
Even … Even Yuan Heng’s days of sitting down have disappeared.
Nowadays, Yuanheng seems to be in a place where there is no distinction between east and west, north and south, up and down, left and right, and so on, and even the almost ubiquitous aura of heaven and earth has completely disappeared.
Here ….. is darker than darkness!
"I don’t know how these gods refined these fiend puppets."
Yuan heng chuckled with a single flick, and a sword seal surprises away.
Qiang Qiang!
It’s as if they are really two peerless strong men, each showing all kinds of exquisite supernatural powers. On the sword seal, the sword means rushing to the sky, and between the movements of the fiend, there is the mystery of the true way of the fiend.
And in the slowly nothingness, there is also a statue of a fiend fighting with a certain Taoist seal in full swing. Each Taoist seal is full of different Taoist connotations, styles and forms, and each fiend is paddling a different Taoist truth, but all this has failed to arouse a little wave of nothingness.
"Gee, every fiend puppet has almost the power of the emperor, and the gathering of eighteen statues has increased the strength to a certain extent. Moreover, it seems that these fiend puppets are not all, right?"
How knowledgeable is Yuan Heng?
Just a glance. They will hammer out one or two of each other’s means, and they are very interested in cooperating with each other to test and silently deduce the secret.
Boom …
Somehow, a silent noise in Yuan Heng’s heart.
"oh? Has the robbery started? "
Don’t have to calculate, this kind of familiar feeling, Yuan Heng will understand what is going on, and his eyes will be tight. "It seems that we can’t play anymore."
"Has it started?"
Underground world, evil dragon beast seals the world. The frequent sounds contain complex and inexplicable feelings, without any tension, and some are just determined to walk the line!
Originally, there was a statue of the evil dragon king, and the blood of the original sin of the black dragon flowed, but above the most central peak, a ferocious beast lay there quietly, with the eyes of the dragon staring at the sky now, and at the eyebrows of the dragon head …
A clean white glow flickered faintly. Full of strange holiness, but … Dragon’s blood and monstrous original sin all over the sky seem to find some traction and be swallowed by this seemingly holy thing …
"Not enough. Let’s hunt another evil dragon king. This sword … this sword that kills dragons and snakes needs more nutrients! "
Wang Lop, who is preaching to the outside world and teaching the world’s second elf in the Ming Dynasty. At this time, I quietly looked at this scene and said to the side of Pluto and Dreamflower King.
In the underworld, at this moment. Actually, the three kings were brought together, plus the king of the earth, who was suppressing the earth outside, spread it out, which was shocking enough!
"Yes, we must speed up …"