If you think about it carefully, although those hawkers are rude, they are also trying to protect their own interests. Street hawkers have low profits and are weak and free of money. In the final analysis, this is also caused by social atmosphere.


Zhu Yinqi took people to beat up those vendors and put them up. It was just a sigh of relief for the captain, and it didn’t have any substantive significance. On the contrary, it was easy to fall into the population and tell the truth that the Regent bullied others.
"What about according to the empress?" Zhu Yinqi frowned, and some people were not sure about Shen Menglu’s meaning.
Shen Menglu gazed and pondered for a while. "The root cause of the treatment suffered by Wei Yi, a minor matter of people’s livelihood, is that there is no law in our big statute to guarantee those who are lonely and dependent on the people. If there is a special place to take these lonely people, it will be a good thing for the people."
Zhu Yinqi looked at Shen Menglu in astonishment. He never thought that Shen Menglu would say such a thing.
"Some people have set an example, so they can also encourage the people to help these people. Do you think that if the vendors had a place to get back the money from the baked wheat cake eaten by Wei Da, they wouldn’t hit people?" Shen Menglu expressed his thoughts indifferently in Zhu Yinqi’s surprised expression.
"At the beginning, if there was such a place, maybe it wouldn’t have been reduced to such a mess and we wouldn’t have spent so much energy looking for her." Shen Menglu sighed unceasingly, and it would have been more meaningful to do something practical than to violently control the encounter of the captain.
Zhu Yinqi’s eyes drooped, and Shen Menglu’s assumption was not that it was obvious that she had been wandering in the western suburbs for several days, or that she had appeared in the street at three o’clock.
Zhu Yinqi sent people to patrol the streets day and night, and vagrants like Wei Lao can be seen everywhere, but no one ever noticed them. No one thought that the toffee would be reduced to such a mental degradation in the past, and everyone could bully the mentally retarded!
In fact, this time, Zhu Yinqi was lucky enough to find out the whereabouts of Wei Yi, just because he wanted to help a vagrant on a whim.
On that day, when Zhu Yinqi led a team to search for Xijiao Street, he happened to meet a big family who had a happy event to do good deeds and distributed food, and the captain was also mixed in the food team.
When Zhu Yinqi passed by far away, he saw a petite beggar being pushed and pushed out of the team again and again. This scene is no stranger to Zhu Yinqi. In ordinary times, Zhu Yinqi would definitely not mind his own business.
But this time, I don’t know what happened. Zhu Yinqi went over to the little beggar and wanted to give him a hand. It was on a whim that he unexpectedly found the captain.
When I think of the reunion, Zhu Yinqi’s heart can’t help but contract.
"Gui son, is that you? Is it really you? I finally found you! " Looking at the dirty beggar in front of him, Zhu Yinqi was so excited that he ignored her dirty clothes and took her into his arms.
The sudden strange hug made Wei Wei greatly frightened. "Don’t catch me, don’t catch me! I don’t know you. Help! " Wei-da-da struggled wildly
I don’t know you, so Zhu Yinqi suddenly froze. "Look clearly, I am Yinqi and I am Zhu Yinqi!"
Zhu Yinqi anxiously held the captain’s face so that she could face herself. But when Zhu Yinqi’s eyes looked at each other, they were unfamiliar and panicked.
The timid eyes of the captain made Zhu Yinqi’s heart tighten. "You … don’t you recognize me? I … I … I am you … your husband! " The word husband, Zhu Yinqi, is particularly difficult to say.
When I heard the word husband, I was as frightened as a rabbit, but I had a violent reaction
"cheat! Cheat! Bad guy, you’re not my husband. I want to find my husband. "Wei Wei struggled fiercely and shouted," Help! Husband, help! There are bad people trying to arrest me! "
Weiwei struggled badly with her hands and feet and slapped Zhu Yinqi at random. Zhu Yinqi was accidentally hit in the corner of her eye, and she took the opportunity to run away.
"Is the temple coming back?" Don’t frown and ask for instructions. It’s also amazing to see such a captain.
"Don’t secretly follow her to see where she went and who she met." Zhu Yin said with a cold face. My husband told him that he had to find out what would happen to him and find out my husband from his mouth!
"It’s a temple!" It serves to show that Mo Li flew a little and followed the captain.
Frightened, the captain didn’t know that he was being followed and ran back to the hiding cellar in a panic, and Zhu Yinqi easily caught the paraplegic Zhu Yinfold and learned that the husband in the mouth of the captain was Zhu Yinfold.
Zhu Yinqi withdrew her thoughts and looked up at Shen Menglu’s eyes with deep feeling that "you are still as compassionate as before"
Zhu Yinqi’s eyes were particularly gentle when she said this sentence, so Shen Menglu reminded him of the flood in the north of Shenfu River in the past and actively made suggestions. Shen Menglu has experienced so many ups and downs, and she has always maintained her kind and beautiful initial heart.
Shen Menglu raised her lips and smiled. "Don’t you think that you will be more worried when you see this result?"
Zhu Yinqi also smiled, "I think the old four, the queen of benevolence, virtue, intelligence and people like you, is the one who cares the most."
"I’m just trying my best to seek politics," Shen Menglu said politely, refocusing the topic on Wei Wei’s body. "She doesn’t remember you anymore, and now she’s so afraid of you. What are your plans?"
Zhu Yinqi’s eyes narrowed and she turned to look at the closed door of the temple. "She has been waiting for me for more than 20 years. It’s time for me to wait for her."
From the age of 18, Weiwei secretly promised to marry his wife at the age of 14, fell in love with him, and dedicated her best youth to herself and suffered unparalleled pain.
This year, nearly 30 commandos have completely forgotten the facts. Zhu Yinqi privately feels that commandos have forgotten those pains. It is not necessarily a bad thing in the past. After marrying him, commandos have lived too hard for more than ten years.
He owes his captain a lot. He owes him not only ten years of youth, but also her deep love for a child who belongs to them.
Before, he didn’t know how to cherish. Now, since God is willing to give him a second chance, he will cherish his heart and make up for his mistakes.
Shen Menglu moved slightly. "But her IQ is only a few years old. It is also unknown whether she can recover in the future. Are you sure you want it?"
Zhu Yinqi took a breath and then nodded firmly. "No matter what state she received, I will take care of her generation and never leave her."
Zhu Yinqi’s enlightenment came a little late, but she finally realized Shen Menglu’s sigh. "I’ll ask Yan Yiyi to treat her well. If you need my help, just come to me at any time."