Chestnut if the bed turned over and pulled over the covered head seemed to conveniently put the next door to the outside than the shrill whine.


Chapter 11
"… there was a gas delivery guy outside the door a dozen times, and her mind trembled at once. The guy couldn’t help breathing when he saw the semi-wet shirt clinging to her delicate and plump charming body. Oh, oh, yes, when he entered the door, two people gave a wet French kiss and then eagerly you touched me and I touched you ……………………………………………………………………….. Give it back to you ! -Don’t say that there are four less postures. I still have innovations this time. Hahaha! ….. The most unbearable thing for a man with a deep breath is that ah, hum, groan! Of course, of course! Don’t worry about the process. I’ll say it, okay? Everyone must have enjoyed themselves and returned home! Oh, ho ho ho … No, no, no, behind the show! Pick it up-the next day is to repair the water pipe, the third day is to open the waterway, the fourth day is to repair the vision, the fifth day is to repair the adjustment, the sixth day is to send the courier, and the seventh day is to send the gas … There are always surprises every day, whether it is one-on-one or group P or □! How’s it going? Write a long list of names. I’ve already thought about it. It’s called "Love the Sea"! Is it spicy enough? Ho ho ho … "
Silently wipe off the forehead and slowly roll down the sweat. Yu limped carefully and strolled back to the building. There was no strictness. The stranger in the room was chatting with the editor in the brain, and he couldn’t stop the smugness. Although it was hard for him to support his family, his uncle had to, but compared with this scene, I couldn’t see where the stranger was reluctant.
If we just received the invitation to this magazine, it still seems a bit bitter. I didn’t expect it, but after I wrote an article, I immediately changed from a novice to an old hand. It is more like entering a strange world and being discovered with great potential. I suddenly felt like a duck to water.
"… yes, this is the effect! ….. Right, right, right! I told you, how can you sit still when you see such a wonderful and burning description? Why don’t you give a tissue instead? Hey, hey, hey, hey, ho, oh, ha, ha, ha … "
It is necessary to make a mosaic for the healthy growth of teenagers’ minds. Men know all about it as soon as they hear it. Laugh. Yu sits by the bed carefully outside the door. It feels as if he has finally unloaded his heavy burden with his back. Suddenly, it is much easier, but he turns around slightly, as if there is a needle sticking in his waist. "Ah!" Liaoyi
Since being ambushed by Liruo Juice, he has been forced to go to Li’s home every day to be the object of medical practice, that is to say, all medical means except anatomy may be applied to him. Up to now, he has been drawn blood twice, given intramuscular injection, intravenous injection, body massage three times and local massage five times.
Strictly speaking, Li Ruoxue, a genius who has participated in standard practice, has not suffered anything for a prospective doctor. It can be said that his skill is better than that of a general nurse, but massage is definitely a novice level. He has been injured in parts and joints, and it seems that he lacks practice techniques. It is heavy and strange, which often makes his life worse than death. The most terrible thing is that an acupuncture program has been added from today. Li Ruoxue is a part of western medicine and Chinese medicine. After practicing medicine with Germany, a Chinese medicine practitioner has learned a little. Although he has to practice hard to identify acupoints, he dares to stick a needle into his body.
Yu is very sad at the thought of this, but he can do all kinds of tricks on his body. If the closest humanitarian approach is to let him lie down in front of the nursing bed and drink a cup of suspicious color, smell and taste, which is also quite suspicious. The effect of anshen decoction is to make him sleepy and stretch his body and mind, and he will not be too sensitive to everything imposed on his body.
Although there is doubt that it will be poisoned twice, Li Ruo can see through his doubt at a glance. It is unnecessary to smile and answer four words! It’s right to think about it. He will ask for a mobile phone more often, but he has even done injections. Is it still so hard?
But even so, every time he wakes up, his body is in pain as if every bone is crying.
Now, if someone tells him that Li likes him again, he will probably pounce on him with twisted facial features and tears in his eyes. Does anyone like people so much? Would you like people so much? !
Don’t say that he is sure that if Li no longer likes him, that is, if Li still likes him, he also feels that it is too painful to be liked by such people!
So in such pain, he often makes a comparison, which is more important, life or liberation from seemingly marginal pain?
It’s more important to think about it, but his life is more important. His parents protected him in the car accident, and they should cherish their lives in whatever they say.
Although it is often very uncomfortable, Shao Li’s hands are not in danger if they are measured, and he doesn’t feel comfortable at all. Probably, he has gradually become accustomed to it. After finishing it several times recently, he has gradually developed a sense of Shu Tai, and it has not hurt so much in the process, except that the acupuncture field stimulated him again today. He once hurt his waist.
Yu joined the volleyball team from primary school because of his high skills. He has always been a pillar of the team and has been receiving continuous training. He usually has training after school and holidays, and he also participates in various competitions. Although he is young and injured, he has hardly broken his position. Volleyball players usually hurt his base until muscle laceration and ligament rupture directly ruined his volleyball career. It is reasonable to say that he is very hard-working and has stronger resistance to pain than ordinary people. Perhaps it is because of this that that he has adapted to being heavy-handed so quickly.
However, Li Ruohua’s tricks are endless, and often when he has adapted, new things will pop up in front of his eyes. After a while, acupuncture and medicine will also appear. Just one or two gradually, it will be like free money every day.
Until one day Yu stared at the hill as capsules and pills finally broke out again. "What? Isn’t it amazing to graduate from biochemistry? What do you want to give me so many medicines every day? Turn me into a biochemical person? "
Li Ruozheng soon had a Gherardini expression on his face. "Yes, do you have any opinions?"
"What does that become?"
"World Tour Exhibition to Make Money"
"Slice! I want to occupy the earth! "
"If you earn enough, occupy the earth."
"I was already dead before?"
"I won’t let this happen."
"So drug poisoning into a vegetative state can’t be sent."
"I haven’t seen drug poisoning after taking vitamin and trace element supplements."
"Then you probably haven’t seen choking on vitamins and trace elements, have you?"
"Think too much? Maybe I’m too impatient. "
Li Ruo really picked out a few pills from the medicine pile and put them in front of him again. "These must be eaten, which is good for your health."
"Anyway, don’t you want me to try this and that? Still care about my health? "
"The more perfect the experimental results, the more pure and healthy raw materials are needed. Your long-term malnutrition and poor health will affect my experimental data. There are many things to supplement."
"Which have? Come on! I’m famous for my good health. I often exercise, seldom get sick and even have a cold. "He frowned and ate those."
"You’re still young, of course. You’ll know when you’re old."
"Don’t talk like an old man, classmate Li."
"Haven’t you heard of the doctor’s parents?"
"You’re not a doctor yet. Don’t give me that."