Both sides have completely torn their faces.


Not only in private places, but also in public places.
This event is definitely another disintegration for the general business alliance group. Whoever fails will definitely withdraw from the general business alliance group with several businessmen.
"oh? Ask my brothers if they are losing money? " When the prince typed this sentence, although he was calm, he clenched his teeth and typed it.
Just after the former princes discussed with the group of friends, they said something to make up the corresponding price difference at this time.
In fact, princes are not stupid. If he wants to win people’s hearts, he must give benefits to business friends.
Although everyone will lose his job this time, everyone has his head. Who can blame if you want to believe my analysis?
And make up the difference, this hand has benefited the business friends in his group. After all, it’s a fool’s work for a while. Compared with the business friends in the judge group, there is at least no big loss now.
It was at this time that Wang Houcong made up the difference for them.
Chapter 843 The theatre
Because it is certain that once the price of bone ring and advanced protective gear will fall after a few days, it is estimated that the difference will be several times now []
Everyone still has a little feeling about princes in their hearts, and they are not greedy. It is better to lose a little than to lose a lot.
It is for this reason that princes will be so emboldened when they hit this sentence just now
Among the 16 people, 4 people did not join the original judge business alliance group.
After leaving the judge’s business alliance group, the princes secretly contacted more than three of them.
These three business friends are "easy to talk to" by him.
Guo didn’t let him down. He bought almost all of these three business friends.
Visible princes this time is blood.
We have to give them subsidies and "bribes" after losing money in the past, and we have to spend tens of thousands of dollars.
"Ha ha, I know you must have stopped the friends’ mouths by what means, but we all know which is stronger and which is weaker in terms of analytical investment! It is important for businessmen to correctly judge whether you can give the group friends a temporary benefit or not? " The judge retorted typing way
"This is not your business!" After typing this sentence, the prince continued to type and said, "But you were the one who set up the business alliance privately, right?"
Businessmen need trust and judges’ privately’ set up a group to "rebel", which is a kind of "illegal" behavior.
It is despised by people in the business world, and there is a kind of "betrayal" in it.
The judge frowned and thought about it.
"Something bad happened in the unlucky bear group."
Tianyu is busy watching the auction house at this moment to see what business opportunities can be found. A qq message box pops up in the right corner of the brain.
Han Xiao?’ Tianyu frown point after looking at it from inside will know what should be the general business alliance group.
"What’s the matter?" Tianyu typing asked.
"You … didn’t watch the chat in the business alliance group?" Han Xiao was a little stunned. I didn’t expect the unfortunate bear, the body administrator, to actually not watch the chat in the business alliance group.
"… I’ve been in the group for a while, but I haven’t seen any benefits, but there are a lot of troubles. I think highly of me and give me a management. I’m very excited, but I’m really limited. It’s impossible to always note that the group is also uncomfortable with management. Naughty is welcome to take me back as an administrator at any time." Tianyu typed and explained.
Tianyu said all this is true.
Those guys in the general business alliance group will become their own "rivals" and they have no business opportunities for others. Why share them with them for no reason? And a "mess" have to wipe their ass when this "officer" is so timid.
"This is really a big mess. The judge and the prince choked. Now that you and I are administrators, you can’t stand by, can you?" Han Xiao typing explained.
"The judge and the princes choked?" Tianyu typing rhetorical question 1
Then immediately click on the name of the judge who was sent to the naughty "blacklist" file before.
"hmm!" Han Xiao replied a word.
"Princes, which is this? Did he also find out that the judge really intends to be a’ traitor’? " Tianyu heart so think of then opened the total consortium group.
Although Tianyu doesn’t want to interfere, it’s good to relax at the theatre.
Besides, it is estimated that the fight between the two big businessmen also has incomparable "fine" color
"I really miss it when I think of a business alliance in Zhejiang." Tianyu gave a wry smile and recalled that the first business alliance group in Zhejiang had fought and then chatted with the general business alliance group.
"So what? You and I are not in cahoots? And there are many brothers in the group! " The judge typed like this and said
I’m afraid six faces will be involved in this tearing degree (the number of people in the group before the judge) …
The princes didn’t answer immediately.
"In fact, it is desirable to overthrow this group! More than half of the group members want to re-establish new business alliances and new business rules, so why don’t we implement them? Instead, you secretly "touch" and "touch" with "guilt"? Isn’t it right for the business leaders to do what they do? " The judge erupted in a puff.
The judge’s words greatly inspired the morale of his business friends, promoted the process of "reform and opening up" in the business community, and also won some business friends’ votes by his own "election"
The crowd is full of shouts. As the judge said, most people are dissatisfied with the system in this group, but they have no thief’s heart.
If the judge hadn’t established such a business alliance group to integrate everyone, no one would have come out to tell such a big truth until today.
"Since we all think so, what do you say? You also know that businessmen compete with each other to harm the’ sex’ group. If it really breaks up like this, no one can blame anyone if everyone denies it, "typed the princes.
"Princes, this is between me and you. Don’t pull business friends and brothers in the group," the judge typed.
"What do you mean? !” Princes frown typing replied
"Is the minimum cost nirvana reborn a new business alliance, this is a contest between you and me, no matter who becomes the new business alliance leader in the end, it is not allowed to make moves to the other business friends! If I really lose, I will quit dnf voluntarily! If the loser is you, you should never appear in dnf again. !” The judge typed and said
Princes frown more tightly and always feel that the judge seems to be very confident.
"Do you have you will buy people’s hearts?" The judge sneered at the brain.
Since the judges who have retired from the princes are willing to take in the judges, it can be seen that this moment has been fully prepared.