With bare arms, Zhu Yinqi smiled bitterly but didn’t step into the bedroom again. "Okay, I’ll leave. I’ll let someone help you freshen up later. Be careful not to get hurt."


It’s very uncomfortable to leave Wei Wei alone with Zhu Yinqi, but his heart is white. It will be more exciting for Wei Wei to stay here. After all, the previous picture is too easy to misunderstand.
"go! You go! You go! Go! " Weiwei clung to his head and shouted until the sleeping halls were stunned by Weiwei, and the whole person was still shaking like chaff.
Zhu Yinqi told a good-natured maid-in-waiting to serve the commandant. She went to the temple to change her clothes, but Zhu Yinqi didn’t wear his boots, so there was a piercing scream in the bedroom. When Zhu Yinqi rushed there, he saw that commandant was holding bloody scissors stupefied and should serve the commandant’s palace.
"Wang … the sovereign empress she … she …" The maid-in-waiting was speechless with a pale face of pain.
"Somebody will take her to see a doctor." Zhu Yinqi made a sign for the guards to carry the injured maid-in-waiting away, but he leaned over carefully. "Give me the scissors."
Bloody scissors are particularly shocking. Zhu Yinqi’s heart is about to jump out.
"Don’t! Stay back! Don’t come over! " Zhu Yinqi’s approach once again made Wei Da crazy. She randomly raised scissors and refused Zhu Yinqi’s approach.
The picture of scissors flying around is too scary. Zhu Yinqi came in a cold sweat. "I won’t go there if you put scissors." Zhu Yinqi stopped far away and stopped near to coax Wei Wei to put scissors.
Wei Wei was skeptical, and the two sides were deadlocked for a long time before she slowly squatted down and slowly put the scissors on the ground.
"Good son is really good." Zhu Yinqi gave a sigh and took a step forward to take the scissors away, but as soon as Zhu Yinqi moved, he excitedly picked up the scissors again and pointed his finger at himself.
"You don’t come here, you don’t come here! Or I will die for you! " The captain looked flustered and the whole person looked manic.
Zhu Yinqi’s head felt like a bomb. It’s enough for him to scare half-life by pointing scissors at others. Now it’s even more for himself to make Zhu Yinqi’s three souls disappear.
Wei’s eyes were too distracted. Zhu Yinqi had given up her idea of negotiation. She took the opportunity to fly over and took the scissors from her hand when Wei’s not looking.
Sadly, the scissors in the hands of Wei-da-da were sold, but her sharp claws reached Zhu Yin-qi’s face. Zhu Yin-qi didn’t dodge her face and was caught by Wei-da-da with several blood stains.
Zhu Yinqi stretched out his hand and touched the scratches on his face with a wry smile. His mood was so unstable, especially when he faced him.
It took only one day to bring the captain back to the Regent’s Palace, and so many troubles have been caused. In the long years after that, Zhu Yinqi really didn’t know what to face.
"If you knew how to cherish it before, you should have been a pair of children." Zhu Yinzhen snorted a self-pity appearance of Zhu Yinqi, which made him very unhappy.
It’s not that Zhu Yinzhen wants to fall into the well. It’s that Zhu Yinqi can’t live without a Ji Wenhua, and he failed to live up to the commandant for so many years. Zhu Yinzhen is somewhat angry when he thinks about Zhu Yinqi and Ji Wenhua sneaking into their positions.
It is wrong for Ji Wenhua to hook up with Zhu Yinqi, but Zhu Yinqi knows that Ji Wenhua is already married, and it is not worth forgiving to be seduced by her. It is also unforgivable for him to know that he is bent on Zhu Yinqi.
Zhu Yin qi eyes a dark self-deprecatingly reminded the corners of the mouth "karma! This is my karma! " This is God’s punishment for him! When he decided to love the captain, he made her forget herself and was full of panic about herself.
Frankly speaking, Zhu Yinqi would rather hate herself than accept her strange and alert eyes.
"The waves turn back for gold! Finally, I got my captain back, and you have to be too entangled. Just make up for her in the future. "Look at Zhu Yinqi’s face of remorse, and Zhu Yinzhen can’t bear to hit him again.
"Well, I’m white." Zhu Yinqi tightened his fist, and no matter how much he hated him, he would take care of her all his life.
"Do you want to know the reason why the captain has become like this?" Zhu Yinzhen pondered the extension topic.
"Of course," Zhu Yinqi answered without hesitation, finding out the cause can only prescribe the right medicine. Although he doesn’t dislike the crazy appearance of Wei Yi, it is best if she can recover.
"Take her to see Zhu Yin fold! He should be able to give you the answer "Zhu Yinqi look calmly mouth.
Zhu Yinqi’s face sank and he refused without hesitation, "I won’t let Zhu Yinpleat see her." Didn’t Zhu Yinpleat hurt Wei Daishan badly enough? She is now like this thanks to Zhu Yin’s pleats.
Zhu Yinqi refused Zhu Yinzhen’s expectation, but he was not happy to hear the answer. "Escape is not the way. If you want to solve the knot, you can’t face Zhu Yinzhen."
"If you want to cure her illness, you must rely on Zhu Yin’s pleats, then I’d rather she was a generation of idiots." Zhu Yin-qi was furious at the thought that Zhu Yin-pleats lied to the captain and said that he was her husband.
Today, Wei Lao hates himself so much because Zhu Yin’s pleats have instilled many wrong messages into Wei Lao, so that when they meet, they are afraid that Wei Lao will deny themselves even more.
Zhu Yinqi is so determined. Zhu Yinzhen is somewhat upset. "I told you to take her. You don’t want to go there. I’ll take the captain myself!"
Zhu Yinqi turned to look at Zhu Yinzhen and asked bluntly, "Did Zhu Yinzhe talk to you about the terms?"
Zhu Yinzhen pursed her lips and didn’t deny that "he told me that Natalya really fell down when he saw the captain". Zhu Yinzhen also kept Natalya from knowing that she was trying to avoid Natalya’s desperate efforts.
But sooner or later, this window paper will be punctured. He must get Natalya’s real body from Zhu Yin’s pleat as soon as possible, and find Zhu Runyue to solve the method as soon as possible. Otherwise, if Natalya kills herself, it will be meaningless to find her real body again.
Zhu Yinqi’s pupil contracted and she pinched her lips. "Do you believe him?" Zhu Yinzhe really wants to reveal that so many things will be done.
"I don’t choose to treat a dead horse as a living horse." Zhu Yinzhen looked obscure. "I can’t forcibly take away the captain without your consent. If you dream of a horse, the captain will definitely go with her. I inform you that I respect you. I know that you are worried. Can you still be afraid that he will make any moths with you?"
"Zhu Yinzhe said that there are a few words that he wants to say to the captain. It is not necessarily a bad thing for you to listen." Seeing Zhu Yinqi’s silence, Zhu Yinzhen earnestly comforted that "if he says something that doesn’t appeal to you, you can stop him at any time."
Zhu Yinqi was silent for half a ring before he nodded reluctantly. "Well, I promise you to take the captain to see him, but if he oversteps the mark, I will kill him myself and beg the emperor’s permission."
Zhu Yinzhen frowned. "I hope you can bear it until I get Natalya’s true body and fall behind."
"It’s natural, and I hope Runyue can recover soon," Zhu Yinqi promised.