When this sounded in the different department, people in the different department shouted that it was the captain.


Mom didn’t expect the Dark Corps to rebel.
I heard that they took control of the court and held it hostage. We are going to rescue the driver.
Inform other patrol personnel to come back to the team immediately.
hurry up
Weapons and armor should be ready.
It was like a frying pan in the different ministries, but they were trained soldiers after all, and soon they were ready to fight. They needed to come to the front of the different ministries and get together.
But when they found that the person in front was not the deputy commander but Seth, everyone talked about it, and the department captain quickly came to Seth and asked the deputy commander.
You Seth didn’t answer the captain’s words, but said to the more than 1,000 members of the different departments present that Xia Han led the Diablo Corps to rebel. This palace is in the hands of Xia Han. We will send it to the palace to rescue you now. Is everyone ready? Seth held high the deputy commander’s command card and the different departments immediately shouted that they are ready.
Captain Seth, where did you come from and where is the deputy commander? A department captain asked Seth, glaring at him and angrily saying that bastard had been punched flat by me because he didn’t believe me.
After hearing that, the captain immediately shouted to the joint forces. Now we are going to rescue and protect our position.
Is is different department immediately morale large array shouted.
You Seth stared at the captain curiously and asked, Do you believe me?
Of course, the captain smiled and said that I voted for you when I voted for the deputy commander. In my heart, you are the deputy commander. After listening to Seth, he was surprised that he had voted for this person at that time, and his letter is so important to Seth now. Seth can’t help but be moved to tears.
But now it’s an emergency. Seth waved his arm and shouted, and then Seth led more than a thousand people to the court
The number of Diablo Corps is around 700, and the number of followers in different departments is 1,000. Our advantage is Seth’s silent analysis, but Diablo Corps is the strongest fighting capacity in the dark country. Every member’s strength can be comparable to that of a small team. Plus, the strength of the four captains is high. It’s really hard to calculate the outcome. Maybe it’s a lose-lose, but it’s not certain that the battle is not a digital game. Seth can’t help but frown and pray silently that God will not do anything. If you join us, our odds will increase again.
By this time, the night was already deep, the streets were crazy, and people all dispersed and went home. The streets were silent. People didn’t know that the war was on the verge now, and there was silence around them as usual.
At this moment, a figure is tall and tall in the street, with curly hair and pale face, but it can’t hide this person’s murderous look. The street lamp flashed and lit up to shine on this person, which is an illusion of the four captains of the Diablo Corps.
Has Xia Han already done it? Damn it, it takes too much time to clear the body toxin. We must stop it. We must never let that man succeed in his plan. We must never let the cold be driven away by him. We are walking anxiously, but we are still very weak because we have just cleared the body toxin.
The night is getting darker and darker, as if waiting for a big war, and the moon and stars are all covered by dark clouds, and the sky is dark.
The court has been quiet today.
Other guests were arrested, while Princess Cher, the king, was placed under house arrest in the king’s room.
There are only three people in this room. The king and princess Xia Han Xia Han stomped back and forth and said to the king, I have searched all over the court, but I still haven’t found Wang Yin. You are quite good at hiding things.
This, of course, didn’t have Wang Yin to issue an order to prevent this moment. Of course, I prepared for the king to smirk in the summer and laugh in the cold. Jiang Ran was still great. Xia Han reached out and grabbed Cher’s foot and immediately spread the vines to entangle her and strangle her neck. Cher suddenly blushed and struggled desperately.
Summer cold cold said to the king, I can’t have the patience to play with you anymore. I’ll immediately talk to Wang Yin, or I’ll finish talking. Shuteng is pulling Cher again. Cher gradually turned his eyes and opened his mouth. I can’t even shout if I want to.
The king stared angrily at Xia Han and mercilessly said, You dare to kill Cher, then you will never want to know whether Wang Yin has fallen or not. You will issue an order, so in a few days, the different departments will notice that something is wrong. Do you think things will not be exposed then? Chapter 36 Kill the king with one blow.
You can’t imagine that the king still has room to fight back with anger. You will eliminate the vines of cutting. Without the vines, scrag Cher will kneel down in pain and desperately cough and inhale. The king desperately wants to hold Cher, but he is blocked by Cher’s special super power. He can look at it with sadness.
See how long you can hold on, and when the magic comes back, you can easily take Wang Yin from your memory and say with a snort of summer cold.
At this time, the door of the house was hit, and the king came in and looked a little ugly. He said to Xia Han, I don’t know why Seth escaped from the court. Now a large number of different departments have come in from four intersections of the court
What summer cold thousand calculate calculate also not calculate will be Seth’s face suddenly become very ugly, immediately said the king immediately led the Diablo corps tackle different department must not let them into the palace.
Then the king left the king’s room.
At this time, the king lifted his head and laughed. Haha, it seems that you are doomed to fail. Nature still cares for me.
Hum, Xia Han looked at the king angrily and said combatively, Destiny is not up to me. Even if I can’t change my life, I will change the world because of me. When Xia Han said this, the king looked at him in amazement as if this man didn’t already know Xia Han.
Seth launched an attack from the palace gate with more than 200 people, but because the Dark Corps blocked the final attack on the palace.
Not the kui is a dark corps of about 100 people suppressed the enemy’s heart in front of the different Seth slashing. At the moment when he was distracted, the enemy on both sides seized the opportunity to slash to Seth and secretly called it bad. Blame yourself for not wanting to say goodbye on the battlefield.