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"Come on, we should go. General Yun is ready." Bai Liyi heard her audio and video sink into the water.
After much discussion, they decided to go to Guyun City.
From say that clear eyes stretched a limb just sat up "is it? Then let’s go. By the way, does General Feng Ji stay in this city? "
"Grace" Bai Liyi nodded and stared at Yun Qing’s face with gentle eyes. "It’s just in case the wind breaks."
From say that clear nodded "good! That’s good. I don’t know what they want to do now. We should be careful every step we take! "
Deep and remote sighed and got up from the couch.
Bai Liyi looked at her tenderly. "When the enemy comes, he will have the means to block the water and cross the bridge when he comes to it."
"ha! The temple also learned to follow nature? "From Yun Qing, I couldn’t touch it and went to the door.
But when she just took a step, she stabbed her chest in vain. Her expression immediately changed and almost hit the table. Fortunately, she caught the tablecloth when she reacted, but the pain was like a burst of pain, and she couldn’t help but gasp.
The candle in the lamp palace burned a faint glow on her pale face, but that face still made people look too white.
Before Bai Liyi reacted, she held her body gently and asked, "What’s wrong with you?"
"No … it’s okay." From Yun Qing’s attempt to answer mentally, her chest was stuffy again. She bent over her chest slightly and grabbed the floral tablecloth. Her hand loosened in vain, and the celadon cup on the desktop was broken all over the floor.
Bai Liyi stared blankly, caught her with the load and was weak, but he was overwhelmed by the sweat on her forehead.
I was fine just now, so suddenly?
Just as he was about to call someone, the face of the woman in his arms suddenly recovered.
From yun Qing took a few breaths, and the tingling sensation in his chest dissipated.
At the same time, she was confused and stunned, which also made Bai Liyi not worry that it might be caused by overwork.
Bai Liyi’s heart sank and held her hand. "Don’t frighten me later, and know how to rest and don’t always think so much."
"It’s not up to me …" Li Yunqing shrugged his shoulders and said that Nai saw Bailiyi’s worried eyes and she smiled gently. "Let’s go and don’t keep the soldiers waiting."
It’s a relief to see her look as good as ever, but she’s still very uneasy to hold Li Yunqing’s shoulder "I’ll hold you"
When Yun Qing didn’t refuse to go out, she glanced at the broken celadon, which was reflected by the palace lantern as if it were hard-edged.
At that time, my heart was very heavy
There is always a bad feeling that the broken porcelain that can’t hide its edge seems to indicate something …?
Everything seems to have changed quietly in the dead of winter …
It’s just a trick to leave Yun Qing and others to lead into Guyun City, but the fact is beyond our expectation.
As Jin said, the heavy night is really a retreat, and some people know what he wants to do
I haven’t seen Helan Xun from Yun Qing, but I can see him even in my dreams.
It seems that I don’t know when he seems to have disappeared. Chapter 76 Clouds don’t know where the mountains are (1)