"Ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to the Wind Temple and I’ll tell you when I come back!" Gao Chen was depressed and told Wang Yujie and other people once that he had just returned and was called to go this time. Although he was a little depressed, he had to go. He didn’t know what an honor it was for others to go to the Wind Temple!


"To the Wind Temple?" Wang Shuanghao and others are surprised to see Gao Chen. They have not just arrived in Fengshen Valley. They don’t know anything. The rookie naturally knows the status of Fengshen Valley. It can be said that everyone who can enter the ninth order of Fengshen Temple is not a simple person, but Gao Chen is an order and a week. This is even more problematic!
"Well, let’s go first!" Leave a face that shocks them. Gao Chen disappears in front of them!
"He is getting farther and farther away from us. He has to practice harder with his footsteps!" See Gao Chen disappear direction Yue Qianjun muttered to himself!
Ye Shuang patted him on the shoulder and didn’t say anything, but Yue Qianjun seemed to know each other’s meaning, that is, to work hard together to give Ye Shuang a hard nod and Yue Qianjun’s face showed a smile! This is a self-evident communication!
Gao Chen soon appeared outside the temple of the wind. He was a seven-order nine planets level a year ago, but he had fourth-order strength. This time, he was already a one-star level, but his strength could be compared with that of Samsung fighters. If it is extremely true and the magic circle increases, it will be even more difficult to say! Looking at the face, I realized that Fengshen struck three thousand characters. There was a little sigh in Gao Chen’s heart that calmed his heartbeat and said, "Brother Gao Chen asks for an audience!" …
"All right, come in!" Gao Chen heard that this was just thinking about what was going on in Tianyu’s heart, and Gao Chen strode in!
"Brother Gao Chen meets the master and the elders!" Gao Chen told Tianyu that it’s hard to imagine that Gao Chen shocked nine elders in his heart at this time. This is the eleventh-order strong man. It’s good to have three or four eleventh-order strong men in Fengshen Valley in his heart, but this time he saw nine. So is there something he hasn’t seen before?
Gao Chen suddenly surprised Yang Yufeng and Yu Tianfeng with a bite. Visit the master, who is actually the valley master to Tianyu! This is really shocking to them. This is really beyond their expectation. They also guessed that Gao Chen was the brother of the palace, but they never thought that it would be a disciple of Tianyu and his elders were obviously greatly surprised!
"Ha ha, it’s good. Now it’s actually a first-class star. This strength is higher than I expected. You really didn’t let us down!" To Tianyu ha ha smiled and said!
"Teacher younger brother what did he call you? When did you accept an apprentice? How can you accept an apprentice casually? " Hua Tiandu spoke directly, and from his tone and expression, he was very dissatisfied.
He was busy with a reconnaissance technique, and the information he got was Hua Tiandu’s level 112! Is the surname Hua better than that Hua Wei? Gao Chen thought to himself that Gao Chen’s intuition is still very accurate at this time! He whispered to Tianyu faintly, "If I don’t accept him as a disciple, then people will be ethereal now. If I don’t accept him, we will lose thousands of brothers and hundreds of brothers this time!"
"What a misty cloud!" Hua Tian-tu was surprised by the words behind him, but he didn’t listen. Obviously, this misty cloud has brought him shock. Since it can surprise a strong man with ten orders! Gao Chen thought to himself where this misty cloud is. This is obviously not one of the top ten sects, but look at this Hua Tiandu expression. This place is by no means that simple!
His elder was also shocked. Obviously, he told Tianyu that this was a big surprise. One by one, he was busy and asked, "What the hell is going on? What do you mean Gao Chen will be an ethereal person!"
"Ladies and gentlemen, we have talked about this privately from time to time!" Sound to Tianyu!
"Now I want to know how you finally killed six tenth-order strong people. I believe you absolutely don’t have that strength." Look at Tianyu and ask Gao Chen with a serious face. Of course, no one believes that he can kill a tenth-order on his own!
"Master, can I not say this?" Gao Chen looks pale and says!
"Since the teacher has asked you, you can say that this person is one of our own, but you can absolutely believe it!" To Tianyu light mouth, although Hua Tiandu seems a little wrong, but anyway, he is also the elder of Fengshen Valley!
"Well, I blew them up with an explosive crystal!" Since you must say Gao Chen, you can say it readily!
"Self-exploding crystal. How did you escape from the past?" I heard that Yang Yufeng’s face was shocked when it was an explosive crystal. But it seems to be expected to look at Tianyu and others!
"I really can’t say this!" Gao Chen, with a firm face, said, "What are the jokes? The secrets of the shops must not be exposed in terms of their own strength at present, even if the other party is their own master!"
"I really can’t say?" To tianyu eyebrows a wrinkly a face of serious mouth asked! …
"Never say!" Gao Chenkou said!
"In that case, I won’t ask you. I still want to know something about you, but now that I think about it, you won’t say it!" To Tianyu light mouth way!
"Please forgive me!" Gao Chenkou said!
"everyone has his own secret, so I won’t ask you! I said that I can formally worship the teacher after waiting for you. Now that your conditions have been met, you can prepare for the ceremony! " To Tianyu with Gao Chen looked at each other for a few seconds and then said!
Looking at Tianyu, Gao Chen feels that there are too many hidden things in these eyes. He has a feeling of being seen through Tianyu!
"Brother, I really don’t ask him how he got the explosive crystal and how he avoided the explosive crystal explosion. Don’t you ask? You have to know what this means to our Fengshen Valley!" One of the elders said to Tianyu!
"I know what you said, but do you think he will say it? Don’t say, can we still force questions? Didn’t I tell you that the other person is that person’s favorite person? In other words, this is probably the attitude that the destiny takes a hand should maintain towards such a person. Everyone should be very clear! " Explain to Tianyu!
"Destiny takes a hand, this younger brother, you are not exaggerating a bit!" Alex Benedict surprised sound way!