Being beheaded by Frostmourne is not as simple as trauma and frostbite. It is to leave a tearing wound directly from the soul and then freeze the whole soul to disaster!


"Blare ….." The sword in the left side of the body, Youbei luna, screamed that the half of the body was frozen for a moment and even the flight method kept the whole person falling.
"Youbei luna is okay!" Leibel is anxiously calling, and it is difficult to connect with Yubei luna, who is holding the mutilated body.
"Ahem ….." Very not easy to get up. Uber luna coughed hard. She turned pale and terrible. Half of her body was covered with frost and the coverage was still expanding.
Because of the protection of Phoenix flame, I’m afraid she will melt the ice sculpture at the moment of the sword.
Careless … This sword … This artifact is so terrible, so you should think that you won’t hit yourself if you don’t care … If you don’t feel that the frost can’t hurt yourself.
Youbei luna is so regretful in his heart, but fortunately, it is not too late to recognize the enemy’s terrible, and he still has a chance to continue fighting
"I apologize for underestimating my enemy at first. You are a very strong opponent, but that’s it. Then I won’t let this sword near me again!"
Looking at holding Frostmourne Ye Yuyou Yubei luna’s expression suddenly became cold. She once again took out a delicate vial.
Phoenix tears instantly restore all injuries, but it is limited to twice in a game.
Ye Yu also heard about this thing from Leah. It seems that the other party relied on this thing to repel Zhu Nai and still maintained almost full combat power, right?
But ….. Phoenix Tears is indeed a miraculous cure to restore all injuries, but can it repair the wounds to the soul?
Looking at drinking that bottle of medicine, Youbei luna Ye Yu corners of the mouth slightly raised to reveal some bad smiles.
I’m sorry for the chance. Once, you won’t get a second chance.
"How … how did this happen? !”
After drinking Felix’s tears, Youbei luna felt that the frost hanging over her half body gradually subsided, but just before she came to be proud, a sense of aversion to cold rose from her heart again, and soon she was surprised to find that the frost spread her body again.
"How is it possible that what Felix tears didn’t work? !”
"I’m sorry, I don’t seem to have explained the meaning to you."
Ye Yu said so, ignoring the surprise, Youbei luna waved Frostmourne and launched a fierce attack again
Chapter 33 Flame freezing
Looking at Ye Yu rushed up again, Youbei luna waved his staff to attack, but just then a strong sting came from the depths of her soul again.
The original fading frost once again spread from her body, and in an instant it was frozen into ice.
Soon Rebecca was surprised to see her brother, the Queen, fall to the ground.
"How … how did this happen? ! Even Felix’s tears can’t cure the injury? ! How is this possible! "
The secret medicine of the family is incredibly hard to accept, while Ye Yu on the other side stopped attacking and stared at her with eyebrows slightly.
The other party is a big girl from the Phoenix family. If it is not necessary, Ye Yu doesn’t want to tell her how to choose this little girl after seeing her own strength. Is it clear?
Ye Yu doesn’t mind turning her into ice if she doesn’t know good or bad.
However, it is obvious that Ye Yu thinks too much, and Miss Leibel, the eldest member of the Phoenix family, can’t back down at this time.
"If you want to go there, you must first defeat my sister, Rebecca Reisel, of the Phoenix family, who is also the holder of my brother’s monk chess!"
Stopped in front of Ye Yu, Belle spoke coldly.
Now she no longer dares to look down upon Ye Yu, but regards it as a need to fight against her opponent, so that Phoenix can really fight against her opponent.
"I don’t want to bully children."
"I’m not a child, you guy. Don’t underestimate me!"
Some unhappy pursed lips to bud bell waved is a flame towards Ye Yu smashed in the past.
Easily Frostmourne stopped the girl from attacking and wielding the sword, and Ye Yu’s eyes were equally cold.
"In that case … then I can say I’m sorry. After all, today my goal is to bury the pride and flame of the Phoenix family in the biting ice."
Laughing lightly, arrogance is more than words blurting out, which makes the demons in the crowd outside the hall fall into silence again.
The original weird artifact and the injury that made Phoenix cry have surprised them, but they are still in the range of acceptance. But now Ye Yu’s words are too arrogant
Youbei luna, after all, is a family member. Although she is blessed by a flame, she is naturally not in the real Phoenix. Unlike Leibel, she is the eldest lady of the Phoenix family, and her flame is the flame that really burns everything!
But Ye Yu actually claimed to bury the Phoenix family flame in the ice? Where on earth does he get confidence?
Even now, most demons still don’t want to believe in things like the frozen immortal bird flame.
"You will pay for your arrogance …!"
Rainbell said coldly that the big miss Phoenix family was really angry.
In the eyes of everyone, ice and fire collided directly. The screen of the hall was already full of flames, and the field of vision was pulled up to a level that seemed exaggerated. Only then did this flame cover the whole playground, and it melted and burned purgatory. Such a terrible flame was actually released from Raphael’s small body.
Ye Yu, who is in the middle of the raging flames, is quietly there as if the terrible flames around him have not affected him at all.
"The Phoenix family flame will never fail before the frost!" Shouting and condensing the power of Lei Bell’s department, the flames immediately raged and descended on Ye Yu.
Won! Looking at no resistance, Ye Yulei Bell pinched her little hand.
You are really a strong opponent, but you are too arrogant and proud. It’s suicide to stand there and greet the Phoenix fire.
Oh ….. This guy should not be directly burned to death? After all, it’s Leah’s sister’s family. If anything happens, it’s hard to explain.
In the eyes of young girls, Leah is already her brother’s wife, so it’s a family. It’s not a good thing to hurt her relatives and relatives seriously. Will it affect her brother and sister Leah?
But after a long time, the sound of Gu Leifei’s announcement of exit didn’t ring, and she once again looked at the flame condensation center with one leng.
It is reasonable to say that the collision pillar should explode, but it is not the case now, and the flame is slowly solidifying.
It’s a form of French words, a form of beating and burning, and the flame is slowly changing into another form. They are still flames, which is certain for Rebecca, but it has changed into some kind of girl-speaking state.
"This ….. what is power? !”
Looking at the strange and inexplicable scene in front of her, Rebecca couldn’t help mumbling. She felt the fear, the fear from the flame.
The phoenix family, with the blood of the immortal bird, can listen to the sound of flames, but now Rebecca feels the fear from the flames.
"The flame … was frozen …"
Looking at the picture in the middle of the hall, Sasakes was talking dreamily. The boy didn’t talk wildly. He really did it. He froze the flame.
"How can … impossible! No way! Impossible! "
Leibel accepted the fact that the flame of the Phoenix family was frozen, so that the girl shook her head and covered her head and shouted, but she still changed the established fact.
The red flame gradually solidified and then was covered by the pale blue color. The flame is still a flame, but its appearance is covered with a thick layer of frost.
The flame was frozen in front of many demons! It’s absolutely impossible. It just happened.
"It seems … the Phoenix family flame … so much."
With a meaningful sigh, Ye Yu walked out of the iceberg flame step by step. With his footsteps, she could feel her heart beating violently every time she fell.
It was the first time that the fear emotion was pampered and regarded as the pearl of the Phoenix family. After being born for so long, Miss Phoenix felt fear.
Being in the fire should be the most reassuring thing for the undead birds, but at this moment, Rebecca doesn’t feel the slightest sense of security anymore. She wants to escape from this frozen sea of fire.
Chapter 34 Real industry fire
The weeping girl fell to the ground in a mess, and the frost seemed to follow her everywhere.
It’s the pride, the immortal bird, the flame darling, who despises everything, but now he is facing the frost.
The flame is around, but I don’t feel the warmth at all. I feel the biting ice, like freezing my soul.