"Besides, when Jinghu Lake was built, nothing important happened. Brother Yang may not have a deep memory, but when the wooden temple was built, his younger sister and brother Yang gave their lives to save each other. Brother Yang must have a deep memory."


"I know!" Simon’s head finally fell down in injustice. "But what should I do to build a wooden temple and the Shao Hao altar, burning red-violet and building wood?"
"Alas ~ ~ ~"
Know that Simon is telling the truth. Sun Ning’s smoke sighs gently.
She turned to look at the towering statue in the center of "Mirror Lake" and waved her hand after all. "Hum! I think if you want to awaken the memory of Brother Yang, you should learn from Yi Qiao’s skill, Yi Qiao’s sister’s sharing weal and woe with us, and she was the first person around Brother Yang. I’m sure her position in Brother Yang’s mind is definitely not that woman. "
"What? Is there anyone else who doesn’t have a position in Yang Gong’s mind? "
Sun Ning smoke words just fell a cold sound but came from behind.
I turned my head and went out to look for the overseas islands. I don’t know when Nangong Yan, the tower of Babel, has come back.
"Nangong,,, Nangong girl, are you back?" Although women know the right way, they are actually dressed in front of themselves. It is indeed difficult for Sun Ningyan to naturally call out the term "girl"
But Nangong Yan didn’t pay much attention to the meaning of Bai Sun’s pause, but she looked at each other sharply and repeated with a solemn face, "Are you saying that there is still a girl in the world who may not be in the position of Yang Gong?"
"Not possible but certain!" As if stabbed by each other’s words, Sun Ning waved his fist and roared.
"No, it’s not her, it’s her!"
With Yanglingtian for so long, how can she admit the status of Wei Boyi’s murderer? It’s very important for Miss Sun to compare Simiao with Mu Yiqiao, which is an insult to that lovely woman.
And Zhong Gongyan didn’t mean that Sun Ning’s excitement was frowning and silently pondering.
"It’s true!" See the nangongshan yan thoughtfully also each other don’t believe Simon very immediately in the previous step "after the death of Si Miao, I also played with Yang Dage in accordance with Qiao’s sister. Judging from his reaction, Yi Qiao’s sister’s position in his mind should not be weaker than Si Girl’s! How? Did the Nangong girl think of any way to help Brother Yang restore his memory? Chapter 96 The gods struck (1)
HuYan into peace words like a sunny day thunder instantly woke up Meng Fu Sun Ning smoke and others.
Yes, Yanglingtian is like this because of Si Miao.
If there is another person who can awaken Yanglingtian with the same weight in his heart, it will not be difficult.
Even people who don’t know the world seem to see hope. Transparent eyes blink gently and look full of hope.
However, although there are a few surprises in the eyes of Zhong Nangong Yan, it is also straight and light, so her heart is full of doubts.
According to the King of Destiny, the female in the Vajra Mandala artifact, namely Sun Ningyan and Yanglingtian, has a long history of entanglement. The King of Destiny also speculated that Yanglingtian’s eternal memory has been awakened. Because of the entanglement of eternity, he was teased by fate, and the female didn’t end well. This life’s silver-haired youth will be so crazy.
However, at the moment, I also heard that there is another woman who occupies an equally important position in his heart.
I can’t believe this Nangong Yan.
However, although Sun Ning-yan and Simon Ji-ji are a little negative, they are not like lying.
Especially the look on Simon’s face when he talked to Yanglingtian about the woman after Si Miao’s death.
With Sun Ning Yan, Simon Ji and silver-haired youth coming together from Tianwu mainland, Yanglingtian naturally won’t lie to them, even if they make some mistakes in judging the status of the woman’s heart, they should not be too far apart.
However, the reason is that the female Yangling, who is called "Yi Qiao", has a position almost comparable to Si Miao’s.
If it is entangled in this world, there is no such thing as the innate induction of absolute law and the entanglement of Si Miao forever.
So that Mu Yiqiao also had some cause and effect with Yanglingtian in his previous life?
But what role does Si Miao play when she is with her forever?
What is the attitude of silver-haired youth towards two women in this life!
And what bothers Nangong Yan the most is
In a month, I learned from looking for the Tongtian Tower with them that Yanglingtian entered Dayan Holy Land as if to save a woman.
According to the situation at the moment, the woman in Mengkou should be a favorite among Simon and other people.
But Yanglingtian is obsessed with reviving Simiao. If he really does both things, he is prepared to treat them like two people.
What does he really do and intend to do in his heart?
All this is now confirmed by law.
Yanglingtian, after all, has lost his mind because he knows what he wants to do with a vague impression. He himself can’t tell the reason, and others learn more from it.
What’s more, even if he knows it in his heart, no one can make him talk at the moment!