"Grandma Huang never liked this deserted green lotus garden. How can she wander here today?" Jingxuan asked curiously that he always felt that it was no coincidence that Queen Ji would appear here.


Yu Guang, the Queen of Ji, took a glance at Shen Menglu, who was still kneeling, and snorted a few times. Jingxuan would go to inquire after her.
If it weren’t for this green lotus garden meeting Queen Ji, she wouldn’t have seen Jingxuan before the palace banquet …
Empress Ji glanced at Zhu Pingting lightly. Because Zhu Pingting said that this green lotus garden lotus was particularly sweet, she wanted to personally pick some back to make soup for her pregnant daughter-in-law, so she invited Queen Ji to come with her.
This princess in Beijing is both a cousin of Dezong and a mother of Queen Ji. Even the emperor has to give her a three-point face. Queen Ji naturally did not refuse, so she invited Taifei Wei to come with her.
The Weichihan family will also attend today’s Palace Banquet, mainly to entertain the in-laws.
Queen Ji came to this place, and Zhu Yiting came to this green lotus garden when it was really a matter of picking lotus flowers, but she unexpectedly met Shen Menglu. Obviously Zhu Yiting had ulterior motives.
Picking lotus is a false test. Queen Ji’s attitude towards Shen Menglu is the real one. Queen Ji’s heart is cold and scoffs. This Zhu Yuting’s bravery is getting bigger and bigger, and she dares to break the ground!
Queen Ji knew about Shen Menglu’s entry into the palace long ago, but she didn’t trust Jingxuan to take Shen Menglu around the palace, and Queen Ji also heard about it.
However, they kept a low profile and stayed away from the crowd. Even the queen Ji, the owner of the harem, didn’t know where they were going, but this Zhu Yuting grasped their whereabouts clearly, showing how powerful her eyes were planted in the palace.
Zhu Pingting pretended not to see Queen Ji’s eyes and calmly ordered the palace to prepare their refreshments and set the table one by one, and then Gu Zi walked out of the small pavilion and ordered the close maids to take people to the lotus pond to pick lotus.
"Your aunt likes this green lotus garden, and Grandma Huang came with them to pick lotus flowers." Queen Ji motioned Jingxuan to sit next to her and put a piece of cake in Jingxuan personally. "You have the luck to eat today to try this glutinous rice cake, which was specially sent by your aunt, but it is the specialty of the Prime Minister’s kitchen."
Empress Ji’s deliberate neglect of Shen Menglu made Jing Xuan feel very uncomfortable. He cast a glance awkwardly and still knelt on Shen Menglu’s sleeve. "Grandmother Shen Sister also invited Ann!"
"Empress, but Princess Jingyu of the Yiwangye family has come. How can I hear the temple calling for my sister?" Stepping into the small pavilion, Zhu Xiaoting laughingly crossed the kneeling Shen Menglu and sat down beside Queen Ji.
"The temple you static her sister? May wish to invite you to join in the fun. "Jing Yu, the monarch of Zhu Yiting’s mouth, is the eldest daughter of the third report, Zhu Yinxu, who is one year old.
Jingxuan’s eyes are dark and his heart is dark! This Zhu Pingting is finding fault with her heart! Who doesn’t know that this escape prince’s family will come to Beijing only on an important day? Now, when the second day of the festival is not the birthday of the emperor and queen, how can this quiet princess call into the palace?
Queen Ji reminded me to laugh. "Have a graceful demeanour is so concerned about Jing Yu that it is better to invite her to the palace to stay for a while by an imperial decree. It’s just the birthday of the emperor in two months, and then she can go back to the house with her father, mother and princess."
Zhu Yin’s mother princess became a noble, and Zhu Yiting was a cousin. When Cheng Gui died, they were closer to Queen Ji. When she was young, this noble gave her a moth, but later she became a noble and died in childbirth. Queen Ji was relieved.
However, the good Zhu Yinyou is a worry-free person who didn’t inherit his mother’s princess’s annoying scheming. He has been quiet and kind since childhood, and he has never been angry with Zhu Yinqi and Zhu Yinzhen, and he has always been respectful to Queen Ji.
But how much did Queen Ji feel about Zhu Yinwan? So when he was fourteen years old, he pointed to a confidant, a civil servant, and when Dezong allocated fiefs to several children, he made a narrow mind and sent Zhu Yinwan’s family to a place far away from the capital, Shu Xiang.
However, this Zhu Yinxu is happy to marry a wife, live in peace and go to Shu Xiang to be his escape. On holidays, the prince enters the palace and gives gifts to Queen Ji.
For so many years, Zhu Yinwan has been quiet and never made any trouble. His eldest daughter, Zhu Jingyu, is also a sweet and sensible person who can coax Queen Ji into being happy every time she enters the palace.
Now that Zhu Yuting has come to Queen Ji together, she thinks it is a good idea to invite Jingyu to the palace as a companion. After all, Queen Ji, the royal heir, is also a lively person.
Jingxuan now has a big elbow and has turned outward. Queen Ji thought that she couldn’t help but look at Shen Menglu coldly, but she still didn’t ask her to get up.
Zhu Pingting will see that the smile on her mouth is getting deeper and deeper in her eyes. "The idea of Empress is good, but the most important thing is that Princess Yi can be willing to give up."
"Stay around the palace for a while can have what loathe to give up? Palace is not a wolf grandma "queen ji quipped.
"Mother said that Jing Yu can stay with her mother, and it is also a blessing for Jing Yu." She has been sitting quietly beside Queen Ji, and it is timely for her to say that she has no children and she really loves Zhu Jingyu.
"Well, let’s send someone to deliver the letter to the third child today!" Queen Ji should make a decision: "Jingxuan will wait for your sister Jing Yu to come, and you may have a companion. You have been staying with those people for a long time and you don’t know how to be measured."
This irony of Queen Ji immediately made Jingxuan sit on pins and needles. Jingxuan once again looked at Shen Menglu, kneeling with his head down, and his heart was guilty like a raging river.
Six thousand more!
God, our dream is going to be made difficult by the empress.
Emma, I wonder if I’m the stepmother and queen 158.
This irony of Queen Ji immediately made Jingxuan sit on pins and needles. Jingxuan once again looked at Shen Menglu, kneeling with his head down, and his heart was guilty like a raging river.
Shen Menglu has been quietly kneeling with his head down since the appearance of her mother and daughter Zhu Yiting, the queen of Ji, and she knew that today would not be easy for her.
I really didn’t read the almanac when I went out! No, the emperor didn’t turn over the almanac for her!
She should have firmly refused when the emperor asked her to attend the palace banquet! I really don’t know if she stayed in this palace in a daze because of lard.
I wonder if this kneecap will be abolished. Shen Menglu sighed silently. Did she kneel for so long when she was that big? But the somebody else is the empress, like the emperor old man holds the life and death, and there is nothing she can do to feel uncomfortable.
Shen Menglu listened silently to Queen Ji and Zhu Yiting’s irrelevant nonsense. Zhu Yiting’s character Shen Menglu also knew some women who were said to be very skillful.
This Wei Chihan also rose from a civil servant to the position of prime minister after marrying this Zhu Xiaoting, and the Wei Chihong family also made their appearance by relying on the rise of the prime minister’s office. It’s really a one-man success!
Shen Menglu sighed silently at the thought of Zhen Yuan Hou Fu Wei’s family guarding Hou Fu Xie Gu’s entanglements. If this Zhen Yuan Hou Fu had no Prime Minister’s mansion as a backer, I think it would not be bad feelings to protect Hou Fu.
On strength, Shen Menglu absolutely believes in protecting Xie Jiayuan’s Wei family. After all, Xie’s family is a general from generation to generation, and the rise of Wei’s family is only a matter of more than 20 years, except Wei Chihong, who has never been a special mesa general.
Shen Menglu didn’t know how long she had been kneeling. Her knees were numb and she lost consciousness. Queen Ji didn’t tell her to get up. She just thought she was angry and didn’t even give a look!