Silent feather speechless feel a heart pain and pain can’t help but want to before.


Cen hurriedly pulled her arm and whispered, "Do you want to die, you wood?"
Silent feather stopped cold face l out of the rare anxiety.
"Wow" Ye Xia sprayed one mouthful blood again and struggled stubbornly. He wiped the blood from his mouth. Angry eyes crossed the fierce beast, and the general teenager once again fell to the thousand fuselage and thousand machines. "Ha ha" He broke free from the embrace of death with a low smile. He knew that now he wanted him not to release murderous look, and he would never attack the young man.
However, Ye Xia doesn’t know that fortunately Ye Shixian doesn’t know anger. Everyone’s heart is flowing. Ye Shixian looks at breathing. hnlun looks at this bloody enemy and roars again. They have launched a new round of attack.
Cen immediately became anxious and shouted "Don’t move!"
None of the strings paid attention to her warning, and then they paid a painful price for their recklessness. The young man suddenly ran and growled, full of killing excitement. The chain vibrated and made a metal crash. His figure passed through the string soldiers and flashed like a spark.
Ye’s string suddenly rises and suddenly disappears. It is this moment that the earth has added more than a dozen bodies. The cold wind is filled with blood, and the smell is strong and pungent. The blood is injected into the soil. The distance between life and death is so close that it seems to be a stone’s throw away.
The teenager stopped again, and the chain was bloodstained. He looked around looking for a goal, like helping the cubs wait for food.
"Ha ha ha ha" thousand machine laugh wildly "what a puppet! Do you want to save him? If you can’t solve the poison of’ flaming pheasant grass’, kill him and kill him. "He laughed loudly, but it seemed to be beyond his physical load. His knees went soft and he knelt down and his teeth bit his right hand hard.
Of course, filariasis knows that he has a bad poison, but he won’t help, because thousands of machines are a chess game, which has benefited himself.
The blood seems to be running dry, but the anger is getting more and more fierce. Sixty accompanying soldiers were killed, even his second uncle Ye Qingcheng died. Ye Xia found himself really guilty for the first time, and the pain repeatedly set off a frenzy in his body. lngh made this Ye householder lose his mind. He shook his black and blue trunk and walked towards the machine with a dull steel knife. He made up his mind to kill this man.
The teenager stopped looking at the murderous look and attracted him like delicious food. His eyes fell on Ye Xia’s body and his expression became excited again. The growl was more like a belly cry when he was hungry.
A strong breeze hit Ye Xia with a bloody face as if he had been severely slapped by hu, and he stepped back involuntarily to calm down and reply slightly. He saw a charming figure blocking his front.
Cen’s double-edged jia folded into a cross to block a powerful punch. The hot air of that punch made her feel hard, as if her hair had been roasted. She severely scolded, "Get out of here, you little bitch."
Ye Xia was completely awake after a slight stay, but he didn’t roll away. He suddenly stepped up and continued to rush to the machine trembling with pain.
Cen was furious that "* * wants to die!" Double-edged young fist flies to Ye Xia.
After the brain breaks the wind, Cen Naraku’s body backhand cuts out a knife and cuts off a piece of chain. The young man waved the chain mindlessly and gave a crazy hu at the little nv. Finally, Cen’s anger bi came out.
"Think evil! You hn egg! "
Less nv flaring double-edged flash rushed into the chain waving range, but it turned out that the chain segments were smashed by her blade as dead branches. The teenager was even more excited. The cold wind roared and the moonlight was covered with ghosts and gods. Then people heard the sound of "snapped" and the chain was broken.
Didn’t the child take a powerful pill? Cen was so startled that he didn’t dare to stop, but a long flame knife appeared flat and chopped at her top. Cen rushed to the right to hide, and the teenager fell back to the ground. The flame knife cut the ground and cracked the crack edge that was as long as Zhang Xu’s mark, and even the heat came up.
"It’s a real bully!" Cen gritted his teeth, jumped up, stepped on the teenager’s shoulder, and struck with a double-edged sword.
The teenager slammed her body with a flame knife and cut back her body. Cen turned over and jumped in the middle, kicked out the teenager’s back and kicked the teenager out two steps to make the teenager eat pain. The backhand is a knife. Cen doesn’t dodge and suddenly accelerates the double-edged blue light flashing and instantly cuts out ten knives. The teenager will shake his hand and turn the flame into a long knife and a short blade.
This is a good scene to kill blue light and red mans. Two figures are entangled in rabbits.
Ye Xia didn’t note that they were fighting. He had pointed a steel knife at Qian’s forehead in front of Qian’s fuselage.
The cold tip of the knife didn’t bring fear to Qian Ji, but he laughed. "Want to kill me for revenge? Don’t take revenge? You have fallen to this point because of your mother Jie. "
"Of course I know about it, but I don’t blame her. She is good for me, but now I can avenge my second uncle first." Ye Xia’s right hand with a knife and left palm resisted the potential Y stab of the handle.
Qianji choked back the pain in the meridians. Hehe sneered, "The skinny camel is bigger than the horse. Can you really kill me?" Speaking, he leaned back and kicked out with his left foot
As soon as the wrist hurts, the steel knife flies to sell Ye Xiahu’s roar and swoops down in the past. Two people just twist and fight. A master of Ye’s family and a leader of Lingfengtang fight. At this time, street hooligans have no martial arts moves and no gas flow. They fight with a blood courage and a brute force.
The mind of filariasis moves quietly in the past. At present, he has to kill Ye Xia, and the moon is less, and he gets a little hatred. But he has already crossed a silver line in front of him a few steps, like warning him not to make a move again. He secretly smiles and looks at the past with a partial head. He can’t read his emotions, but his eyes are fierce and his body is fierce. Naturally, he knows that this little nv has never ignored him.
Blood dripping from the wound on the right shoulder was a little depressed. He looked at Cen’s strength as a senior assassin at such a young age in the battle, which he didn’t expect, but he was also a little envious. His goal was not dead yet, so he had to continue to complete himself. Thought of this, he lifted his right foot and stepped on the ground hard.
This foot fell straight into the ground, nearly a foot shook up the surrounding soil, turned up the left palm, and a flame flew out of the palm. As he shook off the ground, the soil block formed a fiery lngh, which was like a tiger jumping out of the forest and pouncing on Mo Yu.
Silent feather really didn’t let go of his every move, so he didn’t want to sh an arrow, and at the same time, the tiptoe touched the ground and bounced off to one side. The silver arrow pierced the red lngh, but sh arrived at the place where the filariasis had already disappeared. The red lngh also hit the ground and blew out a big hole.
Mo Yu didn’t feel that the seriously injured opponent had such strength. She saw that the filariasis had flown and wrapped around a mass of Ye Xia and thousands of machines, but she seemed to know that she was capable of sinking in the air for half a year, cleverly avoiding the arrow and grabbing it at Ye Xia. This time Mo Yu rescued her again, and sometimes she frowned.
Day S strangely lit up. Fiona Fang was half a mile like a day. A piece of white light enveloped the earth. The agent’s hand suddenly stopped. Ye Xia was a stone’s throw away. Not only was everyone in the filariasis field amazed, but his eyes were fixed and half.
A mass of white light, such as the scorching sun, hung over the moon, and Guanghua suddenly exploded into a waterfall, just like the milky way. The white light fell straight through the heavens and the earth, forming a six-pointed star array five feet away from the flaming fire, which made a huge gas. lng rocked the flaming fire in one fell swoop, and in the middle of the battle, Summer and Qianji also rolled out several feet like falling leaves.
In the smoke, a figure half kneeling gave a low laugh and then coughed repeatedly, as if choked by the dust.
Silent feather gently become warped corners of the mouth, eyes flashing shallow smile suddenly feel at ease a lot.
Over there, Cen calmed his murderous look when the fierce beast boy was appalled, and even shook his posture several times like the wind escaping into the Woods without a trace.
The night wind blew away the smoke and dust. A boy bowed his head and coughed. More than one boy appeared in the eyes of everyone. The boy waved his hand before his face and swept away the choking dust. He slowly looked up and smiled strangely.
"Lord arrival! Idle people wait to retreat! "
This is very arrogant and domineering, but with his voice, the man slowly straightened up, but he was five feet tall.
Isn’t it just feathering? < d Chapter 117 Goodbye moonlit night
Text] Chapter 117 Goodbye moonlit night-
In the cold wind of the month, the grass and trees rustled near the official road, and I felt a little strange and feathered. I didn’t expect my appearance to be like this, but many people applauded. He sank his face in dismay and walked slowly with his eyes swept from the fainting Ye Xia and the thousand fuselage, and from the wounded and struggling body. I didn’t see Cenhao nodding at Mo Yu, and finally his eyes fell on the evil body.
"Well elymus didn’t die finally live up to lovesickness elder sister but this little how so? Every time I see him, there are still people who are out of shape. "
Silent feather looked at him and bowed their heads and said nothing.
Feather smiled. "I just thought of a way to catch evil thoughts."
Silent feather looked up in astonishment and his eyes flashed with hope.