GuChen way "what’s wrong? Mrs. Bao Xiang promised you just now. Do you have any other opinions? "


Yi Yu smiled. "Mrs. Bao Xiang promised to give you those things, but whether she can give them to you in the end depends on your price. You have to ask the price if you buy a frequent fruit in the street."
GuChen a ash laughed "oh? Tell me about your price? "
Yi Yu laughed. "In fact, it’s not a price. Do you think you can get those things without waiting for Mrs. Bao Xiang to take off the robbery?" Why don’t you and these two stay here for a while and wait for something fresh? If you want to have what not long eye shrimp come to make trouble, you give him a … "
GuChen watched several times Yi Yu laughed "so small! Your abacus is ringing! "
Yi Yu also laughed. "So you agreed?"
Gu Chen smiled and didn’t change, but what he said was the opposite. "I don’t promise. Let’s go!" Say with dragon water and mandrill turned to go.
Yi Yu looked at the back of the three people and laughed. "This demon corpse GuChen is really …" It’s his mouth. I don’t know if it’s good or bad. Comments haven’t been said yet. That GuChen body suddenly had a meal again.
Yi Yu naturally didn’t know that the tough demon would change his mind as soon as he turned around, but he still asked, "Why did you change your mind?"
GuChen root but don’t pick up Yi Yu us way "wing road flyover GengKun night to small you still keep good spirit waiting to deal with! You must have accepted the five zombies. Young people can’t be too greedy. "
When Gu Chen disappeared, Zheng Gu looked at Yi Yudao seriously. "Do you believe Gu Chen’s words?" Although Zheng Gu said that it was’ you’, there was no demon corpse GuChen here except Yi Yu. Obviously, it can be answered by him.
Yi Yu also put away just that relaxed look at Zheng Gu and sighed, "I don’t know. In fact, I was the second British man who took Wen Yushi for ten thousand years and once had a relationship with this demon corpse. Although this old demon behaves strangely, it is far from being bloodthirsty and crazy, but it is absolutely wise to repair the inscrutable mind. It is absolutely wise that your long-browed father is not inferior to our Qingcheng bliss reality."
Say Yi Yu saw the demon corpse GuChen after some impetuous purple bell sisters all said, "if I say I will never believe him say a word, I think the demon corpse should be at the same level with him to tell some truth! It’s too dangerous for us to believe him, but … In this situation, we’d better pray that he is telling the truth or even it will be very troublesome. "
Although the mouth says so, Yi Yu’s heart andao "Is this GuChen really coming and asking for something from Mrs Bao Xiang? Or did Mrs. Bao Xiang and Qin Yu also have his shadow in this matter? "
Thought of here, Yi Yu couldn’t help looking at Zhuge Jing, but I didn’t look at his face. It seems that I can’t find anything else except worrying about the current situation, but the performance of Zhuge Jing, a sly old fox, seems to be too simple
Yi Yu smile andao "various ge police me! Zheng Gu! Now add a demon corpse GuChen … "For the funeral, please see" Bird Man Attacks ".
The 200th bird man strikes.
Jade looks too normal, Zhuge Jing, and I can’t help but wonder,’ If something is different, it’s a demon’, but what about the opposite? If it’s too normal and reasonable, you can’t find any flaws. Is there really no problem? You know, Zhuge police, I’m Xuanzhen’s eldest brother.
Who is Xuanzhen? Long eyebrows are really big brothers. Even now, Qi Shushi can still influence the policy direction of Emei Sect to a great extent. This is such an ambitious old fox. Will his big brother be a provincial oil lamp?
As the demon corpse GuChen three people left, the lady Bao Xiang hid outside the cave, although there were still five people standing in vain, but she fell silent for a while. Obviously, this time, the demon corpse GuChen appeared brightly after years of silence, which brought some accidents to both Emei and Qingcheng Mountain. Suddenly, an almost incomprehensible sigh came out of the hole.
From that sigh, it is not hard to hear the attitude of the people inside to the present situation. Naturally, it will not be others, but I don’t know what this lady Bao Xiang thinks in the face of the present situation.
Suddenly Yi Yu said to the mouth of the cave, "Madam Bao Xiang …" But there was no response after waiting for a long time.
Yi Yu didn’t give up. "Don’t you have anything to say to Purple Bell and Cold Calyx now?"
"…" After a long time, I just sighed from the hole and there was no sound.
Yi Yu also sighed, "is this your choice? Mrs. Bao Xiang, have you really made up your mind? I believe that you know better than I do the current situation and the past crux in it. Who wants you to die and who wants you to live? I won’t teach you this, but now the enemy is under siege … "
Speaking of which, Yi Yu suddenly sighed and stopped talking about Zi Ling’s cold calyx. Although Yi Yu was vague, both of them were not stupid. Naturally, it seemed that there were some other things in it. The cold calyx was nothing but curious. Looking at Yi Yu, Zi Ling’s face became very ugly. It seemed that she was struggling fiercely in her heart. Then her beautiful face became a little distorted.
Yi Yu lightly sighed a tunnel "I’m really confused! This purple bell is an exquisite and thoughtful person. Since I can feel the problem here so quickly, will Purple Bell not notice it at all these years? " Thought of here, Yi Yu suddenly felt that Ziling was very pitiful. She was also a sister, but she suffered much more pressure and pain than the cold calyx.
Yi Yu waved her hand and sent the purple bell to the’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’. After that, she said, "Cold calyx goes to take good care of my sister here. I’ll help you watch it … Don’t worry, I’ll call you if something happens." Cold calyx’s sparkling eyes seem to want to say something, but finally she nodded her head obediently.
Looking at the disappearance of the cold calyx, Yi Yu took a long breath and looked at Zhuge Jing. Zheng Gu and I took another look at the dark cave and said, "Now, why don’t we say it straight?"
Zheng Gu hearing Yi Yuyan couldn’t help but face a change and immediately looked coldly at Zhuge Jing me, while the Zhuge Jing I shrugged my shoulders. Obviously, he didn’t expect Yi Yu to pick his words when the situation was still confusing, but Zhuge Jing, on second thought, quickly relieved andao "Yes! Yi Yu’s strength He really doesn’t need to continue playing hide-and-seek with us, but what do you want? "
Zheng Gu cold hum a and looked at the Yi Yudao "hum! The skylight is easy to hit, but I’m afraid this’ bright talk’ is hard to say! "
Zhuge Jing, I smiled and did not say that I was waiting for Yi Yu’s story.
Yi Yu looked at Zheng Gu with a cold and solemn expression like Guanyin. "From the situation just now, it seems that the teacher elder sister also sincerely protects Mrs. Bao Xiang. If I expected it to be good, I’m afraid when the teacher elder sister will protect Mrs. Bao Xiang instead of protecting her from robbery!" I believe that when the time comes, the senior sister will immediately pull away and leave … Yes or no? "
Zheng Gu looked at Yi Yu with answers and smiled, but did not infer anything from him.
Yi Yu connected, "Now I estimate that this is probably before the arrival of road flyover Geng Kun."
Hearing Geng Kun’s name, Zheng Gu’s face finally changed a little, but she didn’t talk too much and remained dull. It can also be an inference without evidence that Zheng Gu doesn’t know that Yi Yu never needs any evidence to handle affairs.
Yi Yu connect a way "if it is the wing road flyover GengKun although mana high strength background is deep, but he will offend a so-called brother I putuoshan pie? If he has no idea about the origin between Mrs. Bao Xiang and the Emei Sect, will he dare to threaten to take Mrs. Bao Xiang’s life? "
Zheng Gu light way "let’s just say whether what you say is true or not is true as you say and can be like? Are you going to turn against me just because I escaped from from ruin halfway? "
Yi Yu smiled, but instead of arguing with Zheng Gu, she looked at Zhuge Jing me.
Zhuge p I smiled and laughed "good! I don’t ask you, I admit that I’m here to watch the fun, and the master told me that if I get to an emergency, I won’t die. "
Yi Yu laughed "what a deathless spell! I have to admire Xuanzhen’s language art, which is to let you stand by and say that you are compassionate. "
Zhuge Jing shrugged his shoulders when I heard this statement, saying that Nai did not feel dissatisfied with Yi Yu’s words.
Yi Yuxiao laughed. "Mrs. Bao Xiang seems that you are in a very bad situation! Don’t want to talk now? "
After another sigh, there was a child’s voice. "Hey! What is there to say now that people are hurting my fish? "
Yi Yuxiao laughed. "Is that true? It’s so sad to say that’ a knife hurts my fish’ … "The last four people are not talking, and this time they ended the conversation inexplicably and inexplicably in the turbulent waves.
Although it has been confirmed in my heart that Zheng Gu and Zhuge Jing will not make moves when the Japanese road flyover Geng Kun appears, Yi Yu is not worried that Yi Yu always feels that this time it will never be exhibited as some people expected.
In fact, Yi Yugen, a cold calyx sister, wouldn’t have been involved in this incident. Now Yi Yugen has learned that some clues in the past seem to be that the role played by Mrs. Bao Xiang is not glorious. However, with the appearance of people from all walks of life, there has gradually been a trend of "squandering flowers and getting charming eyes"
It’s been a very quiet day. It seems that those who come to covet Bao Xiang’s wife’s fetal demons and heretics have also faintly smelled this thick conspiracy. Cong has long been far away from those whose heads are not so bright, and I’m afraid they have already become the soul behind the scenes in the dark.
Darkness came to the East China Sea once, and the round of fishing in Aoji was still bright and dizzy. The moon hung quietly in the sky and the sea was calm, and everything could be seen for thousands of miles.
Zhuge Jing laughed at me. "It seems that it’s so calm that I’m afraid I’ll try my best to break through."
But Zhuge Jing, my crow mouth voice has not fallen
When I saw a gust of wind suddenly blowing, it blew the sea breeze and the moon instantly, which was a dark cloud covering the moon, angry waves and crazy waves, and the ghosts and screams in the sea kept screaming and screaming, which was full of ghosts and ghosts.
Yi Yu looked at Zhuge Jing and Zheng Gu smiled and laughed. "It seems that the sample is coming! Is also don’t know whether to wing road flyover GengKun "
Looking at Yi Yu easily, Zheng Gu said coldly, "It seems that you are not in a hurry?"
Yi Yu glanced at Zheng Gu faintly and said, "Why should I worry?"