Seeing this, the seven cunning treasure fox jumped out of his arms, licking the whole body with the pink tongue of Dan, a beast, and in a short time, he actually licked a pit.


This guy actually learned to fish in troubled waters in Wang Gan!
This is already a skilled worker. Every breath is instantaneous. Wang Gan can condense out a dozen cyclones. After thousands of breaths, it flows to Jingyuan, and this beast Dan has shrunk by a circle.
"I’ve absorbed 10,000 cyclones, and Qihuang Treasure Tree is afraid of plundering more. As a result, this beast Dan is still missing. This python is afraid that there are hundreds of thousands of cyclones at the peak of the seven-scale spirit beast!" Wang Gan secretly guessed that at the same time, all the ten thousand cyclones were stuffed into the meridians and flowed into the major acupuncture points evenly.
Blink of an eye, this 10,000-group seven-layer cyclone will add more than 20 cyclones to each acupoint.
Round after round, Wang Gan forgot to calculate how many cyclones he had added. Every acupuncture point was full. By this time, each of the 100 big caves had 500 cyclones, which was equivalent to 100 monks practicing five layers, and another 257 places were filled with more than 100 groups, which was equivalent to 257 monks practicing four layers.
This combined force has gone far beyond the concept of practicing six layers of monks. Even Wang Gan can’t imagine how horrible it would be to punch a punch!
After another 1000 breaths, the air sea finally reached saturation, and the 16,141-regiment seven-layer cyclone formed a new huge cyclone, occupying almost one percent of the whole air sea, which was 100 times higher in quality and quantity than before.
The true fire of Samadhi is in the center of this huge cyclone, and the true fire is strengthening its power every moment.
A pressure is brewing in this huge cyclone, samadhi true fire absorbs more and more true qi, and finally has to adjust the true qi from the meridians to supplement it
Finally, the pressure reached the critical point, and it was touching to see the center of a huge cyclone refining white light blooming at first, just like the birth of the sun.
"It’s really not easy. If you don’t have so many cyclone roots, you can’t refine this samadhi fire successfully." Wang Gan was so tired and sweaty that he secretly sighed as if he had survived the disaster. "I really don’t know if anyone else in the world has cultivated the samadhi fire. It’s a narrow escape!"
This white light soon disappeared, but the rotation speed of the huge cyclone suddenly accelerated, which means that he has stepped into the six-layer realm of practicing qi, and every minute and second can produce amazing qi, which is thousands of times more than before
It can be said that even if Wang Gan continues to urge the imperial thunder for three days and three nights, there will not be much consumption, and a breath will be made up.
This Wang Gan has ninety-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine cyclones, and he can break through to one hundred thousand by one number, but he is only now practicing the sixth floor, but there are more cyclones than some monks who practice the seventh floor.
If it weren’t for the realm, it wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t use the true qi to change the fog collar.
And Wang Gan is confident that if he relies on Samadhi’s life, true fire and imperial thunder tactic, even the seven-layer monk who practices gas will be killed by himself. This is the real rich background, and this is the fate spelled out from life and death!
"Although the cultivation of immortals is cruel and dangerous, it is also full of opportunities. It seems that it is time for me to leave this forest. Only those Luo Tian sects can let me cultivate further. I don’t know if there are any disciples this time, but I am a peerless genius." Wang Gan smiled and smashed the withered beast Dan into pieces with a clap at will.
[ w w w ]
Chapter 34 Killing people for luck (end of volume)
"In front is the nest of Wuyueqiu, a giant python, even here!" Wu Wenhua saw a raised hill, and the python fled all the way and got into a cave here.
"That’s right. Master lost his instrument in Wuyueqiu, fearing that it would just fall on the top of this python’s head," Yang Qing echoed.
The two men chased the python all the way, and the beast fought dozens of times, big and small. It turned out that the python was still fierce and abnormal, but I don’t know why the beast gradually weakened and was finally chased and beaten all over.
Therefore, although they were covered in blood, they were not injured, which consumed a lot of qi.
It is worth one thing that Wu Wenhua also took the opportunity to get the broken weapon-the wind-catching sword halfway through. From the appearance, although half of the sword body is missing, it is still sharp and shiny.
Wu Wenhua’s eyes reached, but Yang Qing didn’t get anything. The first treasure was still in the python’s stomach. He naturally chased all the way to Wuyueqiu. This Wu Wenhua’s ulterior motives actually followed.
"I think this cave is a bit weird and surrounded by cliffs. It happened that there was a stone step in front of the hole as if it had been artificially chiseled out." Wu Wenhua stared at Yang Qing and smiled gently.
"Even if there is a strange don’t I still go home? That python has one breath left to live. Watch me go in and kill it! " Yang Qing pitfalls exposed sneer at a way rushed into the hole.
As soon as Yang Qinggang entered the hole, he heard a muffled sound. He actually flew out of the hole and turned into a parabola. Suddenly, the cliff behind him was full of cracks, which was obviously a great impact.
"Wow …" Yang Qing turned red and spit out a pool of blood. The whole person suddenly became depressed.
"What happened!" Wu Wenhua was surprised to see this scene and stared at the mouth of the cave with great vigilance, then he saw a man coming out of the darkness.
"Don’t be sick, two?" Wang Gan walked slowly out of the cave with a two-foot-long brush multiplier. His stone steps stood still and his mouth was covered with a confident smile, which seemed unfathomable.
"Are you still alive? How can you have such great power? " Yang Qing lost his voice and cried, "As soon as the other party entered the hole, he saw a man who was surprised by himself and was severely hit by the man. Suddenly, his body flew out for a while before waking up."
But let him believe that this man turned out to be the boy who was swallowed alive by the snake!
"There are two gaps between you and me, but what is the power of this punch that is much stronger than me? Is it another powerful spell? " Yang Qing’s face grew more and more ugly, and he forgot to wipe the blood from his mouth.
He relied on his childhood master to practice his powerful spells. No one would be his opponent, but he didn’t want to run into such a freak. The spells were getting worse and worse, and he couldn’t even cope with himself.