Situhao cast a shadow with the wind, and the back of the first-order realm came behind Guanhong with a stab in the back.


Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang.
At this time, the five elements generate a long sword, which makes the branches, leaves, sawdust, soil and stone seeds hit together, and the curtain wall is so scattered in the noise.
But what makes GuanHong frightened to disgrace is that Situhao’s body has disappeared in the front.
It was deafening and broken, and a powerful Gangfeng sounded behind him. Guan Hong was shocked and his body flew forward.
But it was too late. The powerful attack wave forcefully hit Guan Hong’s body. He galloped forward and his body suddenly accelerated. He poured a mouthful of blood into his heart and formed a dazzling blood fog in the process.
This is that perfect combination of several skill of Stuart Hao.
First of all, he helped all things to make the animals that could be shaken behind him form a curtain wall to hide his body shape, which attracted the attention of most people. At the same time, he sacrificed his own split thunder blade to the gods, and benefited the shadow from the wind. The first-order realm shadow backstab quickly came to Guan Hong behind him with interest. The fastest speed was to sacrifice the split thunder blade, and then lightning struck him to send the strongest sneak attack on Guan Hong.
Guanhong deserves the ninth-order martial arts. His reaction force is also surprisingly fast. Just in the day, the thunder blade swung and split, and he reacted instantly. The body quickly ran forward and escaped the sneak attack caused by Situhao.
Longitudinal is this SiTuHao condensed force lightning strike potential blow but also enough to make GuanHong hit hard.
And GuanHong body hurtling forward international SiTuHao and cast a shadow backstab chase to him.
Born than sharp broken SiTuHao body in the night Yin Hui dragged a long fuzzy ghosting than quick speed to GuanHong pursuit.
People on the ground looked at this terrible scene and couldn’t help but open their mouths in amazement. The weak strength has reached out and covered their ears.
Dark pranayama mu ling a pair of beautiful eyes also stupefied looking at the scene.
Guan Hong listened to the deafening shock behind him, and his face changed greatly. At this time, he was born with fear in his flight.
The speed behind him is too fast, which is faster than he can run at the limit speed. At this time, his body has been seriously traumatized, and he can’t escape from this limit speed attack.
SiTuHao flash blink of an eye has been tracking GuanHong meters behind Xu rush interest more than days crack ray blade cover GuanHong body with a split.
At the same time, the other three brothers of Xianmen flew up to SiTuHao at a high speed and wanted to save the officer from his hand. Chapter 34 shocked all three more.
At this time, Situhao has cast the shadow backstab posture, and his speed is fast enough to rival his strength, reaching the limit speed of soaring martial arts, and the speed of Xianmendi can be compared.
The three immortal brothers rushed to Situhao at the most extreme speed, but their speed, Situhao’s speed, was quite different from that of children and adults.
SiTuHao body catch up with GuanHong meters behind Xu fuzzy figure disappear SiTuHao has speed GuanHongBao consistent hand day crack ray blade suddenly cover GuanHong body swing away.
Guan Hong, however, is the ninth-order martial arts. After the sharp flash and instantaneous stagnation, his body suddenly flew down.
At this instant, it was even sharper to break up Situhaoying’s entourage and even follow his body to fly down.
My life is over. Guan Hong’s mind flashed with this idea naively.
Just days after the idea cracked, the thunder blade hit Guan Hong’s body and made a loud noise. Guan Hong’s body was directly smashed in the middle of the fire.
Fragmented flesh and blood splashed all over Stuart Hao. He looks even more evil than evil at this time.
Situhao didn’t fly to the ground and turned his body directly in the middle to face the three fairy brothers who came running.
Brother Ghost Castle’s face changed again when he saw this scene.
Situhao Ling Fei ran several miles away, which has long been out of the realm of Zongyue galloping.
Does his strength have reached the virtual realm of Ling Du? It’s only a few years since he was young. Does he really have a road to soar?
This is an idea that has flooded my brother’s mind.
Turned around instantly SiTuHao didn’t delay the body across the virtual and fly away than the swift speed to meet the three fairy disciples.
At this time, although the speed can’t be compared with the previous speed that can’t see the other body clearly, it is also very fast and comparable to the speed of the ninth-order martial arts.