And we are cautious in the road. Even in the face of airplanes and hammers, we can learn from Li E’s skills to get into the tower and repair the tower knife. Compared with Dao Mei, he has developed very quickly.


The blind monk who fought wild on the other side was also pinned down.
What? He wants to protect Dao Mei’s economy.
I controlled the line of soldiers for more than a minute and directly piled up three or four lines of soldiers to enter the tower. If the blind monk doesn’t come, it will be directly killed by the tower.
All the blind monks didn’t even have a chance to GANK
Yu Mu grasped the opportunity very well. Once he knew the dynamics of the opposite field, he could at least accurately tell the upcoming position of the field without eye position. Long-term experience in the field GANK him a strong ability to guess the dynamics, which is also a necessary skill for a good field. In the early stage, he relied on one or two eye positions to expose the opposite field to his own control.
Now the road can’t help, but it can be mixed with the experience road, which is the advantage. All he has to do is help the middle road develop with his brain.
The opposite clockwork was also painfully caught by him, and it was directly forced out by the second wave to flash and treat. Now, if the pig sister doesn’t show up and the clockwork connection doesn’t dare, it will be a great success. It will successfully help the middle line to be weak and unknown, and ensure the smooth development in the first ten minutes
In fact, this really puts a lot of water on us
If according to the usual four guarantees and one dispatch, three or four waves of soldiers are piled up on the opposite side of the line, and they dare to squat and eat alone, then we will come over when we play wild, and then the road list will be directly p, four people will double-team two and kill them directly, and then four waves of soldiers will not eat any of them and explode directly.
But after Li Yuxing urged us not to do so …
We dare not do anything around the core of AD, even if it will become a great advantage.
For Li Yuxing’s words, we have no doubt that a good card can make our career path dozens of times easier.
So we developed another strategy.
After the auxiliary experience and economy are almost mixed, go home to buy eyes and shoes, and directly cooperate with the wild to swim and catch the road or catch the middle road to put me in line with the opposite Dao Mei
In fact, this is the best way to do it at present. First of all, it is a question whether you can catch people by assisting a trip.
Secondly, it is very possible that a mouse will be killed by itself even if it is not careful.
But considering the level difference between the two sides, we can do the same.
Morgana went home and bought a real eye, an artificial eye and a shoe, and then she followed Pig’s sister around.
The road pressure line is tight, and the opposite side has not come home once, and there is no eye-filling consciousness. This is a big taboo.
Morgana and pig sister went straight to the road. At this moment, they carefully mixed into the opposite plane of level 5 and the hammer stone level 4 Morgana level 4 pig sister is also level 4 and is about to reach level 5.
"What summoner skills does Morgana have?" Yu Mu asked
Lin Yunshu replied that "the road has always been peaceful and the line has not been handed in any skills."
"That’s a good way to kill a plane," Yu Mu said.
The line just arrived at Tayida, and it was very stable. The blood volume was always controlled to be full.
Yida was alert when Yumu and Lin Yunshu went around the stone man on our road, ready at any time.
There are also two waves of soldiers on the opposite side of the tower. The plane is facing our defense. Tashen is not in the position of plane A.
At this time, we have a melee soldier, Shen Shen, who just flinched and went to A, the melee soldier.
And the opposite plane will certainly not miss this opportunity to directly AQA a set of ready to play in Shenshen.
Be careful that before A went out, it was a mockery when the plane Q came out!
At this time, Morgana and pig sister just came from the shadows. Pig sister immediately hit the plane directly with a Q. At the same time, Morgana released Q skills and kept the plane staring at the ground like a chicken. The plane was blinded by this set of perfect cooperation. The whole process W just couldn’t be released.
Hammer stone at this time also e both of them, and then Q skills bound to caution.
The plane was beaten to a pulp by a set, but it was handed over for treatment, and it was not dead yet, and there was still a third of the blood.
When the plane was about to die, the hammer stone on the opposite side immediately flashed, and then a W was thrown at the foot of the plane to pick up the lantern and successfully moved, and then a W skill walked away in front of three people
It’s a pity that this wave forced out the auxiliary flash and plane treatment.
The reason is that the hero Shen’s output in the early stage was too low, and then all the skills of Hammer Stone were eaten and controlled. When the output could not be typed, he could only watch the other side run away.
But fortunately, Shen Pig’s sister Morgana is in a state of three people, and this wave can beat the plane home and take Xiaolong directly.
My grade on the road is higher than that on the opposite side of Dao Mei, and my grade on the opposite side of Dao Mei is only four, which is as high as that on the opposite side of the road, because it is normal for him to be lower than me because of his experience in many small soldiers.
What I have to do now is to keep Dao Mei’s blood volume as low as possible and prevent him from going to the road to support Xiaolong.
This little dragon was successfully removed by us under pressure. Dao Mei has been pressed by me to pull out his hand and go to support him.
Thirteen minutes
I took the tower away and the tower was taken away by the plane and the hammer stone.
Unknown pig sister Morgana invaded the opposite wild area and met a single blind monk at the red BUFF. Pig sister rode a wild boar as if she saw a delicate cabbage waving pig’s trotters, that is, she was hit by pig sister’s Q skill after the blind monk didn’t respond, and then Morgana took out a Liuwei Dihuang pill from her arms and sewed bo directly to control the blind monk.
It’s unknown. It’s only at this time that QEWR will do. I don’t want to kick her away with Morgana E blind monk’s big move.
So the fresh head of the blind monk was easily taken away by Ai Shi.
"Zhong Tuan"
Aishi commanded
If you kill someone, take the tower or the dragon. This is the most basic truth in the League of Legends.