A lion and dog ran away, and the four of them were killed, but the face was alive.


Originally, I wanted to break the outer tower on the opposite side of the road to play an advantage, but now I was taken by the opposite side, and a wave of destruction and breaking the outer tower was hard to catch, and a wave of advantages was gone.
On the opposite side of the weapon and mantis, there should be a person with a ball and a sudden face to wind up a big trick. The roots have some understanding, especially when mantis wants to wind up a big trick, it will be released. When mantis jumps over, it will be sucked in as soon as it doesn’t respond.
Moreover, this wave of Dao Mei is a waste of time!
After the tower was broken across the street, I went back and came to the group again. It seems that I want to break our tower directly.
The five of us were too restrained to walk around the opposite side, winding mantis, Vayne and Feng Nv all had weapons in the middle of the road, and we couldn’t take care of it when we ran to take it alone, because weapons had P, so we could take the tower off by weapons.
At the moment, the tactics on the opposite side are really simple and effective, and the five of us are dragged off without hitting. They rely on clockwork and mantis POKE (long-range consumption) to effectively retreat. Now the weapon capability on the opposite side has gradually come. The weapon body has three synthetic formulas, and the last two equipments are relatively clean and shiny. Who will find the one-on-one hit weapon full of passive weapons and must catch two?
It is no exaggeration to say that all the styles and routines of LOL can be classified into one that can be classified separately, and there is such a tactic of pushing four-one. Others are not thinking about how to push by five people after catching dead people, or by beating a group to kill people, or by five people directly consuming four-one push. It is not necessary to do this, but they can take you down by themselves.
"What now?" I asked the person next to me
"Find a chance to fight hard in the middle of the road so that they can push it around and collapse," Yida said
When we fight weapons, the ideal state can be to flash the torch to the opposite person for a second before the weapons come.
"I have a flash. Shall I?" Xiaobao said actively.
"Can you hook it?" Yu Mu asked
If Xiaobao can hook someone, I have W Yu Mu and a big move. Dao Mei has Q Syndra and can pick up lanterns. It is certain that we can control the opposite side.
"Well … I depend on luck and feel," Xiao Bao said shyly.
After all, it’s a group fight now, not a previous alignment. It’s impossible for Hammer Stone to have a chance to flash E and Q, but it’s worth a try.
I moved the camera to the opposite side and walked around. From Vayne, I couldn’t help feeling annoyed.
"Bao must be hooked, please." I took a deep breath and said seriously.
Chapter 4 dozen however
I moved the camera to the opposite side and walked around. From Vayne, I couldn’t help feeling annoyed.
"Bao must be hooked, please." I took a deep breath and said seriously.
"I’ll try my best." Xiao Bao also spat and looked very nervous.
Xiao Bao has been shaking from side to side, carefully watching the opposite movements and finding the right position. When Wei Enping A made up one of the soldiers, Xiao Bao suddenly opened his eyes and said excitedly, "Brothers! I am dead! "
Xiao Bao immediately flashed a hook, which seemed to hook towards Vayne. In fact …
He recognized that it was a wave of clockwork by QW Qing!
Vayne pressed RQ and rolled aside to avoid the hammer stone hook, but the movement of the clockwork was predicted by Xiao Bao.
A cold chain was put around the clockwork neck.
"Everyone! Pay attention to the position and spread it a little. First fire and second wind. Don’t let her live! " Yida took the lead at the sight of this hook.
At the same time, the weapons were delivered without delay for a second on the road.
"Never mind the weapons, let’s kill the clockwork first." Yu Mu woke up.
After the hammer stone Q winds up, the second section Q goes to reverse E to wind up. At the same time, it is easy to reach QE to wind up the lion and dog to send the damage away. I jump to the safe position QAEAR.
Although Feng Nv reacted quickly, after all, she didn’t adapt to the hammer stone. Suddenly, this hook failed to Q blow the second section of Q to the hammer stone.
At the end of the control skill, the clockwork reflexively released QR to knock out the lion, dog, hammer, stone knife sister and others.
Although Feng Nv R originally blew back all the Dao Mei Hammer Shishi dogs, their instantaneous output has finished playing my AEAR and just died.
It feels strange to see Zhong Yi die in my hands. Aishi also gave me a tilted look.
It’s just a game.
I comforted myself and nervously inspected the battlefield. Because our sudden face skill department was stretched by the big move of Wind Girl, Vayne had sufficient output environment, and the lion dog was not half bloody when it was attacked by Sanpu.
The weapon was also delivered at this time. E jumped in Sindra’s body. Sindra held hands very fast. Directly QE knocked out the weapon that jumped in the middle, and then made a big move in the weapon body. Now the weapon has no defensive equipment and it is still fragile. Syndra QER directly knocked out most of the weapons.
"Be careful that Vayne kills the weapon first," Yida said.
When the weapon E was over, Dao Mei and I immediately rushed to take it away. Dao Mei was lit by Vayne when he fired the weapon, and most of his blood was gone.
"In 2 opposite must run after" Yu Mushi dog also said.
But with my understanding of Vayne, I always feel a little uneasy