Comparatively speaking, the Clippers-Spurs game in the west at this time is not as fierce as Mars hitting the earth. Paul can still easily tear the Spurs defense, but the combination of Griffin and Jordan Jr. seems a little immature in front of Duncan Gayagosplit.


Paul is good at rhythm control and loses in front of the old Spurs. We should effectively add Spurs. Two new young people Danny Green and Leonard played well in the first game of the Clippers and lost to the Spurs for 22 points. Griffin was 2 of 11 shots by Duncan and got 5 points awkwardly, which was not as good as Jordan’s four dunks.
Los Angeles fans are the most contradictory under such circumstances.
On the one hand, most fans in Los Angeles who support the Lakers hope that the Clippers can avenge their defeat. Not long ago, the first round swept the Lakers Spurs mercilessly. On the other hand, these fans don’t want the Clippers to beat the Spurs. You know, beating the Spurs means entering the finals and maybe winning the championship. What should the Lakers do after that? In the past 30 years, the Lakers were synonymous with Los Angeles. Is this rhythm to occupy the nest?
May 27 th Eastern Conference Final G2 Battle
The 76ers didn’t think about going to World War I, which was unrealistic and unreliable. The G1 victory over the Heat can be regarded as a normal completion. After all, both home games must be won.
I thought the Heat was tough and unyielding, but I didn’t expect the Heat to cause so much trouble to the team.
The G2 battle was in a 9-2 shock wave in the Heat.
As soon as the Heat changed the first positional warfare and the 76ers’ hard-working attitude, the fast break and the three-pointer were particularly determined, James assisted Chalmers to make a three-pointer.
James is still the same as before, driving his teammates to join the attack.
Tang Wenlong found that his teammates couldn’t score, so he took the ball decisively and crossed James’ baseline to complete a wonderful extreme pull-rod basket. The 76ers broke the scoring drought.
Then the 76ers rushed to the end of the first quarter, and the Heat was only 24-22 ahead of the 76ers by 2 points.
In the second quarter, the two sides were tit for tat, and the 76ers took the initiative to seek physical confrontation. Both teams played very aggressively and repeatedly took the free throw line. During this period, the 76ers gradually took the lead over the Heat, and the overall score was also surpassed by the Heat. However, before the end of the half, the 76ers made mistakes continuously, and the Heat took the opportunity to take points and let the 76ers build a lead for nothing.
At halftime, the 76ers were only 49-4 ahead of the Heat. After halftime, the Heat’s counterattack was very strong. Wade suddenly broke out in the third quarter, and the Heat scored continuously. The Heat overtook the score. Doug Collins called for the timeout of the 76ers to make adjustments. West, the substitute, scored 7 points in a row to help the 76ers regain their lead. At the end of the third quarter, the 76ers led the Heat by 4 points 73-69.
The anxious game between the two teams is like walking according to the drama. Whenever one team is much ahead, the other team will always recover the score in other ways and then overtake and wait for the opponent to respond.
At the decisive moment, the two sides played very cautiously. Tang Wenlong hit a three-pointer in the middle of the fourth quarter, and the 76 ers led the Heat by 7 points.
This is the real moment of life and death, and the Heat has exploded with great energy without weakness.
This time, it was Battier, a player familiar to China fans. He hit a three-pointer 45 degrees on the left side of the three-point line in a row, and the Heat quickly approached the score.
The game entered a white-hot stage, and Tang Wenlong roared to complete a dunk of the former Tomahawk, which rose by 76 people.
With 56 seconds left in the game, the Heat were four points behind the 76ers. At this time, Tang Wenlong broke through the basket and caused James’ thugs to foul. This foul was James’ sixth foul and he left directly.
In times of crisis, the ball was disputed. After the referee awarded it to the Heat, Wade broke through the ball and was blown away. The Heat once again violated the foul tactics. The 76ers seized the initiative and finally held their home total score 97-9, leading the Heat 2-0!
Chapter three hundred and forty-three The Spurs advance
Tang Wenlong, who defeated LeBron twice, thought he could build a dynasty.
The title of the first player in the league has been occupied by LeBron all the year round. However, even ESPN has to admit that Tang Wenlong is approaching and seriously threatening LeBron’s position in the league. Many media believe that Tang Wenlong is the first player in the NBA today.
He can attack with the ball and score a high score. He can break the kill line one-on-one or attract the double team and be assigned to the most reasonable position. He rarely makes mistakes on the scene, and his projection skills are almost perfect, not only one-on-one defense, but also the whole will be torn to pieces.
Face is synonymous with Tang Wenlong’s peak period now. He can win four positions.
In a small array, Tang Wenlong often takes the fourth position, which is also a small trend in the league today. Small forwards like Anthony, James and Durant all have the offensive ability of the fourth position, and the defensive end will not be too far from the real fourth position. They lead the league to change.
The Heat and the 76ers are still playing.
Coincidentally, the Western Spurs also won the Los Angeles Clippers in two consecutive victories at home, and the gap between the two games was not small. By the time of the Western Conference, the Clippers had landed badly, and many young players frequently made low-level mistakes as if they could not play.
G3 war battlefield moved to Miami.
At the end of May, Miami ushered in the warmest and wettest weather of the four seasons, and the rainfall gradually increased when summer came. When 76 people arrived in Miami with the team plane, they just caught a wave of rain.
"The rain is not small."
After the plane, Tang Wenlong sat outside the team bus, and it was a vast expanse of rain and fog. From time to time, big bean raindrops hit the window glass and snapped.
"The Spurs are strong. Those two young people on the team this year are really good," Iguodala said, looking out of the window.
Tang Wenlong naturally emerged that in San Antonio, when the two joint blockades attacked his peers, the defense was so excellent, and even one of them was not worse than today’s Jimmy Tang Wenlong chuckled and teased Popovich. "The Spurs have changed a lot. Popovich was a staunch supporter of positional warfare."
"But it seems that since that year, the Grizzlies Black Spurs have gradually adjusted themselves. They are paying more and more attention to the three-point line ability. Today, the three-point ability of the Spurs is absolutely not weak. You know, ten years ago, who would have thought that a game with the Pistons would be about to throw twenty three-pointers? “
"This is also the place where they have made the greatest progress. Danny Green and Leonard really don’t know where the Spurs have found their treasure." Tang Wenlong’s eyes narrowed and he was wary of the Spurs’ outside defense ability and Duncan line to support the Spurs’ defense level.
"What I am worried about is that the Clippers may be hard to consume. According to the current state and morale of the two teams, it is very difficult for the Clippers to win a game." Iguodala is a little worried. If the Spurs solve the Clippers in five games or less, these old guys will have enough time to rest, and the 76 ers want to solve the Heat in such a short time. No one believes it.
This is also Iguodala’s guess that the two men looked at each other and determined to win one less game at the Heat’s home!
Just as the 76ers are talking about the Spurs, the Western Spurs are also talking about the competitive team of the 76ers.
The San Antonio Sentinel pointed out that if the Spurs advance to the finals, they are likely to face the defending champion 76ers, and the biggest similarity between the two teams is that they have very balanced defensive ability on the outside.
The media supporting the Spurs generally believe that restricting Tang Wenlong’s play is the key for the Spurs to win this round of series. It is like having the Jordan Bulls and Shaquille O ‘Neal. The Lakers are two teams with different levels and different concepts.
The Spurs moved to Los Angeles in the Western Conference Finals G3.
Before the game, there was a lot of media bombardment in Los Angeles. Now Clippers coach Vindenagro thinks that the coach had a big problem in the first two games against the Spurs in the Western Conference. In the defensive formation of the Clippers, Paul was relied on to play Griffin on the spot, and the Clippers eventually lacked a second stable scoring point.
If discovering the third scoring point of the Clippers and sharing Paul’s physical pressure is a difficult problem that the Clippers will face and must solve.
Lamar Odom, Grant Hill, Jamal Crawford, and Caron Butler have a hand to see how the head coach plays.
On a drizzly day in the south, the Lisstaples Center ended the third battle of the Western Conference!
Spurs beat Clippers 14-93 in overtime!
After many years of rotation, the goddess of fate finally came to San Antonio again. The two teams took the lead alternately, and the Clippers didn’t win at the last moment when they fought to the routine. At that time, Paul broke through the left side of the basket and threw it at the front of the basket, dragging the game into overtime. At that time, it was less than two centimeters away from the Clippers winning the whole game.
Duncan scored two goals in overtime to lay the foundation for the Spurs’ victory. Among them, there was another attack line, 2+1 Griffin’s face was embarrassed and bullied by an old man who was over 37 years old. Maybe the Clippers came to a deadlock and the backward disadvantage was constantly expanded to Ginobili’s basket. When the Spurs won again, they held the lead and sealed the victory.
In the end, the Spurs beat the Clippers 14-93 in the away game, and the total score was 3-0.
This foundation has locked in the victory of the series. In the long history of NBA, no team has achieved the feat of turning over the situation behind 3.
Paul is naturally very disappointed. No star doesn’t want to go further in the playoffs.