The so-called ancient fairy ware is a real fairy ware, not a semi-finished product refined with materials that have reached the level of fairy products and with the help of real fire that has not reached the level of fairy products.


According to the current level of true fire, he can already refine ordinary top-grade fairy wares, and even the best fairy wares can almost be refined. However, in fact, he can’t refine it at all, because the quantitative change of the five elements of lingyan is less, and it is not enough to refine the magic weapon at that level.
On the other hand, the essence of the five elements of lingyan has changed fundamentally.
In the later period of Mahayana, the Five Elements Lingyan was promoted to the Five Elements Immortal Inflammation, which merged with the innate C-fire elite, and the Five Elements Immortal Inflammation was promoted by two products, which was no less than that in the later period of Immortal.
He can forge real fairy wares now, but the spiritual inflammation has turned into immortal inflammation, and the leap in quality has also greatly reduced the number.
Taking out several kinds of metals with bentonite properties from the storage ring, it is only the first-class quality.
Hoo …
The five elements of immortal inflammation between the chest and abdomen are guided by the spirit, accompanied by the handprint of the imperial forging machine, and a piece of glow completely includes several materials.
The flame has changed from a gray color with five colors to a strange and incomparable colorful flow, full of splendor that makes people think and fly.
What’s the difference between a real fairy?
The impurity quenching degree of the material is greatly improved, and the purity of the material will be greatly improved after fairy inflammation treatment. In addition, in the later engraving of the array map, the immortal array map was engraved by Xianyan, and its power will be fundamentally improved. This is the power of the ancient fairy in the mouth of the true-fixer.
In fact, it is difficult for the so-called ancient fairy wares to exert their real power in the hands of those who fix the truth, even though the energy possessed by scattered immortals is immortal power, but it is too complicated in essence.
Therefore, the power of the first-class ancient fairy wares is similar to that of the ordinary Chinese fairy wares.
However, Chen Han is different. Although the immortal stage has not yet been achieved, it is also impossible to give full play to the power of the ancient fairy. However, the ancient artifacts refined by him are connected by blood, which can definitely exert its power to a greater extent on the basis of the original. Even if the six robbers scattered fairy play less than ten percent of the power, he can play about thirty percent, which is enough to make the first-class ancient fairy wares have the power comparable to ordinary top-grade fairy wares in his hands.
He can give full play to the power of ancient immortals by 30%, and he is the only one in the whole fix true world!
Nothing else, because only he can forge the real fairy, which is the so-called ancient fairy in the mouth of the fix true boundary. For others, even if it’s better than teaching Qi Jianqiu as an immortal, scattered immortals are always scattered immortals, not real immortals, and his Yuan Ying’s true fire can’t even compare with the first fairy, so how can he forge real immortals?
Of course, Chen Han’s practice method is different, and only he can use the refined fairy, which others can’t use, and even if they can use it, they can only play less than ten percent of their power.
Chi chi chi …
The five elements with colorful colors melt materials at an alarming rate. Today’s true fire intensity can easily melt even top-grade fairy materials, let alone materials of this level.
Similarly, the melting speed must be very fast, and the level of real fire has indeed improved a lot, but the number is too small. Once the speed can’t keep up with the high consumption, I’m afraid the real fire will be exhausted before a fairy is refined. After all, melting the material is just the beginning. The difference between a real fairy lies in two steps: refining impurities and engraving the array.
Little sparks burst out of the molten liquid, but in a few breaths, the purity reached the level of ordinary fairy wares.
Immortal inflammation is still burning, the essence is still going on, the number of Mars is obviously reduced, and the process of true fairy transformation begins …
Chapter 376 Authentic fairy wares
The purity reached the level of the fairy in the realm of repairing the truth, and it took only a few breaths, but the refining process lasted for three hours.
Occasionally, a little Mars ejected until the last half disappeared, and even a little Mars did not appear again.
Chen Han’s handprint suddenly changed, and the liquid mass that merged into one quickly became plastic, and in a blink of an eye it became his usual modeling of cloud fighting knives.
Poof! Poof! Poof!
Just now, the handprint, which was still easy, was accelerated several times, and thousands of tactic prints were printed, constantly condensing into one mysterious array after another.
This is the matrix attribute he needs. The whole refining process took more than three hours, and it was replaced by the first product of refining semi-finished products. This long time is enough to refine several pieces.
The knife is four feet five inches long and about three fingers wide. It is dark gold in color and weighs more than 500 million tons. For Chen Han’s current strength, this weight is just not light or heavy.
While the streamer passed by on the knife, it was surprisingly thick and sharp.
Although the real fairy can add many mysterious arrays and have many mysterious functions, such as the prohibition of fairy towers, it is meaningless to him. He cultivates strength, the purest strength. His weapons don’t need any fancy, just the corresponding weight and invincible sharpness.
Sitting on the head of the puppet witch beast, which is more than 30 meters long and shaped like Stegosaurus, he began to recover the five elements of immortal inflammation with the help of SHEN WOO seal.
Refining combat knives consumed about 60% immortal inflammation, and the whole refining process didn’t feel any difficulty. However, he knew the difference between attack magic weapon and defense magic weapon.
With his current Mahayana state, he can only control the Chinese fairy wares at most. If he still uses those rubbish semi-finished products before, it is inevitable that there will be a difference in the magic weapon compared with the elite like Bing Pupil and Chengtian. They are all excellent masters with top-grade fairy wares.
Therefore, if you want to level the distance between them on the magic weapon, you must use the ancient fairy.
It’s a pity that his practice method is different from that of ordinary people, and there are many ancient immortals on him, even Chinese ones. The key is that he can’t use them except the storage ring. Of course, he also has Yuan Ying who fixes the truth, but his means of attack comes from strength, and there is no increase in the real Yuan in Mahayana. Even if he is given a strong ancient fairy, how can he do it?
Besides, he didn’t forge those ancient artifacts, and they couldn’t exert any power. What really depends on is pure power.
It is necessary to forge an ancient fairy device that is controlled by the emperor’s extremely shocking records!
Only in this way can we level some external gaps, enhance our combat power as much as possible and gain the upper hand in possible battles.
The offensive fairy really didn’t take much effort. However, the difficulty of refining the defensive magic weapon will consume more five elements of immortal inflammation and the power of Yuan God because of the increase in the number of materials and the number of arrays. He is completely unsure of success, and the next refining is the problem.
Soon, with the help of SHEN WOO Seal and Xuanling God Arrow Tactics, the consumed immortal inflammation and Yuan God’s power were restored.
He solemnly took out twice as many materials, and immortal inflammation was released with fingerprints, and the first stage of refining impurities began.
The material is doubled, the consumption is also doubled, and the quenching process is extended to five hours. Chen Han found that only less than 40% of the five elements of immortal inflammation remained, and the force of Yuan God also consumed most of it. Unlike ordinary people who fix the truth, the magic weapon refined by Huang Ji Forging Machine is different from the real fire, which does not consume the true yuan, but consumes the force of Yuan God.
No way!
Shaping is not difficult and consumes little. The key is to engrave the array continuously, without any stagnation in the middle. Once the previous efforts are interrupted, it will be in vain.
"You big ye … when you first started refining, you finally used your own efforts. How many years have you never tried this?"
"The original effort is the original effort. Fortunately, there are enough fairy medicines on my body."
He took out a strain of refined blood refined purple Mo, which is the main medicine for refining Shengxue Dan. Shengxue Dan can be used for scattered immortals and even immortals, and Taiyi Jin Xian gave birth to the original painstaking efforts. At the beginning, Du Jie, the ice pupil, got one.
Although it is a bit of a black sheep to swallow the whole plant of crude herbs directly, the cold of today is absolutely wasteful. Even if this strain of blood-refined purple Mo is used as the main medicine, supplemented by several herbs, at least six holy blood pills can be refined, which is no big deal for him.
The herb swallowed his heart and beat vigorously, which quickly gave birth to a lot of primitive efforts and did not have any negative impact on himself.
Poof …
Precious original painstaking efforts, like boiled water, burst into a frenzy, and several mouthfuls spit out a large bowl, and the liquid mass with the essence was immediately covered with a layer of latosolic red.
Chen Han suddenly felt refreshed and energetic, and the immortal inflammation expanded several times out of thin air. He hurriedly typed the formula of shaping and printing, followed by continuous handprints, which condensed into arrays with different effects. The original painstaking efforts did not benefit the consumption of Yuan Shen’s power, but they could greatly increase the power of immortal inflammation in a short time and make up for the deficiency in the number of immortal inflammation in the five elements.
Countless streamers are integrated into that fairy suit, and 80% of the hundreds of arrays are simply to enhance defense, and the rest are used to reduce weight.
Increasing the weight of combat knives can exert a stronger attack power, but the heavier the battle suit, the more it affects the speed, and the weightlessness will not cause any weakening.
The last wisp of five elements of immortal inflammation dispersed, and the immortal inflammation in the body didn’t even have a little bit left. In order to refine this armor, it was exhausted at one time.
That’s a different defense magic weapon from before. The defense magic weapon he refined in the past is based on the popular clothes on Yuanxing. Nowadays, it has become a member of the fix-true world. Different from others, strange clothes are easy to attract attention, so the appearance of this fairy dress is an extremely common gown.
Guanghua’s circulation is shining, and it smells of dust. Because of the use of the original painstaking efforts, even the recognition of the Lord is not directly transformed into a streamer and integrated into the Yuan God.
At the cost of consuming a blood-refined purple Mo, I finally succeeded in refining the magic weapon of defense.
When he recovered the five elements of immortal inflammation and the power of Yuan Shen to about 80%, the puppet witch beast running under his ass stopped.
"Stone tablet?"
Looking at the stone tablet that is as high as ten feet in front of him, Chen Han jumped down from the puppet witch beast and muttered, "I only saw this stone tablet at the beginning, and I was chased by that bastard Xuan Wuxiang, but I didn’t see the contents at all." You can only leave 100,000 miles away, and you dare not get out from here? "
At the beginning, in order to avoid the pursuit and run into the core area, he was only interested in dealing with Xuan Wu-yi, who ever paid attention to the content of the stone tablet?