Chapter one hundred and twenty North Shore Garden (1)


"Hey, what a big battle!"
Tang Wenlong looked around and the fans hissed at him. He could even see that the fat man in the second seat in the back row was as big as a ball, and his stubby fingers were making insulting gestures at him.
"The louder they hiss, the more afraid they are of you." Iguodala is worried that it is really difficult for him to be under such pressure at the age of twenty when he looks at Tang Wenlong.
Tang Wenlong shrugged. "My opponent has never been a spectator."
"Wow, that’s a classic answer." Iguodala laughed.
The two are quite funny here, while the North Shore Garden introduces their own players one by one. Although everyone is already familiar with it, the ceremony of forming this rule is indispensable.
The field switched to cheers and the waves were higher than the waves.
On the other side of the globe, the game was broadcast on the imperial court. Yang Jian and Su Qun partnered with the commentator. When the host saw that Tang Wenlong was booed by the fans in the North Shore Garden, he also wondered what was going on.
"It’s normal to have such an atmosphere in the playoffs. Tang Wenlong should learn to adapt," Su Qun said with a smile
Yang Jian nodded and agreed that "many great stars have changed from the playoffs. The playoffs are really a great opportunity to exercise."
The pre-match ceremony in the North Shore Garden Arena has entered the Gao Chao stage, and the nine oil pipes bang out of the high fire column, which is like igniting the wildest part of people’s hearts, screaming, men and women weaving into the biggest waves one after another.
Tang Wenlong took a deep breath as if he could smell the heat in the air.
He walked to the center line of the court, and his right hand gently tightened and loosened his left arm, arm guard and feet bifurcated, and his hands made a stretching movement from beginning to end.
"Hey, rookie, congratulations on entering the playoffs. Have you cleaned your neck?" Paul Pierce, wearing his green hairband, walked to the side of Tang Wenlong. He must have extended his palm generously.
Tang Wenlong smiled faintly and shook hands with him, but he didn’t show weakness in his words. "You should retire at an old age. Don’t accidentally flash your waist."
Pierce snorted. He can’t stand being told that he is old. He can contribute more than twenty points every night!
The two men didn’t talk about it any more. In the middle circle, Durham Porter and Jermaine O ‘Neill jumped the ball. The two giants, who were more than 2 meters tall, jumped up as if they were going straight into the sky.
Durham Potter won half the palm of his hand. Little O ‘Neill fell to the floor and looked a little ugly. There was a faint tingling in his knees. That was his health and explosive power when he never came back.
"Damn it," he cursed, and went backwards to defend.
Celtics starting point guard Rondo shooting guard Ray Allen small forward Paul Pierce power forward Gatt center Jermaine O ‘Neill.
The 76ers started with array point guard Valerie Tang Wenlong’s small forward Iguodala’s big forward Sidis Yang Zhongfeng Dalembert.
Although Tang Wenlong is a shooting guard, the Celtics have Pierce to defend him, while Ray Allen is to defend Iguodala.
Tang Wenlong fell to the bottom corner, and the call sign "Kill the city, kill the city" sounded, and the whole ear was deaf.
"Even the slogan has changed." Tang Wenlong’s face is black. At most, he shouted "defense" during the regular season
After a pick-and-roll, Lori points the ball to the elbow position of Iguodala. Iguodala turns around and changes from the line to 45 degrees to cut in, while the bottom corner Tang Wenlong moves Iguodala to break through.
Iguodala stopped the jump shot. Ray Allen reached out and interfered with one or two people. The height and wingspan were similar. It was really diamond cut diamond
Jumping off the rebound was grabbed by Garter, the main position of the card. In a flash, he set up his elbow and pointed it like a steel knife.
The 76ers retired quickly. The first thing Collins set up for the players this season was the awareness of retiring.
The Celtics are also unhurried, and the slowest teams in the league have the name of Celtic Rondo. When dribbling half-time, it seems that it is just right to step on the second.
Then the old chariot was changed and started. Ray Allen ran from the right bottom corner to the left 45 degrees. Gatt took the basketball in the horn area.
Gatt hit a Sidious Yang in his back singles and then turned over for a jumper.
He is nearly ten centimeters taller than Dissyoung in the height competition, and he has the advantage of wingspan. This slightly backward jumper, Dissyoung, can’t defend and even has little interference.
"Hey!" Gatt hit a high jumper, two points and two points.
Collins’s eyelids jumped and he didn’t find a huge loophole in the 76 ers’ lineup until after the game. Sidious Young’s offensive end can be critical. Tang Wenlong and Iguodala are very in tune, but the defensive end has repeatedly appeared problems.
The 76ers attacked Tang Wenlong and got a three-point line covered by Durham Porter. After receiving Lori’s ball, he made a light shot and then broke through, but Pierce’s defense was steady, and his small steps even followed Tang Wenlong’s pace.
Tang Wenlong took two steps and Rondo came directly to double-team Tang Wenlong. His long arm stretched out like a ghost and he wanted to drop the basketball in Tang Wenlong’s hand.
Tang Wenlong was surprised, turned around and leaned on Pierce to divide the ball and moved to Iguodala on the outside.
Iguodala took the basketball and didn’t return it to Tang Wenlong. He dribbled directly and broke through the "bang" and hit Ray Allen.
Ray Allen screams and falls back as if he had been hit by a locomotive.
"This acting" Tang Wenlong eyes almost didn’t pop out.
Iguodala is also holding the ball stand with a stupid face, and his face is just right. What is this?
The scene sounded boo. The referee blew Iguodala’s offensive foul.
Immediately after the scene, fans cheered and applauded.
The Celtics attacked Rondo and Gatt made a pick-and-roll attack. Tang Wenlong followed Ray Allen’s side, and Pierce was defended by Iguodala.
The coaches of both sides have made targeted arrangements for their respective strengths.
Pierce fell to the low post to catch the ball and squeezed Iguodala back. Iguodala turned and stepped back and took a jump shot. Iguodala made a foul. The defense didn’t dare to move too much to cover Pierce’s eyes.
There’s not much opposition to shooting. Pierce dialed it by feeling and hit it! 4 to 0
Pierce’s turn, step back and jump shot will also and will jump higher than Pierce’s, and his arm will be at a bigger angle.
Tang Wenlong caught the ball at the 45-degree position again.
Iguodala, Lori and others pulled Tang Wenlong and Durham Porter to start a pick-and-roll theory. The best pick-and-roll effect of 76 people should be that Durham Porter weighs 25 pounds.